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Heard at 1705 UTC with a relay of Radio Dutchwing by Radio Mexico, occasional IDs, traditional Dutch music, strong signal

Strong signal from WMR, playing 4 Non Blondes "Spaceman."

Cupid Radio, beaming east - signal S9+10dB on SDR in Finland, heard with dance music, greeting listeners, hoping for reception across Russia, Japan and Australia!

Radio Scotland Int with short antenna test - he said his antennas were damaged in recent storms and he had to repair them. Strong signal, playing "Oxygene", greeting listeners, said closing down to test the medium wave antenna. Off 1032 UTC

XTC on air with strong signal and a repeat of the Christmas 2023 show

Good signal from XTC, clear channel, playing Fuzzbox "International Rescue."

XTC on air running some tests, signal very good but blocked by another strong station on 6292 at 1455! Moved to 6300 at 1501 to avoid the other station

Tuned in at 1903 UTC to hear long talk by man in Italian. Signal S8-9, sounded like a relay, stopped at 1919 and blank carrier, off 1922. Is Maybe relay by Gringo Radio? Is Gringo Radio from Italy?

SBRS from Ireland putting in a good signal into SW UK, playing Chrissie Hynde & UB40 "I've Got You Babe," IDs and asking for reports, then The Cure "Close To Me," Madonna "Like A Prayer."

Contikenzo with IDs, greetings, fair signal

Playing 60s music, ID heard, weak signal in SW UK

Boney M "Hooray Hooray It's A Holiday," greetings to listeners, Manfred Mann "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," strong signal in SW England

German station Radio 60 via three relays .... strongest is via the 100kW Nauen transmitter, 6285 via Akenzo and 5800 via Continental (info from the station operator). Programme scheduled to be on until 1400 UTC, schlager music, chat in English and German, then Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian."

Radio Joey has now taken over 6270, having moved down from 6320, strong signal, usual dance music

Cupid Radio testing, fair-good signal in SW UK

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