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Weak signal in SW UK, ID then song "Walk on By"

MRI heard over here on SDR in SW England. Fair signal, mellow jazz music

At 1901 heard on 5810 away from the utility interference

Ros AM putting out a strong signal, playing The Clash the The Cure, ID jingles, asking for reports

Radio Europa on new frequency with usual format of dance/pop music and jingles, Radio Europa jingle heard, strong signal on clear channel, signing off 2058 with "Ode to Joy."

Radio Igloo heard with a weak signal in SW England, music and IDs by woman "This is a test transmission by Radio Igloo."

Mix Radio Int with smooth jazz, being heard with a fair signal on a Kiwi SDR in Weston, South West England

Massive signal from The Vault in SW UK

2150 - The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand," ID, Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey "History Repeating."

Fair signal for RSI on SDR in Central England but conditions poor at the moment

Anthony Radio from Poland back on the air with dance music, ID/email announcements, weak signal on SDR in Weston, UK

Radio Parade Int heard at 1458 UTC on 5790 .... fair signal, IDs, folk type instrumental music

Radio Jennifer with reggae music, fair signal in SW England, canned announcements by woman, sudden off 1610

XTC putting in a good signal in SW England .... indie music, talk about having a Covid test (negative)

Strong signal from Borderhunter in South West England. Heard greeting listeners, playing Dire Straits, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath.

Good signal from Nova in SW England. Modulation sounded a bit on the low side when first tuned in but sounds fine now

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