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Pop music from 70s & 80s, jingles and ID "you're listening to Radio Sovereign on a short test transmission." Good signal in SW England.

I wonder if this is same station that was on air last year from Ireland, heard on 48 metres, usually around 6318 kHz

The unid pirate back on tonight. Heard with rebroadcast of edition of the US Pirates Week show. Signal S7-8 in SW UK but SSB QRM and splash from utility on 5820

edit by Ray : renaming it Unid L558

Evening broadcast from XTC, fair signal on SDR in SW England. Playing music by The Prodigy, slight splatter from Reflections Europe on 6295

Picking up XTC on Weston SDR in SW England. Short skip at present so a fair signal.

Operator talking about England coming out of lockdown, playing Wolf Alice "Lisbon"

LHH still on 6220 along with co-channel STANAG. Difficult to hear LHH through the noise. Not sure why they are there rather than normal 6205 .

The mystery station back on 3400 .... S8/9 on SDR in SW UK, S9+10dB on SDR in NW Ireland

Strong signal in SW England, rock music, occasional IDs

Cupid Radio with strong signal in SW UK --- playing Heart "Barracuda" then Van Halen "Jump"

Radio Pandora from the UK on the air. No signal in SW England but good reception on SDR in NW Ireland

Fair signal on SW UK SDR for XTC. Playing version of "Turning Japanese" , mention station's special lockdown QSL

Rod Stewart "Sailing" at 1855, fair signal on SW UK SDR. Maybe the same station that was on 3378 a few days ago?

XTC on the air, greeting listeners, reading reports, playing the KLF "Last Train to Transcentral," fair signal on NW Ireland SDR. He mentioned he has a special lockdown eQSL for correct reception reports.

Radio Pandora from the UK playing the Boomtown Rats "Someone's Looking At you," Jerry Lee Lewis "Moving Down the Line." S8 signal on Kiwi SDR in Ireland

XTC on air with indie music and chat. Heard at 1534 playing a Billy Bragg song. No reception in England but good signal on Kiwi SDR in NW Ireland

Czech pirate Bila Hora on 3334.7 playing Czech music. Weak-fair on SDR in SW England. Thanks to tip-off by Czech DXer Eliasz in the pirate chat room

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