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New frequency for Rock Revolution (ex-1494). Clear channel heard with usual ID jingles, playing Pink Floyd "Hey Hey Rise Up," George Harrison "My Sweet Lord." Fair signal.

Fair signal for Radio Pamela in SW England playing Paul McCartney & Wings "Band on the Run", followed by ID and contact details, some bursts of utility QRM

Radio Akenzo with IDs and greetings, Pussycat "Hey Joe", Fischer Z "So Long", announced test on this frequency, strong signal in SW England

Doobie Brothers "What A Fool Believes," Arrow Classic Rock jingle, The Stranglers "No Mercy," good signal

Radio Norton with polka music, good signal but quick fading

IDs, Status Quo "Sweet Caroline," Bachman Turner Overdrive "You Aint Seen Nothing Yet," live on air, strong signal in SW UK -
SINPO 54444

Radio Jennifer with punk & new wave music, IDs by woman, fair signal in SW England

Station ID repeated several times, Alice Cooper "Santa Claws Is Coming To Town", Rock Legends "White Christmas," weak signal but clear channel, off 1328

U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday," then a Dutch song, some utility co-channel QRM, strong signals

Coast FM - Tenerife's English language station - relayed tonight on 1494, good reception with local adverts then UK news at the  top of the hour, good signal in SW England, then Lily Rose "I Don't Smoke," George Benson "In Your Eyes."

Station on 5310 kHz with rock music, good peaks, no IDs heard so far

Surprise to hear Energy FM here with a fair/good signal in SW UK, dance music format with local ads for businesses in Tenerife, relay transmitter believed to be in Ireland. No sign of Rock Revolution which normally occupies 1494 in the evenings

Misti Radio with a fair signal in South West England, playing "I Heard It Through the Grapevine."

Cupid Radio testing new transmitter, strong signal in SW England, playing Neil Young "Like A Hurricane."

Blackbeard with dance music, shout outs to listeners, dance music, fair peaks - QRM from co-channel Saudi Arabia. Reception via Weston SDR, reports welcome to studio@radioblackbeard.co.uk

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