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Very strong signal in SW England, heard with one of The Carpenters lesser-known songs, then Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, frequent IDs

Cupid Radio with dance music, greeting listeners, spelling out station name, hoping for reception in North America, dance music. Good signal on the NW Ireland SDR.

Cupid Radio testing on 15105 with dance music, greeting listeners, good signal on the web receiver in NW Ireland

Radio Blackstone testing on 6195, ID and chat, "Telstar" tune, no sign of Gringo or RealMix, weak signal in SW England

Another relay of Weekend Music Radio with Jack, playing "Once Bitten Twice Shy" at 1810 UTC. Signal very strong in SW England - up to S9+20dB. Also the 6290 relay still on air.

The long-running Dutch MW pirate Barones currently being heard on 5840 with fair signal into SW England. Probably a relay of his broadcast on 1636 (which is strong on the Twente SDR).

Heard with Rod Stewart "Maggie May" and "First Cut is the Deepest," chat in Dutch.

XTC with strong signal playing The Saturdays "Issues," The Killers "Smile Like You Mean It."

Polka music, good signal, Radio JVG is in the pirate chat with 6480 after his name

Strong signal from WMR, playing Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel "Judy Teen," then the WMR waterfall art.

Heard at 1705 UTC with a relay of Radio Dutchwing by Radio Mexico, occasional IDs, traditional Dutch music, strong signal

Strong signal from WMR, playing 4 Non Blondes "Spaceman."

Cupid Radio, beaming east - signal S9+10dB on SDR in Finland, heard with dance music, greeting listeners, hoping for reception across Russia, Japan and Australia!

Radio Scotland Int with short antenna test - he said his antennas were damaged in recent storms and he had to repair them. Strong signal, playing "Oxygene", greeting listeners, said closing down to test the medium wave antenna. Off 1032 UTC

XTC on air with strong signal and a repeat of the Christmas 2023 show

Good signal from XTC, clear channel, playing Fuzzbox "International Rescue."

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