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Very strong signal in SW England, heard with one of The Carpenters lesser-known songs, then Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, frequent IDs

Cupid Radio with dance music, greeting listeners, spelling out station name, hoping for reception in North America, dance music. Good signal on the NW Ireland SDR.

Radio Joey ID at 1715 UTC, dance music, greeting listeners, fair-good signal

Cupid Radio testing on 15105 with dance music, greeting listeners, good signal on the web receiver in NW Ireland

Last time I heard him he messaged me through HF Underground

Heard at 1350 UTC, Blondie then Wang Chung. Fair signal but overmodulated

Radio Blackstone testing on 6195, ID and chat, "Telstar" tune, no sign of Gringo or RealMix, weak signal in SW England

6392 is Radio Joey .... strong here. Was on 6395 earlier

According to the Channel 292 schedule it was Echo Sthlm


Tune in at 1107 UTC, The Sweet "Wig Wam Bam," a couple of breaks in audio, ID, then Queen "Radio Ga Ga." said using 15W, operator also said reports welcome on the HFU Forum, next song Men At Work "Down Under," Men Without Hats "Safety Dance," Cliff Richard "Wired For Sound," Ian Dury "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick," Rod Stewart "Baby Jane."

Fair signal in SW England (SINPO 34433).

Another relay of Weekend Music Radio with Jack, playing "Once Bitten Twice Shy" at 1810 UTC. Signal very strong in SW England - up to S9+20dB. Also the 6290 relay still on air.

ID heard at 2150 "New Dance Radio", then song "Knock on Wood, fair signal in SW UK

Radio Monique heard on this frequency at tune in at 1540 UTC, taking musical requests from people in the pirate chat! Good signal

The June 1st 2024 is the final list according to Stig Hartvig Nielsen who compiles it.

In his email he said: "Thank you for subscribing to the monthly pdf list of European, private shortwave radio stations.

Please find attached the June 1st  2024 edition, and please notice that this is my final edition of the list. Unfortunately Ė the truth is that most of the Shortwave stations didnít want to cooperate.

Moreover several frequencies are utilised on an entirely erratic basis making it meaningless to try and publish broadcasting hours for the different frequencies.   
Best regards, good listening, and thanks for your subscription in the past,

Stig Hartvig Nielsen"

Joey confirmed he was on air, via the pirate chat


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