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Strong signal from The Vault in SW UK, playing Donald Fagen "The Nightfly"

Coast FM Tenerife with a strong signal in SW UK, local Tenerife ads, Laura Branigan "Self Control."

Radio Clash with a fair signal playing Byrds "Turn Turn Turn", New Order "Ceremony" talk about stations heard this weekend

Good signal from Radio Sovereign with jingles and oldies, mainly from the 1980s

Radio Pamela with Steve Most playing Japanese rock, fair signal in SW England

Mike Radio with good signal in SW England, version of "Popcorn."

Short test from Valley Wave .... playing Radio Prague interval signal, operator came on air with ID and said will be returning later in the afternoon. Fair signal

Radio Clash with a Bank Holiday broadcast, asking for reception reports, playing The Clash "London's Burning." Fair signal in SW England

ID, strong signal in SW UK

Cupid testing for reception in North America, weak in SW UK but getting reports from the USA (as far as California)

Radio Jennifer playing reggae music, IDs by woman, weak-fair signal

Coast FM Tenerife news on the hour then Bruce Springsteen "Dancing in the Dark", same frequency as Ronalisa but signal stronger

Radio Mi Amigo Int 6085 programme but not a direct relay of Mi Amigo on 6085. Weak-fair signal

Non-stop reggae, weak signal. Maybe Radio Europe (Ukraine)

edit by Ray : tentative ID in the subject line

Pandora with a good signal in SW England, playing Blur "Parklife", occasional bursts of utility QRM

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