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0043 - Hearing a fair-weak, but definite het here in NE MA, but no audio at all.

0036 - Heard Dire Straits, a bluesy, slide guitar-oriented song, and at 0111, a station ID followed by Peter Frampton's Do You Feel Like We do? Very good signal with moderate noise, no interference, and good audio, although noise sometimes degrades the audio a little bit. Still the signal is getting out well. SINPO so far= 45343.
0125 - CCR: I Heard it Through the HFU, I mean the Grapevine

Before I retired, on my drive from north of Boston to Quincy (just south/southeast of Boston), I used to pick up a few FM pirates while sitting in traffic. I remember 87.7 and there was a Hatian pirate in there somewhere, so not suprised by this article.

Still using my trusty (32 years and still going) Drake R-8, with a 60-ft longwire antenna.

0041 - Pounding in here with guitar-oriented music. Great signal, all-around.
0047 - Abruptly to next song. Horns, and swing/Big Band music.
0056 - Drums and percussion into more classic jazz. Bebop vocals with YL vocalist.
0104 - Female announcer "You're listening to the sound of international radio on shortwave. You're listening to Mix Radio International. This was immediately followed up by the same femmale announcer: "When you hear The Yellow Rose of Texas, you are listening to Texas Radio Shortwave." Email announced as texasradioshortwave@protonmail.com. Jazz music with a female vocalist followed. Lengthy instrumental jazz from there.
(I'll be sending a report to you guys tomorrow!)
(Still a strong SINPO=55444 signal.)
0121 - Female announcer mentioning The Yeallow Rose of Texas, etc., and giving info for QSLs (HFU or a report to their email; SDR accepted; must include details and SINPO). Instrumental jazz follows.
0138 IDs for Mix Radio by amle announcer and Texas Radio Shortwave by a female announcer. Then, an upbeat Yellow Rose of Texas.

0044 - Fair into my locale. Yeah Man mentioned War and Spill the Wine. Acknowledging HFU reports.
0046 - The Rolling Stones: Satisfaction.
(Good signal, but noise level is negatively impacting the audio. Mostly steady, without notable fades.)
0050 - The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
0054 - "We're getting a lot of reports on the HFU tonight. It's time for some Santana." Black Magic Woman follows.
(Signal is overcoming the noise level and is a lot more audible. Quite strong tonight.)
0100 - Jingle, then CCR: Suzie Q
0106 - (Back after stepping away) The Association (?): My Beautiful Balloon
0108 - The Turtles: Happy Together
0111 - "The Turtles...a big hit for them." The Monkees: Daydream Believer followed.
0115 - Dedicated to the One I Love.
0117 - Brief announcement by Yeah Man, then "How Can I Be Sure."

Thanks for the Broadcast, Yeah Man!

0111 - Very strong signal here in NE MA. Electronica type music into Rockin' the Casbah by The Clash.
0116 - Laser sounds.
0117 - "Your tuned to Radio 48: THe station that dares to be different." Electronica pulse sound and male vocalist still on. (Signal is unbelievable. Thank for the show!
0123 - ID by male announcer, the Bowie with 'Let's Dance' over an electronica pulse beat.
0127 - Shoutouts from The x-Ambassordors, Weezer, and Paul McCartney, and others, tehn, a station ID. More electronica followed.
0131 - Laser sounds over music. Still an incredible signal.
0134 - Red Hot Chili Peppers heard over electronica mx.
0142 - Still going strong with electronica and OM vocals.

0043 - Very strong, clean signal here in NE MA. It is a man telling a story, based in London. OM has an English accent. "I hadn't seen him for a couple of months..." "Watson!"
0047 - "I knocked on the door of the basement. Holmes!"
0106 - Off?

QSLs Received / Re: WNEC (relay by CSR) eQSL - 19 MAR
« on: March 21, 2024, 1529 UTC »
Received here too! Thanks again, WNEC!

2323 - Booming in here with a strong, clean, noise-free (as noise-free as it gets at my QTH here in NE MA) signal with classical music.
2329 - "Your tuned to the real WNEC on shortwave." Next classical selection follows with piano and male vocalist with spoken word ("Well here we are.") Extended jazz-classical fusion follows.
(Headphones are not necessary! Still booming in at 2354.)
Thanks for the broadcast!
2355 - "It's the real WNEC." Mentioned classical music and being relayed by Cloudsplitter Radio. Announced address of shortwavemaildrop@gmail.com

0105 - Weird Al with 'Eat It.' Coming in quite well here in NE MA.
0114 - Weird Al parody of 'I Think We're Alone Now,' (I THink I'm at Home Now).

1838 - Fair with a lot of noise. Two male announcers are talking, but I can only pick up words and phrases, here and there. "....he has tens of millions..."

0133 - After talk by Dickweeed, Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zeppelin.
(Fair with constant but unvarying static; no interference; moderate-heavy noise; steady signal with some fades. on ocassion.)
0136 - LZ with Communications Breakdown.
0138 - LZ with Dazed and Confused.
0145 - LZ with Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
0152 - Male announcer with ID, then Whole Lotta Love.
0205 Heartbreaker in progress. Male announcer follows briefly, then into Immigrant Song.
(Signal strength has improved.)
0219 - When The Levee Breaks

0032 - Wheezer: Say It Ain't So. Occasional dog barks heard as well. (Good signal with some minor-moderate fades and noise)

0036 - The Cranberries: Linger

0040 - Song by Cake.

WDOG, might we hear some Oasis?

Shortwave Broadcast / KSKO (p) via 5900 Bulgaria 2112 UTC FEB 16 2024
« on: February 16, 2024, 2123 UTC »
2112 - AM noise makes it useless, but I can barely pick up the broadcast on USB. Anitmated DJ (Paul Walker, I presume) and music. Can make out a word here and there. USB has less noise, and the signal strength is fair, with no interference.

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