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Hearing here in NE MA since 0220 with Jingle Bell Rock and Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Fair signal without interference but moderate noise and problematic fading (mixing with noise) being a bit tough at times. SINPO = 35322...so far.


Shortwave Broadcast / UNID on 3.360
« on: December 19, 2021, 0446 UTC »
UNID. Listening from 0438. OM preacher (announced as "New Life Radio) and some gospel mx. Very good, clean signal with no interference and only vague noise. Steady with good audio. No listing in shortwave.info or the WRTVH. Pirate or unlisted legal station?


Listening since 2343. Dont' FearThe Reaper by BOC. OM mentioned "in Massachusetts" and "nightime." "You're listening to Radio Genix" ID at 2357 {Had to leave room for a bit.] 0009: Announcer mentioned "all day at the hospital": ID again at 0011. Good signal, but noise is moderate and is impacting audibility. Good broadcast!

0019: DOA by Bloodrock...the creepiest song of all time!

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

Heard disco music  with a good signal and moderate noise. Abruptly off at 0143.

0148 - Appears to be back on with good signal and disco music, but now is on 1.734.98.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA
Please QSL: rosscomeau01@gmail.com

Heard here since 2328. End of song and OM discussing phone number for call-ins (none given) and three day weekend. Song called "Sweatpants" at 2332. Good signal here with some noise, but signal and good audio overcome it.
2353: Booming in with less noise as well. SINPO now at 55444.
2355: RFW ID
2357: Mentioned that he played a song by Jungle,Days Like These, and new Duran Duran song. He said he can't be your bartender.
0012: Radio Genix OP and Charlie Loudenboomer called in!
0027: New Billy Idol! Still booming in.
0031 DJ Dickweed read names of HFU posters (You got the name right, DJ...and I'm in NE MA).
0034: The Holy Drug Couple
0037: Cover w/YL vocals of Enter Sandman by Metalica. Signal still quite strong with some mild static but still holding up quite well here.
0047: I Can't Remember the Dream by They Might Be Giants.
0104: Talking with Psycho from Psycho Radio. He mentioned how well RFW was coming in.

Ross Comeau
PSE QSL: rosscomeau01@gmail.com

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WDOG 6960 USB 0000 UTC 5 Sep 2021
« on: September 05, 2021, 0016 UTC »
Strong at 0000 tune in, playing Are Friends Eletric by Gary Numan. ID by OM as "This is WDOG." Into Elvis, Hound Dog. 0010: Elton John with The Bitch is Back. ID heard. 0014: Areosmith - Walkin the Dog. Good signal with good audio but a moderate amount of  noise is present.
0020 - Led Zep with Hot Dog, followed by Black Dog.
0025 - The Beatles - Hey Bulldog

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA
PSE QSL: rosscomeau01@gmail.com

Just a het here. :'(

0136- 6.960 with Elton John: Your Song. Enthusiastic OM at 0137 w/"Iroquis Radio" iD: Strong and pretty clear here in NE MA. Mentioned "70's show tonight." (45444)

Hearing here in NE MA on 6.865 since 0040, with what sounded like Amy Winehouse, followed by a brief Mix Radio jingle, Than Al Green's Lets Stay Together. Incredibly strong and clear signal! This may be the closest to a perfect pirate signal that I've ever
heard. More promos and an actual honest to God address for QSLs, followed by The Allman Bros.

0059 - Brief YL ID and Free with All Right Now. Signal is still pounding in now. I'd chuck the headphones, but my sleeping wife across the hall may not be as interested in this broadcast as I am.

0110 - Hot Radio Shortwave ID by OM. Signal has quickly and decisivily deteriorated here. Weak now with  more noise.

Ross Comeau
Andover, MA

Hearing this since 0045 with pop music and occasional and brief OM talk. Signal has been gradually improving. Now fair-good with no interference, moderate-minor noise and some fading, but not severe. This has the feel and sound of a Euro, but understanding the brief announcements has been just out of reach.

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2355 - Rock w/OM voclals.
2359 - Brief talk by OM (Dickweed?) with "Whatever" and into a cover of Love Will Keep Us Together."
0004 - Dickweed with commentary on last song "by The Caulfields," and announced "Here is Cage The Elephant with Skin & Bones."

Great signal in NE MA! No Headphones necessary. Mild noise, sometimes spiking up, and a steady signal with good clean audio.

0024 - SINPO = 24232; Ocassional OM announcer between old-sounding pop standards. Lots of noise here tonight, but I haven't heard them yet this winter, so the signal is at least getting through much better.

Tuned in at 1808 with Tull and Aqualung, then Broken Wings. Very good signal here...headphones not necessary. Nice to listen while I work. Read the HFU at lunch as always, and couldn't believe it!

Thank you Relay Station!

2003 UTC - Playing Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

Friday afternoon is usually the best time of the work week, but this one has been even better with this much appreciated broadcast. Thanks especially for the Moody Blues songs! Signal is unbelievably steady and quite strong.

MW Loggings / Re: WSJP 1640 Sussex, WI 220 UTC 28 Jan 2021
« on: January 31, 2021, 1702 UTC »
FYI: Unlike many MW stations these days, they QSL!

0048: Just a het here in NE MA . No audio to be found however.

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