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North American MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1620 AM 0154 UTC JAN 15 2024
« on: January 15, 2024, 0200 UTC »
0154 - Instrumental music, then 1950's type pop music
0157 - Take 5: Dave Brubeck

(Decent signal with some minor interference and fading. Mostly quiet.)

1941 - Just a strong het here in NE MA.

0243 - Extremely strong signal her in NE MA. I'm Free by The Who at tune-in.
0244 - Talk by male announcer. Among other things, discussed HFU posts in gereral and "getting into 3/4 bottle of wine.
0246 - "WDDR" ID, then Dire Straits - The Sultans of Swing (Signal is incredible, like an FM station! There is also no interference, only the vaguest static, and a steady signal with very clean audio: SiNPO = 55454.)
0252 - The Turtles - Happy Together
0255 - The Doors - People Are Strange
0257 - Male announcer identified song and mentioned "what Jim Morrison had in mind." "WDDR, Drunken DJ Radio," followed by The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb.
0302 - Briefly quotes lyrics from last song and mentions HFU postings, followed by The Allman Bros. - Blue Sky
0308 - Announcwee mentioned Azimuth Coordinator and wine. SSTV upcoming.
0311 - "Hello shortwave listeners!" Acknowledged HFU posts.
0317 - "Nice tune, eh?" Said last song was Bad Weather by Poco. OM says he's 75.
0319 - Next song - Folk/folk-rock with male announcer. (Signal remains one of the overall best I've heard in a very long time.)
0312 - Country-rock type of song with male vocalist.

1825 - Have A Holly Jolly Christmas (Bert Ives?). Fair-good with much noise, though it's fading up as I write.
1828 - Hi-pitched voice with "Voice of Christmas from the North Pole."  Dominic the Donkey follows. Signal is improving and noise is abating.
1830 - Jingle Bell Rock

QSLs Received / Re: WBLR eQSL
« on: December 25, 2023, 1427 UTC »
Got one here! Thanks WBLR!

1328 - Just a strong het here, with audio at the imagination level. >:(

0007 - OM & YL talk. "Coast-to-Coast," followed by Here Comes Santa Claus. Fair signal with a good amount of noise, but crisp audio helps audibility.
0012 - Male announcer mentioned  "...on your shortwave dial." Silver Bells with female vocalist.
0017 - The Christmas Holiday song (Brenda Lee?). Still fair with lots of noise tonight.
0022 - Male vocalists with Frosty the Snowman. Signal has improved somewhat. Male and female announcers at 0024. Mentioned North Carolina.
0030 - Female announcer: "I'm so glad you...." (Signal is better, but noise and now, slightly muffled audio impact audibility. Can clearly hear snippets of conversation, and unsure of the rest.)
0037 - Santa with "Merry Christmas!" Song with male vocalist follows (....make sure you're as good as you can be...").
0039 - ID and mention of "the shortwave dial," and thanks to listeners.
0041 - "Brain Brothers" ID followed by female vocalist with Silent Night.
0049 - The Star Spangled Banner with a male vocalist. (Music at better level than voice. SINPO=34232; There was a het for a few minutes, otherwise the I would be a 5.)
0045 - Talk by announcers. Female announcer mentioned "pirate radio network."
0049 - NA
0052 - JFK with "Ask not..." quote and off.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2348 UTC DEC 24 2023
« on: December 24, 2023, 2350 UTC »
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer at tune-in. Fair but under a lot of noise.

0136 - Caught the tail end of The Beatles From Me to You. Great signal. A female voice is now repeating something but its inaudible. Dog noises (?) follow.
0139 - Free Bird (Lynerd Skynyrd) SIgnal is booming, with  very minimal noise. Good audio and steady. No headphones necessary. At 0146, the signal took an abrupt downturn, but is still quite good.
0148 - Owl noises, followed by female announcer  with "Good evening, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas." Email given and request line is open. Extended owl sounds followed.
0154 - Electronica type music.

Great show! Any chance you'd play Nevertheless by The Brian Jonestown Massacre?

0200 - The owl is quite talkative. The Who followed. (Same Old Song?).
0215 - Owl sounds. (Noise level has increased quite a bit, and signal has become somewhat weaker). Female announcer also spoke. THe owl is back.
0205 - Who Are You - The Who
0211 - Owl sounds. Nevertheless by The Brian Jonestown Massacre.Thanks so much!
0215 - Owl sounds and female announcer. Unfortunately, the noise level is steadily increasing and the signal is less strong than before. A song with a male vocalist and a reggae beat followed.
0224 - Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who (The owls favorite group?) Still getting some nice fade-ups. By 0231, the signal is definitely fading.
0232 - Female announcer heard but is unintelligble withe the static and weaker signal.

2304 - Song with a prominent bassline.
2306 - Next song? Signal isn't bad, though there is some fading. I am noticing some of the same audio issues others have reported here. This song has an OM vocalist.
2310 - Song with OM vocalist. The signal is slightly better (strength and less noise).
2320 - Song with OM vocals, but the noise and muffled audio, along with considerable fading, are making reception quite challenging.

2046 - Pounding in here (but with some momentary fading) with electronica. Noise is mild-moderate. FQ zero-beated to 6.946.35.
2101 - Talk by OM announcer, but there is more fading going on and the signal is somewhat weaker here in NE MA. Back to electronica at 2103. Signal seems to have drifted up to 6.946.50.
2109 - Electronica still playing. Sounds like there is a vocalist. Signal is weaker with more noise now, but with some brief fade-ups.
2112 - During a good fade-up, heard an OM mention "dot com" several times, followed by instrumental music (not electronica).
2117 - Fade-out or off. SINPO=45222.

2136 - Fleetwood Mac at tune-in. Decent signal, but somewhat noisy, at least without headphones. Much stronger and more clear with headphones. Next song starts at 2138 with a piano.
2142 - Off or dead air?

2114 - Good signal here withg ambient instrumental music. No interference and a little noise, but not at all a problem. Not using headphones at the moment.
2158 - Jazz or at least jazzy music heard. Fair signal, down from previously.
2201 - Rock song with OM vocals. Signal strength is down a bit.
2203 - A more mellow song is now on. Piano and OM vocals.
2210 - Upbeat music heard. Signal seems to be coming back up a bit. OM vocals/rock-pop.
2213 - Next song begins. Upbeat, melodic rock with OM vocals. Steady signal, but more noise now.
2225 - Upbeat song with (YL?) vocalist. Signal has some peaks, but also some fades now and then.
2230 - Upbeat rock with OM vocals. Signal still making it in well in NE MA.

General Radio Discussion / Re: FCC Boston
« on: December 06, 2023, 1919 UTC »
I used to work in Quincy (immediately to the south of Boston) before retiring earlier this year, and once I got within about 15 miles of Boston, often picked up the FM pirates, and the energetic Haitian stations.

Just a side story: Before I started driving in to work a number of years ago, I took the train and then transferred to "The T" (subway) to get to the North Quincy station. The FCC has an office in Quincy, fyi. While walking through the parking lot to get to my workplace, I saw a vehicle with the license plate of "6925." After doing a double-take, I silently chuckled at the irony of seeing this plate parked just a few miles from the local FCC office.

2135 - Hearing the samne here in NE MA at a good level.

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