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Initially heard a het, and by 0212, the signal has improved to feature almost useable audio. Seems to be slowly fading up here in NE MA. Lots of static as always in my locale.

0213 - Have A Happy Holiday song w/YL (Brenda Lee?)
0214 - Have A Holly Jolly Christmas.
0217 - YL heard very clearly with ballsmacker@protonmail.com and promo for QSL if you guess the theme.
0218 - Instrumental: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (signal really fading up well and noise is fading into the background).
After Chuck Berry (Run, Run Rudolph), signal faded away a lot, but still just audible. YL vocals at 0229. Hoping this will fade back up.
0231 - Fading up again! Grandpa Got Run Over By A Reindeer
0234 - Elton John"s Christmas song.
0236 - Off or it fell off a cliff. I think the het is gone. Back big time, just as quick with Alvin & The Chipmonks (no mention of Skipmuck though :-) and Santa Claus Comes Tonight. Decent signal now and fairly quiet. Seems to take great swings up and down.
0239 - Jingle Bells (Bing Cosby?)
0238 - Back or else that was the shaarpest fade/down/up yet.
0249 - Jimmy Durante with Frosty The Snowman absolutely booming in now. Best signal yet!
0253 - Merry Christmas (War is Over)

0241: All You Need is Love. Booming in right now. Huge fade up.

Heard from 0228 with outtakes of A Hard Days Night. Good signal and mostly steady. 0231 "...in studio..." Into I Saw Her Standing There and immediately into Misery.

0129: Iron Man by Black Sabbath and other music. Creep by Radiohead at 0135. Just good and steady enough at the moment.

Black Sabbath (Iron Man) at 0129. Faded up just enough to hear well. Song either stopped or faded out by 0131.

Hearing this at 0117, with a fair signal (34343) and Everybody Wants to Rule The World. SSTV at 0119.

North American MW Pirate Radio / 1.710
« on: December 13, 2020, 0143 UTC »
From 0140, hair metal heard w/OM vocals. Fair-good, with mild-moderate static, no interference and good audio.

Heard here since 2115 with a parody ad, Tunnel of Love and other songs by The Boss.Host Peter Lorrie at 2124. He mentioned that this broadcast is being relayed by the Pirate Relay Network. Signal is about as strong as a pirate signal gets here in NE MA, with only minor static, and great audio. No headphones necessary! Playing Darkness on The Edge of Town now.

At 2138  with The Beatles. Cry Baby Cry and Helter Skelter. Good signal in NE MA!

heard here since 0005 with (live - of course) Casey Jones. Strong signal without significant noise.

Since then, heard with Mama Tried, IDs and gratefuldeadshortwave@gmail.com. Heard names of HFU posters, including mine! Extended jam into The Promised Land (0019). 55444. I will send a report.

Announcer Casey Jones gave ID's and gmail (and Hello KGDR!)

Truckin, Dark Star, Friend of The Devil, and now Ripple now heard. Killer signal and great audio now. No headphones necessary.

Hearing Fire on The Mountain at 0111. Thanks for the show!

Any chance we might hear Deal?
Enjoying your broadcast!


0103 - She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
0105- Penny Lane
0110 - Elton John: Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds
Strong signal, with minimal noise and clean, crisp audio.
0112 - Noise started to sharply escalate.

Good show!

Good signal here in NE MA, but still need hedaphones to get better audibility. Playing dance/electronica, and at 0008, playing Sugar, Sugar by The Archies. Good signal, audio is clear, if a bit on the low, muted side. Mild-moderate noise and haven't heard any SW interference yet.

At 0003, electronic music here at a very goof level.OM tlk at 0004 with mention of "KIND Kindness Radio." Stay home.
 Great and clean USB signal with very minimal noise and nice, clear audio here in NE MA.

SINPO= 55444

Booming signal and Baba O'Rielly. Who could ask for more?

SINPO= 24222
Listening since 2038. Heard music and OM with "Hello, hello..." At 2046 heard Who Do You Love (Thorogood?). Lots of noise here, but signal is improving very slowly but steadily. Now hearing Partial India Radio sign on. Best audio so far. Now if the noise can come down just a little bit.
Signal is slowly but steadily improving despite the noise. Heard Emotional Rescue, Isolation and Stay Away.
Since 2153, hearing music including Beach Boys, Don't Walk Away Renee, Cry Like a Baby, and Downtown. Good signal now, with moderate but controllable (by using radio controls) noise.

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