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0115 - The Tears of a Clown (Smoky Robinson)
0117 - I Am Woman (Helen Reddy) Very strong signal with moderate-plus noise, but the signal is winning.
0020 - "You're listening to Yeah Man Radio." 'Oh Girl' followed.
0023 - Louie, Louie,Louie
0127 - Off?

Same thing here.
0005 - OM/YL talk. "Welcome to the Brain Brothers radio..." Mewntion of "the Internal Revenue Service." Fair-good, with moderate, steady static.
0007 - Clear, loud ID: "You're listening to the Brain Brothers Radio Network, coast-to-coast." The Andrews Sisters 'Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy followed. (My mom would have loved this show!)
0010 - The Chatanooga Choo-Choo
0017 - SOng with YL lead vocalist and OM backup vocalists.
0020 ID followed by next song.
0024 Professor Plum and YL talk, followed by Brenda Lee (?) 'Who's Sorry Now.'
0029 - Brain Brothers ID, followed by music.
0033 - Hard copy QSL mentioned, followed by ID, then music. The signal strength is winning the battle against the static, but it's still quite noisy. SINPO=45343 here. Instrumental with prominent drums followed.
0047 - OM vocals: Thge Star Spangled Banner.

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 48 via MRI eQSL 7/8 OCT 2023
« on: October 13, 2023, 1820 UTC »
Also was happy to receive the same here! Thanks Radio 48!

2329 - Rock music into (a presumed cover - not Clapton) I Shot The Sheriff. Fair with moderate noise. SINPO=35343 at tune-in.
2338 - "Hi this is Mike. And this is (Dan?), and you're listening to Radio 48." Song with OM vocals followed.
2342 - Another "Radio 48, you're in the mix,ID, followed by a song with a British-accented vocalist talking and singing. Signal is piking up, with less noise and stronger signal.
2348 - Melodic rock music with a male vocalist.
2350 - Another "Radio 48" ID into REM's Shiny, Happy People.
2354 - "This is Dr. Dre and you're listening to Radio 48. Into reggae song with OM vocals (I know this song and just can't recall the title/artist). Great song and great program!
2357 - ID and into a melodic rock song with OM vocals. SINPO so far is 45343. Despite the noise, the strength and audio quality are really coming through here in NE MA.
0003 - Brief OM talk and sounds effects, and into a song with prominent percussion.
0010 - (Presumed dance version of) Miss You by The Rolling Stones.
0007 - Radio 48 ID by Paul McCartney  and into The Beatles I'm Only Sleeping.

2321- Good signal here in NE MA, with moderate noise. Instrumental rock music at tune-in.

1247 - "We now return to our regularly scheduled program. Drama w/OM: "There is no such planet as Tralfamadore." Very good signal, no interference, but steay, splashing static. Good audio quality. Mentions of So. Carolina.
1254 - Reggae song (I know it and just can't recall the name). Noise level is quite bad, but the signal is otherwise very good.
1300 - The noise has overtaken the signal here. Audio can be heard underneath it, but it's indecipherable. SINPO=45242. Good program...hoping the noise will abate.
1306 - Wondering if the noise was mostly a local situation. A 60's song just came on, and the 90% of the noise disappeared. Just before that, it seemed to be clearing up, with mentions of "of the coast of North America," etc.

0119 - Heard well here, with Peter Gabriel selections. Brief OM talk at 0224. At 0229, "This is Kennith on WTF Radio Worldwide." "She'So Funky" followed. 0224 - Shock the Monkey.Good signal and no interference, and sometimes difficult to corral the audio completely.

0107: A pounding signal here in NE MA. No interference, some static (but not a problem), steady signal with good audio. Piano selections are being heard.
0133: Still on with piano selections. There's a bit more noise than earlier, but the signal is more than able to overcome that.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Logbooks
« on: September 07, 2023, 1934 UTC »
Since my first logbook back in 1978, I've been using a spiral notebook. I've saved all my logbooks throughout the years, and unlike using a computer, never have to worry about losing the information to a meltdown or malfunction.

QSLs Received / Re: Crapola Pirate Radio Pre-Labor Day Bash - Sep 2
« on: September 04, 2023, 0105 UTC »
Received a p/d e-qsl in under six hours! Great program, and one of the best QSL designs in a long time! They put a lot of effort into the program and into the QSL.

0042 - YL vocals with electronica song, (Mr. Right?). Killer signal!
0051 - Dance/Electronica song with a YL vocalist.
Great signal, no interference, minimal noise, and very good audio quality. SINPO=45444 here ion NE MA.
0103 - 60's style song with OM vocals and flute.

0020 - The Great Pretender
0022 - "...the Pirate Radio Network..." More 50's music follows.
0025 - OM & YL talk. "Some have reported..."
0029 - YL/OM: "You're listening to Crapola Radio." More 50's mx with YL vocals.
Good signal, interference-free, but with moderate static and some steady but somewhat muffled audio. A song with YL vocals followed.
Song with a good but brief sax solo followed.
0035 - Crapola Radio ID and "Thanks" to listeners. "Have a great evening," the a 50's version of the Star Spangled Banner.
0038 - After the anthem, JFK witgh "Ask not..." then off.

0030 - Discussion with Andy Yoder was cited about "having a summer (SW) event like the Europeans do." Gave an ID and email, then announced he'd play 'Fortress' by Queens of The New Stone Age, which he in fact, did play. Excellent signal, no interference, mostly light noise, and steady. (SINPO=454444 here in NE MA).
0038 - Several songs (that I'm unfamiliar with but enjoying), were heard, plus IDs (OM) for XFM, and (YL) for Mix Radio International. Killer signal!
0045 - IDs for both stations, then a song from the Razmattaz album, "Looking at 10 minutes and change." Read emails and HFU postings, including from yours truly. Announced email, then played I Love You by The Neighborhood. Steady signal.
0059 - YL with Mix Radio IDs, and into an upbeat song with whistling at the beginning. This is one of the stronger signals I've heard this year.
0108 - "The music sounds best." IDs for XFM and Mix Radio Worldwide heard, and more music.
0112 - Time check and a "thank you" to Mix Radio I. Recapped songs played, and discussed things that go on in the broadcast business.

Thanks for the great show!

0106 - Smashing Pumpkins '1979' at tune-in. Very good signal, and great song! Thanks Demo Radio!
0108 - OM with "Oh no! It's Demo Radio." Immediately goes into Green Day's 'When I Come Around.' Mild-moderate noise noted, but the signal is overcoming it quite well.
0111 - Instrumental music.
0115 "Demo Radio" ID followed by a song with an OM vocalist. (Very familiar voice but I can't place it.) Cover (?) of 'Take the Money and Run.'
0119 - Fleetword Mac "Go Your Own Way.' (Live or a cover version?)
0123 - This is the (?) Man and this is Demo Radio with all your favorite songs," with (live) Thin Lizzy's 'The Boys Are Back in Town.' (SINPO = 45444)
0128 - Another live one: Paul Simon's "Me and Julio.'
0131 - OM ann. with "Free Bird! Free Bird!" Into the actual (live?) song quickly.
0136 - Upon a return from the kitchen, Cindy Lauper's 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun.'
0146 - The Who's 'Baba O'Rielly'
0142 - "Demo Radio" ID followed by 'Closing Time.' Still a very good signal.
0142 - "Demo Radio" ID followed by Closing Time. Still a very good signal.
0138 - The Cars (live) 'Just What I Needed.'

North American Shortwave Pirate / 77LJS 6930 USB 0016 AUG 03, 2023
« on: August 03, 2023, 0019 UTC »
From tune-in at 0016, a Marc Knopelfer  song. Very stong signal with little noise.
0028 Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes?)
0048 No Rain by Blind Melon Still a killer signal.
0056 (Left the room for a moment) OM ann with "a studio web." Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond followed.

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