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Other / Time signal 6780 khz (zero beat)
« on: January 23, 2021, 1310 UTC »
6780 khz USB 1300 utc jan./ 23/ 2021 Time signal (zero beat. This is a frequency holder IMHO) 6779.5 khz usb voice also I have heard data on this frequency with signal around the same amt. of db. Possibly Cuba ?

HF Mystery Signals / one second dit stations
« on: September 28, 2019, 0421 UTC »
Dit Stations slightly out of sync 3 different frequencies:

6801.38 khz,  6803.38 khz and 6805.38 khz.

The 6803.38 khz being the strongest in signal and the 2 others much weaker but about the same as each other in signal strength.

Frequencies #1 and #3 appear to be in sync with the #2 signal a little later (as in a few mili-seconds).

Hope this might be helpful.

Vince KA1IIC

The following is a list of '6 second ditter' signals I have copied today;  Sept 26, 2019  Time Started listening: 1900 utc. :
6225 khz , 6750 khz , 6850 khz , 7700 khz, 8275 khz, 8700 khz, 8975 khz, 9050 khz, 9225 khz, 10525 khz, 11025 khz, 11150 khz, 11200 khz, 11525 khz,
11550 khz, 12000 khz, 12025 khz, 12500 khz, 13200 khz, 13400 khz, 13875 khz, 14400 khz, 14700 khz, 15100 khz.

All frequencies listed are at zero beat, in order to hear the 'dit' you will have to tune a bit higher in frequency or lower in frequency :-)

This is by no means a complete listing but it is only the stations I heard at my station as I am fairly sure there were many more.
Here's an extra, at least for me;  The ditter on 9225 khz had another ditter on frequency, much weaker and at a different timing rate.  I made a recording of it and use some noise reducing software to make the audio clearer and it appears about one second before the louder signal or if you like about 5 seconds after the louder signal.  :-)  Obviously 2 different signal sources... I haven't heard this before but maybe others have.  I still believe this is some sort of propagation tool but I have no information as to who or whom is doing this... The mystery continues :-)

Hope you find this useful.
Vince KA1IIC

What if a person, any non-ham person offered to buy you the ultimate ham station ?  Sound good...  well maybe not if you consider "the catch".

The deal goes like this,  This non-ham person buys you everything you ever imagined as far as ham equipment goes...

The 'catch"?   Simple he will use it for 24/7 every week and the only thing he needs from you if the fact you are now the control operator with the required FCC licence.  All the gear is in your name but you never get to use it because the non-ham person is on it 24/7.

Your greed has set you up for a fall maybe... just maybe...  You forgot, because you are the licensed control operator and owner of this 'rig' you will take hell for anything that 'might' go wrong...  Maybe your non-ham person is into something that might be  'harmful' to persons or even your Country...  Not saying this is the case but it just might be...

Would you take this 'gift'...  ????

just sayin'

This in no way is about anyone or any situation old/new  it is just a play on the imagination.  AKA  not freaking real so don't say this about this or that because... it isn't.. it's just a mental play and you folks all know just how mental I can get  :P  Welcome to 'The Twilight Zone"


Huh? / follow up to; "The Day the MUSIC BURNED"
« on: July 04, 2019, 1438 UTC »
When I read this I got very very angry...  No I got super PISSED !!!!  Get ready to get angry or Cry!


Some of our greatest history was burned about 11 years ago but we were never told...  I wish Chuck Berry was alive...  he'd sue their f---ing butts off

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6954.8 AM 2303 UTC 26 Feb 2019
« on: February 26, 2019, 2303 UTC »
I am also hear a signal at 6954.8 playing blues music with harmonica...  rolling tape...

6950 AM !!! xmas tunage !!!

Spy Numbers / M08a Cuba Dec 16 2018 8135khz 1400-1455utc
« on: December 16, 2018, 1507 UTC »
8135khz M08a Cuba 1400-1455 utc Sunday Dec. 16 2018 NOTE: Not on my matrix sheet to operate at this time but perhaps my info needs up-dating ?

Hi Folks !!!! :-)

This is about the above "Part 15" FM car/truck hands free Calling... whatever...  Model SBT1100 by "Sylvania' (really Osram of China)

Got this from Wally-world at around $ 15 bucks so don't expect much :-)

Well... it is FM and it is stereo and it does what it says but...

First off <heh>  I looked for the FCC logo... not there... No mention to Part 15 in the 'instruction book' such as it is...  The only mention to Part 15 is in micro-print on the bottom of the box... hmmmm... no FCC logo tho... but who cares right ?

It states it will broadcast 'up to 5 meters'... ok, it does that with a very strong signal... hmmm... no antenna... how be thou ?  5 meters is equal to, kinda sorta,   16.4042 feet... hmmm... this gadget must be coupling to the house wiring...  It's more than that from the corner of the kitchen to this room... but never mind.  It has a very strong signal so it must be coupling to the house wiring... right ????

Anyway <heh>,  It's made for car/truck use and not in-house use so that might be my problem.  It is being powered by the 'boost battery' that I use for the truck to get that beast working.  But remember my battery charger makes a ton of noise and I have placed a bunch of ferrite 'beads' in/out everything to keep the noise down to the SDR and the Yaesu rig...  the noise is suppressed quite a bit now for the SDR & Yaesu... but maybe the beads don't stop the out going stuff...  What do I know... right ???

To be honest it's too damned cold for this old buzzard to go outside to check the field strength of this little beastie so I will take the 'Sylvania' aka   Osram of China, at their word that this ((POS)) is within the legal parts of Part 15... And understand, I use this only to make my Honey Angel happy so she can hear Xmas music free and clear of the Ads and other BS that commercial radio seem to find the need to dump on us during this wonderful time of PEACE and whatever...

Yes I could run speaker wires and such all over the place in the apartment but messy is not my thing out-side of the 'radio room' and she might look at me 'funny' if I were to do so...  but she is very understanding... if it doesn't involve wires hanging here or there !!!!...

Oh yeah!!! This Part 15 thingie, if Bluetooth'ed to your 'smart' (read that as 'stupid') phone will broadcast your phone conversations on the standard FM radio band...  Not something I would want and if I know you folks... not your place to be in reality...  Some of us are paranoid enough without broadcasting our caca doodee poo poo on the 'public' airways...  Think about it !!!

And if people crab about the signal being weak... hell, I'll power up the CZE-07 (China POS) so the whole damned County can hear it !!!!  I would if I had one that is... because I don't... never did... thought about it tho...  not for Xmas music...  I wanted to turn the area on-to DEVO...  But that is another situation :-)

Have a happy to all you folks on this... whatever it is...  And great DX to all !!!!!

73 to all from somebody else not me :-)

Spy Numbers / HM01 cuba dec 09 2018
« on: December 09, 2018, 1011 UTC »
9240 khz 0935 utc dec 09
9155 khz 0955 utc dec 09

both signals S9 with hum.

WBCQ is one of my favorite stations but good grief BRo. Stair (aka BS) broadcast material (audio quality) leaves some thing to be desired ... No I will NOT comment on the content.... just the audio quality.

I posted on the chat about the bad audio on 9330 khz on the 1847 utc broadcast Nov. 2 2018 before I remembered what station it was, No I wasn't giving the boot to BCQ only the crappy audio.

Well here is a recording of the audio... check it for yourself.  If you were the program director would you have let this pass?  I hope not but still we are in the days of much lower expectations. :-)

Listen for yourself;


I know BCQ needs the bucks but still.... What I think this was ... was a replay of an old show (from a telephone) played via a cassette player into a telephone...  In other words BS's 24/7 telephone broadcast...

But you be the judge.... BTW the audio did get a bit better in the next hour where it was only a single telephone involved.

BCQ has a better than average audio system and double telephone audio from a cheap cassette player tosses out spurs and garbage like all get out...

Not bee-itching BCQ just sayin'  OK?

add this to my large rip and rage pile :-)

"P" beacon 13555.3 khz USB (more likely 13555.0 khz) 1447 UTC Aug. 16, 2018  S6 signal with some fading.

I also heard this beacon yesterday about the same time.  This beacon generally shows an excellent signal whenever the band is open.

13555.9 lsb "P" beacon 1347 utc 06-17-2018


Are you ready for this one?  No? Well here it is anyway.  :-)

I was all set and ready for a M08a CW thingie but something seems to have gone wrong... (he said)
There was no CW but a nasty noise and very low in the background I heard... yep, you guessed it, HM01...  Too low in modulation to get the call up but no matter.

Let's call this an Arnie C. nightmare...  So typical (he said).  I recorded the whole thing just for a giggle but unfortunately this happens so often that the silliness is lost...

the sign off of this FUBAR was at 0009 UTC.

Just needed to let you all know about how I wasted a whole hour.... grrrrrr....

p.s. Arnie please read the operators manual OK?  Things might go better next time :-P

Update report May 23 2018

Checked for M08a today at 1350 UTC to 1430 UTC on 8097 khz LSB and nothing was heard... could be propagation but checking the propagation reports if it was there I should have heard it.  Perhaps A.C. noticed something was amiss and is working hard to get the transmitter on-line again. :-) Let's all sing a chorus of "Too Much Tequila"


73 V.G.W.

General Radio Discussion / Sad news; ART BELL has passed away...
« on: April 14, 2018, 0639 UTC »
Bad news: George N. on Coast to Coast AM has reported that Art Bell has passed away... I have no link to the news but by the time you read this it should be out ... RIP Art


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