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As the subject line says... I've built all these little 'goodies' so now what to do with them...

VFO's, Crystal oscillators, IF's, RF stages, detectors, audio amplifies, balanced mixers, etc etc...  Now what to build...

Well with the VFO that has a serious drift problem...  It's really not a VFO but more like a DFO (Drift-able Frequency Oscillator as the Timtron would call it) I could rig it up with a few of the other self-assemblies as a receiver and I would have a scanner...  good idea?

 Now with the really good sub-assemblies I want to build a receiver that not only can be used on short wave but can also be used to read the minds of those people that are plotting against me (how's that for a little paranoia for some added suspense?)

I really don't know how to build such a thing so I must call on someone much smarter than I...  (no not a garden slug... I can hear what you folks are saying so cut it out ehhhh?)  I must channel the spirit of Doctor Richard P. Feynman!!!!  That's the ticket... Doctor Feynman can figure this one out!!!

Here we go....  channelling Doctor Feynman, channelling Doctor Feynman, channelling Doctor Feynman, channelling the Doctor, channelling the Doctor, channelling the Doctor, ... make your Spirit known to me!!!!

<<<<Pooffity Poof de poof  slam bang thank you.... BANG!!!>

Well... all I got was what looks like an old fashioned 'out house' with a sign on it that says; 'Litter Box'....  hummmmm what good is this????  Ratts!!!

Wait... the Litter Box door is opening and... and...  <what the heck!!!>  It's Doctor Poo...  !!!  Doctor poo and his Litter Box...

This always happens to me... I start a useful project and it all turns to crap...

I'm outa here....

<Door slams and junk falls to the floor and it ends up look like a wire factory exploded>


/* when in doubt use an 'idiot loop'... problem solved.... */

10 M is open right now... 1800 UTC...  Lot's of contesters on... and now for my comment...

Maybe some of you might remember ( I don't know why you would but... I digress) in the past I have mentioned that there are times when 11 meters is wide open but 10 meters is 'dead'...

Here's my point, kinda-sorta,  I can only hear 1 (one) 10 meter CW beacon at my location today but loads of USB/CW real time stations...

I guess this means that 'human nature' is a factor...  If Joe Ham doesn't hear anyone on the band then the band must be 'totally dead'.

But today, for me at least, proves otherwise...  I always call CQ even on those days when no one is on (but if I am on then there IS at least one person to talk to...)

Makes me think about a guy many years ago (on 75 meters daytime) who used to carry on a 2-way conversation with himself... and at times he would really get angry about what he said and then give himself the devil for saying it...  I really enjoyed listening to him... (I  withhold his name and call as he has since pass on... may he resume his QSO with himself where ever Hams go when they go SK)

Good Grief I'm rambling again... sri me bad...


Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Bangladesh English 15105khz
« on: January 12, 2015, 1239 UTC »
15105khz AM 1230 UTC Radio Bangladesh English 01/12/2015

Good signal with rapid fading but totally copyable.

The RF Workbench / Site for those of you that like AM Make RF (TUBES)
« on: January 12, 2015, 0958 UTC »
Try 'The AM Window'


Make sure you check out this series modulated rig that uses 6AQ5's ... QRP but you can modify it for a pair of 807's, 6146... etc


This rig can put out very high percentages of modulation without distortion... feed it clean audio in and you get clean audio out..  I've heard these on the air and I consider them the best for those that don't want to pay big bux for a modulation transformer.

The RF Workbench / Yet another site for making RF
« on: January 10, 2015, 1521 UTC »

Utility / MARS REGION 4 6903.5 USB 2300 UTC 01/09/2015
« on: January 09, 2015, 2339 UTC »
MARS REGION 4 6903.5 USB 2300 UTC 01/09/2015

Signal of NCS S7 most other stations at the noise level

As with most area nets these will last 1 hour but may not transmitter for the entire hour, stations will remain on the frequency until closing at 2359 UTC.  NCS will close the net at 2359 UTC

« on: January 07, 2015, 1545 UTC »
A G2-class geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of Jan. 7th, sparking bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. What happened? The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth tipped south, opening a crack in our planet's magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in to fuel the storm


Relay info for 3950kHz and 6065kHz from Sala in Sweden


Dear Listeners,

Relays via 3950kHz and 6065kHz are restarting from December 27th at 12.00 UTC with programmes from SDXF  and Radio Merkurs at 13.00UTC.

Two transmitters are ready for relays to Europe on 3950kHz (5 KW) and 6065kHz (10 KW).

If there are any radio stations interested in relaying via this relay service from the Sala transmitters in Sweden, please contact Ronny at this email address info@rock.x.se


The cost for both channels are 30EUR per hour.




FYI FYI FYI FYI etc etc ...........

General Radio Discussion / WBCQ $20 per hour. 5110 khz outlet FYI
« on: December 14, 2014, 0100 UTC »

Get on the air for $20 per hour 5110 KHZ outlet

there's the info and no I don't have anything to do with the station....


HF Mystery Signals / OTHR signal 22774 KHZ USB 1537 UTC 12/05/2014
« on: December 12, 2014, 1551 UTC »
OTHR signal 22774 KHZ USB 1537 UTC 12/05/2014





I've added this one because the audio was great because I got a number of different pulse rates on this single frequency with a low noise level.

Spy Numbers / XPA2 logging for today 12/12/2014 with audio
« on: December 12, 2014, 1538 UTC »
XPA2 15967 KHZ USB 1400 UTC 12/12/2014  good signal


XPA2 13884 KHZ USB 1420 UTC 12/12/2014 excellent signal


XPA2 12217 KHZ USB 1440 UTC 12/12/2014 excellent signal


Enjoy... I need to get the decoder now  :P

HF Mystery Signals / 15710 Khz USB 1619 UTC 12/06/2014
« on: December 11, 2014, 1631 UTC »
15710 Khz USB 1619 UTC 12/06/2014  signal was S7 to 8.

Audio file is here:


Image file is here:

This signal is intermittent maybe be heard once an hour or less or several bursts can be heard within a much less time.

Other / Data tones 2way comm 27637KHZ LSB 1807 UTC 12/06/2014
« on: December 06, 2014, 1811 UTC »
Data tones 2way comm 27637KHZ LSB 1807 UTC 12/06/2014

This is an ongoing two way communication...  I can just hear one station in the noise but the primary I am hearing S9 with a very good signal...

can anyone else hear this????

Radio Veritas Asia, Santa Maria di Galeria 15100Khz AM 1510UTC 12/6/2014

In Filipino (Tagalog) language.  Good signal S7+  with slight atmospheric noise

The YL likes it when I can receive broadcasts in her native language :-)  Makes my trips to the radio room more acceptable ;-) <heh>

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