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Check out this page for Radio First Termer:

Memories of 'Nam...


This station has got me interested for two reasons,  I'm an old time radio fan and it seems to be on the air a lot, hours wise, with no ID or interest in QSLing (to my knowledge).

I've only heard it with a good signal a few times but I do hear enough of a signal to know it's there...  seldom being able to use the AM mode on receive but more often than not, using USB or LSB.

With propagation being what it is and the times of operation I don't understand where the broadcasts are meant to be heard or even if they are meant to be heard by anyone in particular.  Weird is the word I guess.

Anyone tried to do a generalized DF?

Any ideas???


ps. GOOD NEWS: The tornado watch is over for my area and my vertical is still standing <sigh> ;-)

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6875 KHZ AM 2231 UTC 12/22/2015
« on: December 22, 2015, 2233 UTC »
Good audio... playing an R&B song 'Freedom' I think that is the name...  5and 9 on peaks with deep short fading.

Now with a CBS news report... (old) about M. L. King shooting

Other / Hearing 'peskies' tuning uo on 15000KHZ
« on: December 20, 2015, 1401 UTC »
I tune to 15000KHZ in the early morning to hear WWV but this morning I hear a peskie talking and then someone tuning up on frequency (USB).  I do have a recording but very little of the voice xmission.  Has anyone else heard anything like this???  the time was 1333UTC 12/20/2015


The station I am hearing i seems to be repling to another station that I can't hear that's why the xmissions are so short...  If you plan to check this out and if WWV is very weak us USB and prepare to wait a while before you might hear something...

General Radio Discussion / The Sun changes everything ;-)
« on: December 18, 2015, 1504 UTC »
My radio was sitting on WWV @ 15000KHZ around 1300 UTC. The signal was just at the noise level and the only thing I could hear clearly was the minute 'beep' tone.

Time went by and at exactly 1344 UTC the signal jumped from the noise level to a solid S9++.  I guess the Sun finally came up at Fort Collins Colorado...


Yep... it did just that... can you tell I am bored?  And I have no life...


I guess I'll just go outside and watch the squirrels play with their nutz...


Sorry for the QRM...

As I was listening to:15300 KHZ Radio France International 17:00 to 18:00 UTC in French 12/17/2015 today I heard something weird below the signal.  I was listening to it on USB (keep that in mind... perhaps) I was hearing a 800 Hz tone of what sounded like CW.

Now this tone was very very slow in speed if it was CW and had no real timing to it.  Sometimes taking up to a minute between 'letters'.  Not sending a message as such but single letters such as 'A', 'M' and 'I'.  Maybe it was more of a beacon... I'm not sure.

I was using the Yaesu FT-817ND (20 meter vertical antenna) to listen to this broadcast so I powered up the Sangean ATS-505 (20 ft. horizontal antenna taped to the top of the walls of this apartment) to see if it was some local 'toy' causing this signal and I didn't hear anything local.

I checked for harmonics etc and nothing was heard.  This signal reminded me of the madness that goes on down on 13560 KHZ and that is why I was very uncomfortable posting about this on any other part of the board.

Question is, has anyone else noticed anything like this?  It didn't sound like another station tuning up on the frequency because the 'on time' was too short to be usable for that purpose.  Each 'letter' seemed to be at about 5 wpm but the spacing of each 'letter was way too long and erratic.  I listened for the entire hour and it was there for that hour maybe more (?).  I'm confident it wasn't coming from the Radio France signal.

Any ideas?? TNX...



Shortwave Broadcast / 15105 KHZRADIO BANGLADESH BETAR 1244 UTC
« on: December 16, 2015, 1247 UTC »
15105 KHZ   RADIO BANGLADESH BETAR  1244 UTC  12/16/2015  weak but decent copy

10/11 meters / 28.197 VE7MTY/B CW 2116UTC 10 meter beacon
« on: November 29, 2015, 2118 UTC »
28.197   VE7MTY/B     BC Canada      Listed as 25 watts

Fair to good signal 579


HF Mystery Signals / OTHR perhaps...
« on: November 26, 2015, 2250 UTC »
On a few occasions I have noticed what seems to be OTHR signals but with a difference.  These signal seems like the standard OTHR but have a CW Identifier before they transmit there machine gun like sounds. unfortunately I haven't got an audio recording yet because these type of OTHR are much rarer than the norm.

I'm just posting this if someone might have an idea what they are or has a decent recording of them.  The signals are just as loud as the others but they have this single CW ID before they transmit.

Has anyone else noticed these???


General Radio Discussion / Is It Just Me... (Propagation rant)
« on: November 21, 2015, 0347 UTC »
Why is it that the propagation these days seems so much worse than any of the sun spot minimums of the past that I remember???

Is it just me or has my memory gone QRT?

When there is a band opening it always seems to be north to south and seldom east to west or south to north...  This has been bothering me since January of this year... maybe I am just fruity or more fruity than my 'norm'.

Seems weird to me because I am using a vertical antenna these days and not my typical 80 meter dipole <south west/ north east> fed with open wire line. It's almost like someone is using a HARPP unit and burning out selective parts of the atmospheric layers <cue 'Twilight Zone' music> So help me... someone does not want me to work to the east coast from here in Ohio...  Maybe Doctor Poo is putting up massive shields to keep my signal radiating to the south only...  the Doctor does know my Spanish is lacking greatly  grrrrrrrrr

Want to know why I play my music so loud?  It's simple really, the loud music makes it impossible for me to hear the voices in my head ;-)

Well got to go... they have my cage cleaned out and.....

I really would like someone to explain the south only propagation thingie...  it's driving me nutz...  Is anyone else noticing this weird propagation that I am having?

Utility / WWV 25000KHZ very loud at this time 1810UTC
« on: November 07, 2015, 1812 UTC »
Best copy on WWV on 25000KHZ I have heard... 1811utc. Nov 7 2015

Get UR rigs up and going it looks like joy on the upper HF frequencies...


BTW  I just checked WWv at 20000khz and the 25000khz signal is stronger (much) than the 20000khz signal.  Propagation seems to be 'north/south'

Nov. 4 2015   2000 UTC

Tracy, CA
Power Output- 100 watts
Frequency- 28.300 MHz.

I monitor this beacon almost daily here in S. Ohio and if there is any propagation at all I will hear this one. 

As a note for you folks that know more about propagation than I, (and that could be almost anyone ;-))  This beacon hits above the noise level at about 11 AM local time and builds up in strength until past noon (local) and the signal gets weaker as the sun gets lower in the sky.

Right now (2020 UTC or 3:20 pm local) the signal is Q5 and is clearly readable without CW filters etc.  But there is slow and deep selective fading.

Is it just me or are there more medium skip openings on the European side then here in the States? Checking the http://www.dxwatch.com/   DX cluster it almost seems that way...  Perhaps I am full of you know what... thanks to Doctor Poo and his Litter Box...

anyway, have a good day and a better tomorrow!

As the title says,  it is time to check our antennas and ground systems.  Make sure all connections are clean, without corrosion and other foreign matter.  If you have coax connector exposed to the elements disconnect them and check to make sure they are clean.  Any solder joints??? make sure they are bright and shiny... we do not want to have a 'cold' solder joint when the winds of January are blowing... been there done that.

It may not be advisable but I give all exposed coax connector a quick shot of WD40...  works for me but your mileage may differ.

Now here's one I always do and many times a year, it's NOT eco friendly to some but for radio it's a big do it now...  Around your ground rod...  make a cup shapped area a few inches around said rod and a few inches deep if possible... fill this 'cup' with rock salt and cover it with soil them wet it down as much as the soil will handle...  making a little 'swamp' isn't a bad thing.  This will increase your ground conductivity...  this is very important for both receiving and transmitting...

Oh yeah... make sure the rope or what-ever that is holding your antenna... dipole or what have you, is in good shape...  January winds have torn down many of my antennas over the years... until I got smart...  well...  I do forget sometimes... or get lazy sometimes, you know the drill  ::)

If using open feeders check to make sure there are no broken spacers and replace even the ones that might look a bit dicey...

While you are at it... check your connectors in the shack...  why?  Humidity, dust, vibration, etc etc can cause problems here.

A whole book can be written about ground systems but they are as important as your antenna... sometimes even more so.  One problem I have noticed over the years is... 'conflicting grounds' (my term)  I refuse to use the so called ground on the electric mains when I find there is a voltage difference between my station ground (driven ground rod with radials)  and the electric house AC system... Voltage leakage...  use your imagination to figure the problems with that situation...

WARNING:  Just because I do it doesn't mean you should, or anyone else for that matter, in fact it may kill me... who knows... but I live with this fact: "death may very well be the only thing I will do right the first time"...  ::)

Oh yeah... take great care with the inspection of your antenna or ground system...  I need your ears to tell me where the 'good stuff' is... radio wise that is  ;)

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