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BBC (English) 6195 KHZ 03:00-04:00 UTC 01/29/2016

Decent copy with moderate fading.

Shortwave Broadcast / 9420 KHZ Helliniki Radiophonia (Greek) 2042 UTC
« on: January 28, 2016, 2045 UTC »
9420   Helliniki Radiophonia in Greek at 2042 UTC 01/28/2016

Good signal S9 with rapid fading

I don't understand Greek but the tunage seems nice to me and something different from the average stuff one might hear on local radio.

17895 KHZ VOICE OF AMERICA (English) 1648 UTC 01/26/2016

Broadcast to Africa in English.

Shortwave Broadcast / 4055Radio Verdad 0328 UTC 01/26/2016
« on: January 26, 2016, 0329 UTC »
4055   Radio Verdad 0328 UTC 01/26/2016

Good signal tonight S6-7 on the vertical

Spanish of course :-)

Don't know about the source but here goes:::

A suspected terrorist plot to bomb British cities was foiled by British spies, The Sun reported.

The RAF intercepted coded messages between pilots flying from Amsterdam to an unnamed Middle-Eastern country. The code, which referenced pop music, was then decoded by British spies at GCHQ, who believe the pilots were trying to smuggle in explosives or chemical weapons. The plotters used the emergency frequency to discuss their plans.

Attacks in London, Bath, Bristol and Ipswich were allegedly planned for last November after the Paris attacks.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman said the government would not comment on issues of national security.

GCHQ is a British intelligence and security organization responsible for providing signals intelligence and information assurance to the British government and armed forces.


Just happened across this... the 9955khz broadcast from Florida in English is being jammed by Cuba???  I believe this is from the Okeechobee USA station. Standard Christian material NOT propaganda...  time 0215 UTC   

General Radio Discussion / maybe yet another mode? FM??? 6900-6990?
« on: January 15, 2016, 1152 UTC »
I like the AM mode best, SSB the least but why have I not heard NBFM being used in the 6900-6990 band... ?

Now I'm not in anyway encouraging anyone to do anything illegal but still.  I remember a number of years ago Amateur Radio Operators using that mode on the 75 meter band and it worked out great for the times they used it

Most modern radio gear does have NBFM detectors and even the older radios that don't can still hear the transmissions via 'slope detection'.  Slope detection is nothing more than tuning a receiver in the AM mode slightly above or below the center carrier frequency. 

Am I not thinking clearly because it is so early in the morning...  most likely... <sigh> Never mind...  ::)


Musicians Union Suing Sony Over Michael Jackson Documentary

July 8, 2015

 The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) has filed suit against Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (Sony) for repeatedly violating its collective bargaining agreement with AFM.
Among the contract violations cited in the suit is recording work on Michael Jackson's This Is It, a 2009 film documenting Jackson rehearsing and preparing for live concerts right before his death.
The suit states that Sony called musicians for a recording session claiming it was for a “record” when the actual purpose was to record a film score for This Is It. Records are defined as CDs, records, tapes, music videos, and concert DVDs in AFM’s Sound Recording Labor Agreement. The Sound Recording Labor Agreement, which Sony has signed, covers only recording sessions for records—and prohibits recording film scores.

AFM International President Ray Hair explained that Sony could have simply signed a letter allowing them to use the AFM Motion Picture Agreement for this recording session, but Sony refused. As a result, musicians have been unable to collect residuals on the film.

“A fan may wonder what difference it makes if musicians record music under one contract versus another, but it makes a huge difference to musicians trying to earn a living. Musicians have joined together to create industry standards and it is simply unacceptable for greedy corporations to knowingly violate those standards by denying residuals,” said Hair.

The suit also charges Sony with refusing to make new use payments on a number of other projects including Pitbull’s 2012 version of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and sampling of Jackson songs like “Billie Jean” and “Man in the Mirror” in This Is It.

“We did not want to go to court, but Sony repeatedly refused to do the right thing and pay the musicians fairly,” said Hair.

The AFM is seeking breach of contract damages, including the payment of wages and benefits that should have been paid to musicians. Read the complaint here.

for full story:


A new way to test one of the basic principles underlying Einstein’s theory of General Relativity using brief blasts of rare radio signals from space called Fast Radio Bursts is ten times, to one-hundred times better than previous testing methods that used gamma-ray bursts, according to a paper just published in the journal Physical Review Letters. The paper received additional highlighting as an “Editor’s Suggestion” due to “its particular importance, innovation, and broad appeal,” according to the journal’s editors.

The new method is considered to be a significant tribute to Einstein on the 100th anniversary of his first formulation of the Equivalence Principle, which is a key component of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. More broadly, it also is a key component of the concept that the geometry of spacetime is curved by the mass density of individual galaxies, stars, planets, and other objects.

Fast Radio Bursts are super-brief blasts of energy — lasting just a few milliseconds. Until now, only about a dozen Fast Radio Bursts have been detected on Earth. They appear to be caused by mysterious events beyond our Milky Way Galaxy, and possibly even beyond the Local Group of galaxies that includes the Milky Way. The new technique will be important for analyzing the abundance of observations of Fast Radio Bursts that advanced radio-signal observatories, now being planned, are expected to detect.

“With abundant observational information in the future, we can gain a better understanding of the physical nature of Fast Radio Bursts,” said Peter Mészáros, Holder of the Eberly Family Chair in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Professor of Physics at Penn State, the senior author of the research paper. Like all other forms of electromagnetic radiation including visible light, Fast Radio Bursts travel through space as waves of photon particles. The number of wave crests arriving from Fast Radio Bursts per second — their “frequency” — is in the same range as that of radio signals. “When more-powerful detectors provide us with more observations,” Mészáros said, “we also will be able to use Fast Radio Bursts as a probe of their host galaxies, of the space between galaxies, of the cosmic-web structure of the universe, and as a test of fundamental physics.”

The impact of the new method using Fast Radio Bursts is expected to increase significantly as more of the bursts are observed, and if their origin can be established more firmly. “If Fast Radio Bursts are proven to originate outside the Milky Way Galaxy, and if their distances can be measured accurately, they will be a new powerful tool for testing Einstein’s Equivalence Principle and for extending the tested energy range down to radio-band frequencies,” Mészáros said.

Einstein’s Equivalence Principle requires that any two photons of different frequencies, emitted at the same time from the same source and traveling through the same gravitational fields, should arrive at Earth at exactly the same time. “If Einstein’s Equivalence Principle is correct, any time delay that might occur between these two photons should not be due to the gravitational fields they experienced during their travels, but should be due only to other physical effects,” Mészáros said. “By measuring how closely in time the two different-frequency photons arrive, we can test how closely they obey Einstein’s Equivalence Principle.”

More specifically, Mészáros said the test that he and his coauthors developed involves an analysis of how much space curvature the photons experienced due to massive objects along or near their path through space. He said, “Our test of Einstein’s Equivalence Principle using Fast Radio Bursts consists of checking by how much does a parameter — the gamma parameter — differ for the two photons with different frequencies.”

Mészáros said his research team’s analysis of the less-than-a-dozen recently detected Fast Radio Bursts “supersedes by one to two orders of magnitude the previous best limits on the accuracy of the Einstein Equivalence Principle,” which were based on gamma rays and other energies from a 1987 supernova explosion, supernova 1987A. “Our analysis using radio frequencies shows that the Einstein Equivalence Principle is obeyed to one part in a hundred million,” Mészáros said. “This result is a significant tribute to Einstein’s theory, on the hundredth anniversary of its first formulation.”



A recurrent coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) is expected to become geoeffective with Earth late on 6 January, 2016, and the geomagnetic resp

For more information see: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

It's only a G1 so it might not amount to much but I don't give any credit to these computer models because there is something of Physics that can't be put into the equations and it's called 'chaos'...  which is very real and is well known in Physics.

15400 KHZ 1930 UTC 01/03/2016 BBC (Asension) English

Fair signal S7 on peaks with selective fading.  Beamed to Africa?

HF Mystery Signals / 6975 KHZ wideband noise messing up my listening
« on: January 03, 2016, 1604 UTC »
I'm only posting this because it is making my pirate listening miserable...  Most likely a local thing but...  Here's the link to the sound file;


It seems to center on 6975 khz but it shows up on most of the active pirate band.  Time for 'recon'?  The recording was done in USB ...

Fair to good signal but I'm getting a weird sweeping signal interfering with the station...  also seems to be someone tuning up on frequency too.

6960 KHZ 1411 UTC 01/03/2016

Receiving the OTR Station on 6770 KHZ 1330 UTC 01/03/2016

Just at the noise level but I heard enough on peaks to know it's there.  I am beginning to think this station is on 24/7.

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