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The change in available airwaves, which were freed up by the conversion of television signals from analog to digital, constitutes the first significant block of spectrum made available for unlicensed use by the F.C.C. in 20 years.

How do they make this claim with a straight face?

Before the digital-analog switchover, if an area had 23 TV channels, _after_ the switchover those same 'stations' still occupied 23 TV channels, albeit with different RF frequencies (most everybody moved around a little; some re-occuoied their old RF frequency 'channel' as in the case if CH 8 and 11 in our area for instance).

And, just for the record, the old analog TV channels 'slots' were 6 MHz wide and so are the digital TV channel 'slots'.

Really, this is a matter of semantics; there were concurrent analog and digital TV transmissions in most areas and the 'switchover' merely meant the analog TV transmitters were switched off/taken out of service ... so yes, spectrum was 'freed' up *only* because concurrent D and A transmissions on separate frequencies were no longer taking place, but the choice of modulation "mode" had little to do with it, IMO  ;)  ;) .

General Radio Discussion / Re: New Ham Bands ?
« on: September 24, 2010, 1447 UTC »

In case newcomers may be unaware of the current experimental licenses (under U. S. FCC Part 15) issued for experimental purposes on frequencies in and about 500 kHz ("600 Meter Band") I submit this link:

THE ARRL 600 METER EXPERIMENTAL GROUP - http://www.500kc.com/


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6923Khz - AM 2345UTC
« on: September 24, 2010, 1421 UTC »
Guess I should have corrected my post, yikes! It was the usual 6925Khz freq I was monitoring but performed a typo tonight! Ah, my rig won't zerobeat anything unless it's CW. Guess I could try to use the RIT (Receive Incremental Tuning) and DSP Slope or try some other methods.

What i do usually, is tune to where I hear the station properly and ignore the signal meter, because with AM we're looking for pinpoint precise audio, where with SSB, we're looking to tune that station in until it sounds like a normal voice. 

Guess I'll have to make a vid to describe/show the concept; it's really quite easy to 'zero-beat' a signal using the BFO or even 'tune' in an AM signal in SSB mode and 'note' the frequency on the dial/digital readout or where the two tones (the BFO and the AM carrier) are close to each other (or where the audio sounds normal; that would then be the 'carrier' frequency) ...

BTW, you can still edit that post above - just click the "Modify" button!  :) :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6923Khz - AM 2345UTC
« on: September 24, 2010, 0202 UTC »
Just curious, did you by chance 'cal' your BFO on an AM shortwave station (like 6985 for instance) first before tuning in 6925 (or thereabouts)?

Just curious ...

I do this with my Degen DE1103 portable receiver all the time, if I don't 'cal' (Zero beat the BFO) on a known station I won't be 'reading' the frequency correctly in the digital display ... the Icom 756 and most up-scale receivers don't have this issue of course ...

Even on an AM station I can 'tell' when tuning down from 6985 to 6925 when I'm at or near zero beat for ascertaining actual 'channel' frequency. With the Icom I've got, the dial itself is good to 20 Hz resolution, but the Degen is 1 kHz and could be off a bit more because the wide IF filter will let a signal 3 or 4 kHz away come 'through' the receiver decently ...



I did not mention the Rhombic because I was not aware he was looking for directionality.  In fact that was why I mentioned beware the directionality of the Beverage, or plan for it.

I put two and two together and deduced from his location ('Yukon wilderness') and his inclination towards a beverage that he might be desiring some directionality and gain back into the states ... the original suggestion towards a loop was made before Beam revealed he had 'nice big property'  :) :) so ... he could build something with some nice gain *and* directionality too, sounds like a prescription written for a Rhombic!

Token, Beam's original query was about construction details, poles/suppots (peg legs  :) :) ) and such - what did you use to hoist/hold your Rhombics up?

Rhombic - I'm surprised no one mentioned the Rhombic (including me  :) :) ). I thought of it about a week after my first response ...

If you have the room (real estate), the Rhombic can do what I think you want the Beverage to do: directionality.

The Rhombic will give you directionality, but also doesn't have the limitation of a  'low angle of reception'.

A little more info:


Some interesting history on/of Rhombics:


Edit: Spelling!

I'm not able to hear the AM station here, but heard an ID for the the lsb station as Ass Monkey Radio.  Rap songs and a parody of Dragnet.  I heard the goat noises as well.

Nice signal!

Check - "Ass Monkey"

Signal has picked up some here, S4, and QRN is a little lower too.

Captain Morgan on AM as per his email 

He's on AM, but who's on LSB?

0141z Just came on air ...

0142z Carrier about 6924.8 kHz ... QRN is going to be an issue tonight ...

0146z There is 'traffic' on 6925 LSB as well ... hearing the braying of a donkey or the baaaah of a sheep on the LSB signal ...

0150z Hearing rap on the LSB signal ... pretty much 6925.0 kHz straight up ...

0154z Carrier still noted about 6924.8 kHz as well as something on LSB ...

0204z Sounds like an episode from Dragnet just ended ... now back into music; a rock piece, some mean guitar ...

0212z Signal on LSB stepping through 'scales' on a synthesizer it sounds like ...

0214z Station on LSB taking time out to perform an audio-response "proof-of-performance" test ...

0215z Capt Morgan's carrier about an S3 or so ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WEAK 6950 U
« on: September 21, 2010, 0152 UTC »

Good copy here in Tejas since about 0130z ... using portable radio (Degen AKA Kaito DE1103) and telescopic whip ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6930am Outhouse Radio 2251z 9-19-2010
« on: September 19, 2010, 2252 UTC »
Carrier at about 6931.4 kHz

2253 ID: "Outhouse Radio" ... Not terribly strong ATTM ...

2351z Pgm still ongoing; Signal about an S4 peaks to S5 and more audio segments heard as QRN is still low ...

General Radio Discussion / Re: Fake pirate reception report
« on: September 19, 2010, 2130 UTC »

Wow ... talk about 'broken English', but that's totally worked over! No offense meant to non-English speakers the world over, but, this actually looks a little contrived ... just my $0.02 ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925u "Radio Bunny" 2121z 9-19-2010
« on: September 19, 2010, 2122 UTC »
Opened with sound effects, yodeling ... a collection of sound effects ...

2124z Taken as ID: "Radio Bunny" bit

2130z And - that appears to have been it ... a brief couple of bits meant to whet the appetite ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Cupid Radio 15070 at 1315
« on: September 19, 2010, 1359 UTC »
Carrier detectable here in Tejas; not very strong, prolly propagation is still weak ...

Was just barely audible here, couldn't even copy a clear ID, unusual for Wolverine.  Must be good ol' no-sunspot propagation.

On top of that, I've had a spate of neighbors buying treadmills it seems; it's easy to 'tell' by the noise they make as the 'walker' proceeds in their work-out routine, step by step (the motor loads down then get unloaded briefly then loaded down again so the 'grinding' elec noise can be heard changing) ... I took the opportunity just moments ago to drive around the block with a 2' tuned loop stuck through the sun/moon roof on the car DFing this latest 'noise' that had cropped about 11:30 PM local up on Wolverine ... a different 'source' treadmill on a different street than last Monday ...

Pray you aren't surrounded by those things, the one half a block to my west (about 10 house lots sequentially) kills 40 and 80 M by about 10 dB additional noise ...

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