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0043z Really weak carrier ATTM ... about all I can hear using the narrow CW filter on the Icom ... less than S1 even ...

Carrier freq works out to be 6940.8 kHz or so.

Still have sunlight here, so there is some hope for improvement in signal strength ...

Weak carrier is all at the moment ... will see if sig picks up so's an ID can be heard ...

Freq actually 6924.2 kHz or so ... used narrow CW filter mode to hear carrier at and below S1 on dipole antenna

0205z Carrier still only thing detectable ... still at or below S1

0208z Carrier off-air.

FRN logging indicates this as Captain Morgan 6924.2 kHz AM.

Other / Fourier Analysis of "Very Strange Alarm Noise"
« on: August 18, 2010, 1617 UTC »
What could this possibly be? I'm currently in Jacksonville, FL, and this is the first time I have ever heard this. Is this just some sort of beacon, or something different? Thanks.

I don't detect much fading on the signal (that may be a little difficult to tell from the recording on my end though). Fading, to put it succinctly, means distance.

If it's present with the same signal strength 24 hrs a day it's a) probably something in the house or b) probably something in a neighbor's house.

Edit: Spelling!
The thing is, it is not 24/7. That was the first and last time I heard it. However, last night, I heard a signal on a lower frequency that was similar to this, but it had more fading, less clarity, ect.

Let's analyze this signal as far as 'content'. It sounds kind of line-frequency related raspy, but let's run through the analysis and see what that shows.

Let's first take one 'rep rate' (repetition rate) of a group of pulses like this:


and then we will do Fourier decomposition (Fourier Analysis) which looks at the frequencies making up the signal.

When we do this in Sound Forge, we have this:


Notice we have this kind of relationship between spectral components and 60 Hz line related components:

 Peak  x60Hz
 ----  ----- 
 360     6
 900     15   15 x 60  Hz
 1800    30   10 x 180 Hz
 2700    45   15 x 180 Hz

I would have to consign this to the category of something line-related (AC power line related) ... could not of course say exactly what, but, probably not over-the-air mil or even civilian comms ...

Delayed report due to no-access to internet:

  0308z Copied "OutHouse Radio" ID on Icom-756 with lights and radio running from gasoline powered emergency generator* ...

Should add: relatively good sounding signal, very little drift this time.

Signal strength to about S5 on the dipole antenna.

(* we've had 5 power outages in the last 12 days in our neighborhood now, and it's getting old ...)

Other / Re: Very Strange Alarm Noise
« on: August 17, 2010, 1502 UTC »
What could this possibly be? I'm currently in Jacksonville, FL, and this is the first time I have ever heard this. Is this just some sort of beacon, or something different? Thanks.

I don't detect much fading on the signal (that may be a little difficult to tell from the recording on my end though). Fading, to put it succinctly, means distance.

If it's present with the same signal strength 24 hrs a day it's a) probably something in the house or b) probably something in a neighbor's house.

Edit: Spelling!

Other / N. East Coast CODAR coverage
« on: August 17, 2010, 1454 UTC »
In relation  to the previous posts, yes, it is CONAR, and I believe it is around New York Harbor.

Conar????  -- http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=conar&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

Listed sites in the northeast for CODAR sites (per link to map previously posted) show:

  • Gulf of Maine
  • Cape Cod
  • Nantucket
  • Long Island Sound
  • New York Harbor
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware Bay
  • Virginia Beach

Sites per map - http://www.codar.com/seasonde_world_locations.shtml

Whether this map is entirely accurate, that I don't know ...

Another site that allows Google-style zooming-in to see the SeaSonde/RADAR/CODAR coverage seems to confirm the above map:


Looks like solid coverage from the tip of Long Island down past Virginia Beach.

Screen grab from that page showing coverage:

Um, ah, no ah ... SSB mode that can be seen?

From the Universal Radio link above:

   Additionally there is an AM IF Output jack (F type). This is available for possible
  future accessory devices such as DRM or SSB decoders.

The 'take away' quote:

Weak energy

There's one overriding reason why the scientific community at large isn't especially worried about low-level EMFs: To the minds of many, it's not physically possible for the small amounts of energy flowing from cellphones, Wi-Fi routers or power lines to have any effect on the human body.

Robert Park, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Maryland and author of "Voodoo Science: The Road From Foolishness to Fraud," published in 2000, literally laughs at the idea. "I don't understand how anyone with a knowledge of science could believe this stuff. I'm troubled that there's still such a deep division" among scientists.

It's true that cellphones and cellphone towers emit microwaves, which can sound scary to anyone who has ever burned something in a microwave oven. But microwaves have relatively long wavelengths -- and thus little energy. A light wave coming from a desk lamp has more energy than a microwave coming from a cellphone.

According to Park, these microwaves aren't nearly powerful enough to break apart DNA, which is how known threats such as UV rays and X-rays cause cancer. As long as a person doesn't absorb enough microwaves to actually cook themselves, he says, the energy would be far too feeble to do any damage.

General Radio Discussion / Easier to Read 996XT Manual Too
« on: August 16, 2010, 2053 UTC »


And, the 996XT as well:


Both recently announced as recently 'finished' via the BCD996XT Yahoo group ...

Utility / HAARP 'cargo cult science' of 21st Century
« on: August 15, 2010, 2228 UTC »
Well gee, SW-J...

Next you'll be telling us that HAARP isn't responsible for global warming, UFO sightings, whale beachings, cattle mutilations, the Taos Hum, ghost hauntings, alien abductions, learning disabilities, or cancer!  ;)

EDIT to add:  Oh yeah - the lack of sunspots, too.  Heard that one the other day on the repeater; supposedly, the HAARP emissions are leaving the ionosphere via the magnetic pole, looping back around to the sun's pole, and somehow interfering with the processes that create sunspots.  I've got to give them points for creativity on that one.

I think I would rather ask what the first-order linking effects were ... IOW, give me a clue how A affects B and affects C (science) ... otherwise it's back to magic potions, chants and working with voodoo dolls (non-science, pre-normal-science e.g. alchemy, turning lead into gold; that kind of thing).

I think in actuality, it's the non-science person's response (book authors, who want to make money) to the unknown (they have a bogey man they can erect and fight; not too far from a straw-man argument. That late-night nutball Art Bell deserves some point out here), where they don't even have a basic grasp of the factors involved (electro-magnetics as classically taught, the physics involved in meteorology), the parameters involved (the physical orientation of the X-Y planar HAARP transmitting array for instance- and it is not capable of receive even!, the fact it points STRAIGHT UP and can only be steered +-30 degrees from zenith), and the end results is story-telling the size of Mark Twain as set in the 21st century ...

Wouldn't you say that a six-diesel engine powered device situated in Alaska that is capable of controlling our universe is a little far-fetched? And to think, anybody parked 'down the road' with just a SW receiver could tell when they where on the air (sidelobes exist on any antenna, so something at the power level HAARP operates at would be easily noticed, yet some SWL in what I think is a former 'eastern block' country says he has HAARP 'dead-to-rights' beaming into Europe w/nothing other than 'his word' ... sound anything remotely like a Nigerian million-dollar con job?)

  Side note, "Prime Power Generation" - http://web.archive.org/web/20070404123251/www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/power.html

Used to be the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission were the only ones that wielded that kind of 'pow-wah' ...

Added - Here's what come to mind:

  SUPERSTITION -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDZFf0pm0SE - By Stevie Wonder

Added - HAARP 'Art'; a product of synthesis and interpretation in the vein of 'Cargo Cult Science' (See refs 1-Wiki and 2-address by famous physicist Richard Feynman):



Ref 1 - Cargo Cult Science is based on a concept in anthropology, the cargo cult, which describes how some pre-scientific cultures interpreted technologically advanced visitors (e.g. flying airplanes filled with supplies to S. Pacific island outposts) as religious or supernatural figures who brought boons of cargo and food.

Later, in an effort to call for a second visit the natives would develop and engage in complex religious rituals, mirroring the previously observed behavior of the visitors manipulating their machines (by building airports with thatched runways and control towers and RADAR installations made of bamboo) but without understanding the true nature of those tasks (the science, the technology), with the cargo cultists creating mock airports that failed to produce airplanes ...


Utility / UNID: claimed to be HAARP 6920-6922 kHz
« on: August 15, 2010, 1952 UTC »
Thanks for your comment and good links. I to consider.
This is better about HAARP :

Kind regards !

Again, have to ask by what means are you sure? Did you e-mail the alaska.edu address and inquire if they were operational then? Did you or some one you trust drive by the site and notice the diesel generators in the power building were running (the AC power lines running to the facility only power the administrative buildings and not the actual operational HAARP equipment; exciters, transmitters et al)

Assertions, w/o proof, sans evidence corroborating or supporting the assertion can be quite specious in nature ...

Suggest maybe use of this technique to at least narrow down the source as to hemisphere, continent, and maybe province or state in the future: http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,1476.msg7003.html#msg7003

Also note, as posted in the original, opening post by Lex in this thread; if these are emissions in the 6920 kHz area they not due to HAARP:


Update: In a 9/18/08 reply to my e-mail inquiry to HAARP, they state this was not HAARP testing and that they do not use this frequency range due to proximity to 40m amateur band. -- Lex

6920 USB ... 9/18/08 ...

My suggestion would be to contact them and inquire if they were operational for the time you observed these signals ...


North American Shortwave Pirate / 6930U WEAK Radio
« on: August 11, 2010, 0234 UTC »
0234z Nice signal here on the 2' loop ...  signals peaking to S8 on dipole

0236z ID: "WEAK Radio"

0250z Prop condx considerably worse; fading to almost uncopyable at times now ...

0252z Signal picking up, up to S6 on dipole now and copyable on loop again

0341z Peaks to S7 on the loop ... have never seen peaks that high on the loop before (WR-G303e rcvr) ...

This has been one wild program WEAK! Thanks!

Other / Re: TADIL-A/Link 11 ?
« on: August 11, 2010, 0030 UTC »
Is this a "Tactical Digital Information Link"?

Receiver: Grundig G6 Aviator
Anntenna: Telescoping Rod
Place of Reception: Northeastern United States
Date: 07/28/2010
Time: 0400 UTC
Frequency: 5267 kHz


As compared to the following:

Mystery HF 3831 kHz     
(sounds like LINK-11)     
As heard from France


A little more than 1/2 way down the page here - http://www.signals.taunus.de/TABLES/PSK.HTML

Look for: LINK 11 1364 bps (PARALLEL)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6 PILL PA STAGE AHH NO !
« on: August 09, 2010, 1251 UTC »
0218z Blew a fuse/6-pill PA stage smoked - sudden cessation of pgm ...
IT really is none of your business why i did a fast shut down IS IT !!! answer  UH NO !!   are you making rules for the PIRATE OPERATORS NOW ---------

Take it easy OHR ... from my perspective could have been as simple as the cat or dog pulled out the plug or knocked over something ... now you have me wondering ...

I've had cockatiels chew through speaker wire before; ANYTHING can happen with pets for instance ...

As far as 'reasons', I would have said "operational decision" and let it go at that ... see, we care about you at some level ... hope everything is okay ...

Also, remember the "two man rule" if working with mains or HV (even though I violate that rule all the time) - remember the old AAA slogan: "Bring'em back alive" ...

We're So Sorry Uncle Albert - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsWufNDJl4M

Barely audible ATTM

0121z Carrier detectable, but not much else. Freq about 6926.2

0133z Signal picking up now... strange pgm content tho ... secret Nixon Whitehouse tapes?

Sounds like a history piece of some kind ...

0153z tagline: "Nobody plays a better variety of music"

0154z "Outhouse Radio"

I have to ask you son, "son, have you mastered the art of setting the Q-point on a push-pull modulator stage yet?"

0208z Signal has picked up markedly. Much easier copy now, compared to earlier, now the predominant low-frequency crossover distortion limits readability ...

0218z Blew a fuse/6-pill PA stage smoked - sudden cessation of pgm ...

What happened OHR? Do we need to field a S & R squad?

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