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Just noticed a weak signal ... sounds like techno-trance synthesizer-based ATTM

1608z Signal strength = S3 to S5 with a little local QRMary (from a switching power supply)

1612z ID: " ... Radio" (missed the first part)

1617z More announcer audio, announcing some articles of interest e.g. pirate radio ... some no longer available ...

1617z Relay/replay of British talk pgm material ... history of Pirate Radio (presumably in Britain)

1628z Back to some Tn-T ...

1636z ID again, unable to copy first word (or words) ... brain unable to make sense of what the ears fed it considering the mix of noises, including white noise from the receiver, the background music playing during the ID, etc ...

1652z Finally copied an ID,  "Outhouse Radio" is what rolled through the brain ... (helps to have it repeated several times as I'm doing other things over here) ...

1701z ID: "Outhouse Radio" ... peak signal level has fallen below S2 as the sun gets high here over the USA ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Northwoods Radio 6925U
« on: August 22, 2010, 1244 UTC »
Part of show copied here too ;)

S3 sometimes to S4, light and variable QRN

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6900U
« on: August 22, 2010, 0241 UTC »
OOOPPSY  the electricity went out  :'(   i didn't get to ID   it twas OutHouse Radio

Mugging on 6900 ?

I'm not used to looking that far down ... will have to look more!

S3 to S4 into Texas ATTM

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6900U
« on: August 22, 2010, 0234 UTC »
OOOPPSY  the electricity went out  :'(   i didn't get to ID   it twas OutHouse Radio

Mugging on 6900 ?

S3 to S5 peaks into Texas so far

Just tuned in ...

0220z "Set me free why don't ya babe"
0224z ID: "Wolverine Radio"
0224z 40's singer in falsetto with a tune I could begin to recognize ...
0226z "I'm singing in the Rain"
0228z "I recall the night .. riding around in the rain"
0231z Another 30's 40's tune "If it Rains, who cares ... I'm in love with you"
0234z ID: "Wolverine Radio"
0234z "... In the rain, the sun was out ... "
0236z Sound of thunderclap "A raindrop a little bitty drop .. it feels like raindrops all over..."
0239z "I'll do my crying in the rain "
0241z "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain"
0243z Instrumental lead-in ... "You and me and rain on the roof"
0245z "... when the sun shines" ... "when the rain falls" ? - copy is getting rough at times now
0249z ID "Wolverine Radio"
0249z Motown tune "... but I wish that it would rain"
0251z "... rain tapped at my window"
0255z "Raindrops keep falling on my head ..."
0257z "Long as I remember ... then I wondered ... who stopped the rain"
0300z ID: "Wolverine Radio"
0300z "The plans they made put an end to you ... I seen sorrow I've seen rain ... but I always thought I'd see you again"
0303z Motown again ".. rain falling ... a rainy night in Georgia ... I feel like it's rainin all over the world" 
0307z Wow ... haven't heard this tune in awhile ... "play on the play ground ... play all around .. let your white bird ... play on the playground ... play all around" rough copy - missing pieces ... "some came to blow the clouds away"
0311z "The rain is falling ... the roof ... let it rain, let rain ... let it rain down on me ... let it rain rain rain" ?
0316z ID: "Wolverine Radio"
0316z "do you remember how sweet it might be ... when we were together now ... that we parted ... rain" "I can't stand the rain against my window bringing back those memories ..."
0318z "Well I love a rainy ... I love a rainy night such a beautiful sight ... "  "I love a rainy night ... uh uh ... I love to watch hte lightning as it lights up the sky ... the rain on my face "
0322z Guitar and drum intro ... can't yet make out words "rain on my ... rain on my ..." rough copy
0325z A much-played pop tune; "Listen to the pouring rain"
0330z "All I can say is my life is pretty plain ... all I like to do ... my point of view ... and I don't understand ... " fades and parts
0334z ID "Wolverine Radio" w/echo this time (only time that I recall)
0334z SSTV transmission incoming
0336z Off-air. Thanks for the program Wolverine Radio!

More as available

Opening with a piano (and more) score I have never heard before ...

0107z S6 signal peaks into Texas

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Northwoods Radio 6935u
« on: August 22, 2010, 0020 UTC »
S3 signal peaks and QRN picking up a little into Tejas ...

More as it occurs

Just up at about 2319z

2319z "These are Glory Days" ..

2322z Credence Clear Water Revival: "Green River" (?)

2325z OHR ID - Audio sounds GREAT with the new direct cable!

2326z The Boss: "Born in the USA"

2333z Peaks to a little over S7 on dipole, ditto Lex's comments on audio quality

2335z Copyable on Degen 1103 with built-in telescopic whip ...

2337z Seeing S8 signal peaks ... strong sig this evening ...

2343z Grayline propagation enhancement now exiting the scene - signal level down to S3 ... great audio however!

2348z New stable signal level post Grayline enhancement: S3, with very little QRN at the moment ...

2350z Grayline map (captured/frozen in time from: http://www.smeter.net/propagation/views/current-gray-line.php):


Just came on-air, more to follow

2311z S3 to S5 peaks

Playing a 'Blues' tune ...

2312 Off-air

More in a minute

Was copying for awhile on a portable Degen 1103 DE1103 radio ...

Signal sounded quite good - copied ID using Degen

2158z Now off air

Degen review:

More as available

Freq closer to 6930.2 something for best 'reproduction' ...

S5 peaks to S6 into Texas

Pgm content ... heavy guitar ...

0202z Best freq ~ 6930.25 or so ...

0204z OTH/Auroral RADAR doing the number over 'em now!

0206z ID: "OutHouse Radio 6 9 3 0"

Sounding good tonight, over the QRN and everything ...

0208z Best freq ~ 6930.29 kHz for 'fidelity' ...

0209z Signal peaks to S8

Nice selection of cuts tonight OHR ... thanks ...

The new rig really sounds good!

0219z As "Do You Feel Like I Do" winds down signal is moderating to about S4 to S5 level and QRN picking up into Texas

0220z ID: "Outhouse Radio"

0233z 73 OHR - nice show ... TNX

North American Shortwave Pirate / S2 - S3 carrier at 6924.0
« on: August 21, 2010, 0112 UTC »
0111z Found carrier at 6924.0 kHz or so, peaks to S2, even S3 at times.

Some pgm content can be heard as well.

0137z Carrier up to S2 at times (CW FIlter, 250 Hz BW), QRN peaks (static crashes) in AM mode over S7 however!

0154z Carrier peaks to S2 ...

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