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Nice strong signal.
0015 UTC: Station ID by Ezekiel.
0134 UTC: Off

My mistake, just checked at 0220 and Zeke is still on.

Some mellow music with a good signal. Sent a waterfall image before the SSTV image but didn't have Easypal on.


North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6955 USB 2111 UTC 6 AUG 2022
« on: August 06, 2022, 2112 UTC »
Rap music with a fair signal.
Listened to my recording. Several IDs but I'm unable to make them out. I'll see if my wife will listen to it later and see what she says. She says she is never wrong.

First time in 39 years I heard her say "I don't know"

Music up with a repeating interval type signal.
Just included some talk over the music.
2313 UTC: "Can you hear me? Turn on your f-g radio."

Thanks for the ID Skipmuck. I was in and out of the room making Shrinky Dinks with the grandson. I'll listen to the recording later.

Music and now a SSTV signal.

Late start to my decode.

Sent a fax image which looks like a circuit diagram:

One other fax image sent. I had to make two images because of my screen size.

Several other digital modes sent but I couldn't decode any.

Some waterfall images:  

Music with a good signal.
Sent an Easypal but failed decode here.
Back on and perhaps closer to 6955.05.

Nice signal with music up.


Off at 0210. Thanks for the broadcast tonight.

Male voice weak in the noise. Perhaps the sign on of the broadcast.

Music up.

Weak music with a mention of Sycko.


0233 UUTC: "This is CDO"

Music with a good signal.
Zeke with an id at 0047 but didn't catch it. Was listening to another radio.
0051 UTC: "Whisky Alpha X-Ray Radio"

I'm going with Molvania Poacher's ID. Although he did not mention the word Ear when  he spelled the ID.

ICAO phonetics?

Weak music in the noise.

Just signed on with a S9+ signal.

QSLs Received / WTF Radio Worldwide QSL
« on: June 29, 2022, 0107 UTC »
Received this beautiful QSL in my mail today. Thank you for the QSL WTF Radio Worldwide.

Electronic Dance Music it sounds like to me. Nice signal.
0438 UTC: Off with no ID.

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