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Music up with a good signal.

0218 UTC: Several station IDs.

Very weak music in the noise. Appears to be AM.

0403 UTC: Song Mighty Quinn followed by station ID.

Thanks for the tune.

Weak music on 6950 now.
Sent some digital signal but couldn't decode it, and back to music.

WEFAX reception:      

Ball Smacker Radio interval signal up now.

Thanks for the broadcast tonight.

Music in the noise.

Music with a good signal.

Thanks for the ID Harry I was out of the room.

0128 UTC: Station ID and off.
Thanks for the broadcast tonight.

Just tuned in and music is up.


Nice signal with music.

Thanks to Ch1ck3n Lip5 in discord for an accurate frequency.

Strong signa, sounds like a dog barking over music in the background.

Seems to be a digital mode starting at 0004z.

0013 UTC: Seems off. I went through some of the modes in fldigi but was unable to find which mode it was.

Sweet Home Alabama up, good signal.

Good signal with music.
WTF station id at 0153.

Muisc above the noise, not a bad signal just don't know how to describe the music.
New Age, EDM? Not sure.


Music on now. Self ID'ed in Discord.

Several calls from Maintenance 004 with a HF check  starting at 0017z; 5/2/2022. The stated location was Robbins AFB. After a Mainsail broadcast Maintenance 004 called Mainsail station for a radio check and did not get an answer. I don't believe that I have ever heard Robbins on HF before.

0118 UTC: Another radio check and response from Andrews AFB. "I have you Lima Charlie, this is Maintenance 004 out".

0144 UTC: Good signal playing Personality.

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