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Good signal with Quinn The Eskimo at 0208z.


Music weak in the noise.


Some type of music, I would say it is Celtic but not sure. Nice steady signal. 
0207 UTC: Off
0212 UTC: Back
0216 UTC: Women talking about a spending bill.
0220 UTC: Signal is fading into the noise at times.
0227 UTC: Gone or just lost in the noise.

Music up; in the noise.
0124 UTC: Off

Weak music in the noise.


North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6915 AM 0216 UTC 4 MAR 2022
« on: March 04, 2022, 0217 UTC »
Rather mellow music in the noise.

Thank you Bali_Frank for identifying the music. Very pleasant station to listen to before heading to bed.

"Ha Ha That's All Folks" and off at 0313z. Thank you for the broadcast.

Thanks to zentec's post on discord I am listening to MRI on 6885 now. Good signal here as well.

Sudden drop in signal to mostly unreadable at 0203z.

Good signal with nice music.
Good station ID at 0059z.

Classical type of music in the noise.

At 0236 I heard a man screaming, so Screaming Man Radio?

SSTV image sent followed by a man talking. Weak and in the noise here. Switched antennas and the signal improved nicely.
Late start on the first decode.


Switched back to the first antenna, less noise.


Playing Blues music.

Good signal playing Jazz now.

Good signal with excellent music.


Not sure what station name is being used today but Zeke is on the air.
Thanks for the shout out Zeke.
Zekey signing off at 0106z.

Broadcast Announcements / End Of Line Radio broadcast
« on: February 13, 2022, 0229 UTC »
Earlier this week I received an email from End Of Line Radio regarding their planned broadcast. Initially DJ Dust Bunny planned to broadcast on a set schedule but has changed his plans. This is the email that I received today:

I've decided that I will not be doing a formal schedule going forward.  Want to play more to propagation patterns.

I would like to include SSTV and end of show MFSK-32 or 16 Radiograms in future broadcasts, I think I'm going to try a few with MFSK-16 to see how many people can get a copy.  Because if people can't copy it, what's the point!

Again, very much super appreciate your help on all of this and you're very welcome to share any information.

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