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Good signal strength here, but there's some distortion on the signal, like a component of the audio is kind of growling along  with the part that sounds cleaner. Roy Orbison version of "Pretty Woman"

Here, too. Thanks!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RML 6925 USB 20 Jan 2014
« on: January 20, 2014, 0058 UTC »
excellent sig here tonight, poss. best ever for RML here.
Thanks for the show!

Excellent signal here with Beach Boys special
Thanks for the show!

Pretty good sig, with Metallica "One" at 2014. Sounds like it's distorting on peaks. Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WHYP 6875 AM 2056 18 Jan 2014
« on: January 18, 2014, 2213 UTC »
Excellent signal with long interview with Jay from the lobby at the Winterfest. JB pretty much just letting Jay talk at length about whatever he felt like talking about. Nice to hear JB again

Nice sig, thanks for the show!

Equipment / Re: tube radio recomendmendations
« on: January 10, 2014, 1910 UTC »
I've seen the AR-88 & CR-88 listed in books, but I think I've only ever seen about 1 in my life. Took a look on the Internet after reading your posts & found this:

Many of the British AR-88s were destroyed after WWII ended. This was due to the provisions in the Lend-Lease Act which stated that materiel had to be either returned or destroyed. In just one incident, a load of AR-88 receivers were "dumped" into an abandoned well by USA forces after the war ended. Some sources even indicate that RCA had made it clear they did not want to see the receivers back in the USA for any reason. The AR-88 survivors, along with other surviving materiel, generally were placed in groupings that were "sold back" to Great Britain at discount, which was usually at "ten cents on the dollar."


AR-88s survived in Canada because the receivers were built in Montreal and during WWII remained in Canada for various needs there. The AR-88LF versions, which were only built in Montreal, found their way to airports, civilian and military, ship-to-shore coastal stations around Canada and for general communications. Although Canada did export AR-88LFs to Great Britain, many remained behind for wartime use. After WWII, commercial users, such as the airports and coastal stations, did continue using their AR-88LFs for sometime. Eventually, most of the receivers have made it to the Canadian government surplus sales and many were available though other Canadian surplus outlets.

That explains a lot!

The song "Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?" by The Ramones has a radio-sounding DJ at the beginning and end of the song. At the end, he says "This is Rock and Roll Radio. Stay tuned for more rock and roll," so I suspect that it was Turtlehead playing this song and not that it was a separate station or a relay

Excellent signal, as always. My 1st pirate log of 2014.
Thanks for the show!

Very nice signal with long, deep fades. All percussion. I don't think I've ever heard a pirate play this type of music before. I might've heard Northwoods Radio play some percussive music before, but I'm not positive.
Thanks for the interesting music!

Equipment / Re: tube radio recomendmendations
« on: December 31, 2013, 1605 UTC »
I have an R390A, R388, HQ-180C, SP-600, SX-28A, SX-96, & NC-120. Personally, I really dislike bandspread tuning, so I don't listen to most of these very often. Aside from the bandspread tuning (which shouldn't be a problem with all of the other digital radios you have), I think the HQ-180 is a great pick. It was one of the top receivers in its day, but the prices haven't skyrocketed like the R390A, R388, & SP-600. I was fortunate & bought my R-390A at Dayton for $50 in '91. Even so, there are still good deals to be found: I bought a completely recapped SP-600 in nice working order at a tiny hamfest last year for $150. I'm guessing that the caps probably cost around $50 & the labor was probably a bear.

Hope all goes well with your search. I like the hollow state radios

Is it still on 1710 at 0330? If so, I'll try driving away from the noise & listening

Really nice sig here. Like the use of the high freqs

Excellent sig & audio with deep fades

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