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Tuned in a bit earlier, then tuned back in & hooked up a few feet of wire to the 2010. Weak, but listening in non-optimal conditions in Bartlett, NH

Tuned in around 0216. Excellent signal with EDM

VG signal with blues

Beatles "Help" & "Let It Be" + some parts of insurance ads, I think. Solid S9 signal

Hearing a tiny bit of audio

Pretty good signal, but my R8 is taking in some splatter from 6936. This is a time that I'd probably be better off listening on an SDR to play with the filters

Tuned in to a bit of a song, then ID 2x by YL computer voice, but I couldn't copy it. Now more music. Big signal. Maybe Sternradio?

Really weak. Sounds like Native American flute music?

I tuned in during the 7-second morning poop ritual ad, but it was cut before I could hear the benefits. Into Bruce Hornsby & the Range "The Way It Is" and then what sounded like digital waterfall magic trickery and off

Fair/good signal in a lot of static. Song at about 0408 sounded electronic with a lot of weird effects into an electric blues-rock guitar song with a long instrumental intro . . . or maybe it's all instrumental? Black Sabbath "Supernaut" at 0412. Ha, nice SSTV image & fun to hear some old Black Sabbath. Signal getting much weaker for "Sweet Leaf" at 0434

Excellent S9 with Joe Cocker "With a Little Help from My Friends"

VG signal w/OM preaching about only one gospel & pleasing God vs. man. At end of program, preacher ID'd as R. C. Sproul & bit at the end about the Reformation Study Bible. Pescadores Radio ID at end by male computer voice ". . . we are fishers of men"

I tuned in during the yodeling & wasn't sure if it was actually a song from a pirate or if the Link-11 station had added an extra element of data or voice encryption. I tracked down the computer to take a look at what people here were saying . . . but when I went back to the radio room, the station was gone

Excellent signal as a t-storm passes through (Wolverine signal dominating over most of the static crashes), with '30s/40s songs with YL singers

Excellent signal with poppy music. I guess I should go back & relisten to some of these songs

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