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Tuned in to Lace "Days of Hard Night," but I went down to record the 6920 station instead, hoping this one would stay on longer. Not the case, but I guess neither one IDed anyway. VG signal

Decent signal playing an instrumental rock song with harmonica, then into a slow instrumental pop song with organ at 2332
Seems to've gone QRT around 2342. Have a recording if the op's interested

Tuned in while they were "preparing the transmitter." Nice production. I guess it's via WREC because PJ said earlier he'd be relaying R. Enterhaken. VG signal 

VG signal. Tuned in just before the Special K ad & the GM PSA for car safety. Into the mystery of Frankenstein's woods

Excellent signal with '60s pop instrumentals

Thanks for the shoutout! Nice batch of loggings for a weekday broadcast at noon

VG w/fading. IDs , Belfast add, I think he said 1994 show. asked for 3 32-cent stamps, 1 IRC, or $1 w/report, so 1994 sounds about right. Nice to hear again!

VG signal, but hafta go, so I'm recording it

Weak with jazz, an announcement, and some old-time music. Nice to hear B-Side again

Excellent signal with one of the older "War of the Worlds" broadcasts

2100 tune in to talk about a missing plane, then talk about Edmund Fitzgerald sinking, and instrumental music. Maybe 30-40% copyable, but getting stronger

Heard carrier come on, punk song. Male announcer talking a bit, think he mentioned this is a test. Said program will be ending with a couple of songs. Bassy/muffled mic audio. I think he said next song is from Africa & it does sound like it.

Radio Esoterica IDs & old Stoneham address

Charlie Loudenboomer of NAPRS on afterward mentioning that RE was a pirate from the mid-90s & that he'll QSL logs on HFU. Nice to hear R. Esoterica again--I don't think I've heard it in about 26 years

Tuned in to PJ talking. Great to hear WREC again after a few years!

I've been listening for 45 min or so. Excellent signal with a variety of older nonrock: jazz, crooner, etc. Now is an instrumental organ prog-rock song--maybe ELP?

General Radio Discussion / Re: Logbooks
« on: September 10, 2023, 2135 UTC »
Thanks much for the personal experiences. I've been doing nothing for so long, aside from recording a lot and mentioning some things that I hear here and on the blog. Just seemed like it left too many holes, so I pulled out my last (unfinished) logbook (spiral-bound notebook) and started using it again.

I've also used text files, like SIGINT, and will probably continue using those for logs of SDR stations while I work

VG signal with Hendrix cover of "Hound Dog"

I'm OK with more Hendrix. Or what else would you have in mind?

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