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Here, too, but I was listening in USB. Fair signal, but peskie QRM + heavy OTH radar QRM

Sycko very strong here at 0118, possibly my best signal from the station. '60s garage rock Halloween songs with lots of screams. Halloween radio madness . . . Mr. Sycko with a good bit of reverb. Signed off after checking the freq. & finding that someone else was there

I caught about three '80s pop songs and then signal dropped, with no IDs. I assume this was still Cool AM? Good signal

Good signal. Been a long time since I've heard an RCCI relay

Excellent here with '60s Halloween rock

good signal with Twilight Zone theme, "Blood & Guts Radio" IDs, necrophilia ad. Variety of Halloweenish rock. VG signal

Hmm . . . or maybe "Blood Lust Radio?" I guess I need to listen more closely to the IDs

2320 with decent carrier & some audio. Came to the computer to see if it was AD149 . . . and I guess it is!

Excellent signal

Excellent signal & fun show. I didn't hear any IDs . . . is this a broadcast from aliens or the FBI?

If I build a box out of leftover treated lumber, fill it with kitty litter & drywall scraps, and put a couple of Heathkit knobs on it, will you evaporate it for me?

Tuned in part-way through SSTV, then into song that sounds like it could be Ghost Three Stooges or something 

Fair signal at 2039, sounding unusually "distant" this time

Good signal here. Sounds like an album's being played, with a few seconds of silence between each track

Excellent signal with '30s music & spooky sounds. A number of IDs by male announcer using an old-time radio accent and has the EQ set to really tinny. Fun. Makes me want to pull out recordings of 9X2V

Excellent signal. Some alt music & now DW with shoutouts

fair/good signal here

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