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Good signal and nice audio with some static crashes. DX tips with country mergers, top 10 list of things that would add more pep to the DX hobby, "Actual Stuff," etc.

excellent signal at 1845 with audio from the original Batman TV show. Theme music into Catwoman talking in her lair

fair signal with what I thought was an early rock song

excellent signal with Steppenwolf "Sookie Sookie"

Excellent signal with reading from Isaiah 66. ID with "LJS" in phonetics. Off with "Remember, we are all behind enemy lines"

Excellent signal. DW with some shoutouts & Superlove "Go"

I've also been listening some on a new Panasonic RF-2200. Good signal with just the whip antenna, but the tuning is really touchy with the BFO

Hope it improves . . . not much audio making it here

Excellent signal and audio with Rolling Stones & other older rock songs

10/11 meters / Re: RATTLE SNAKE RADIO 25325 AM 2305 08 MAY 2023
« on: May 11, 2023, 1243 UTC »
Wonder if this was the same Rattlesnake Radio that would pop up on 43m with a couple of songs and SSTV images around 2013/2014?

Pirate Radio History / Re: KIPM South African listener postcard
« on: May 11, 2023, 1207 UTC »
Yeah, Vashek Korinek is a hardcore shortwave DXer. He's heard at least a handful of North American pirates. Here's an old "Outer Limits" column where he's mentioned hearing Radio Tellus: https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Short-Wave/Monitoring-Times-IDX/90s/Monitoring-Times-1997-04-OCR-Page-0088.pdf

Here's a report on a DXpedition he was a part of from a decade ago:

I hadn't really thought about it, but if some of these guys are still doing DXpeditions, it might be worth contacting them to coordinate activities. Could be fun for everyone involved

S7 signal, but high static crashes tonight. Instrumental song, sounds like a movie sound track, then into what sounded like a '50s or '60s rock song

VG signal again

Before QRT, was saying hi to Nomadiq & telling him to get some rest. I initially thought he was saying "Pneumatic"  :) Off @0312

Excellent signal. Tuned in around 0008 to DW talking about the transmitter reflecting back 100% but not triggering a shutdown. Said power was still normal despite this transmitter incident

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