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Weird, but I just mentioned the band Symarip probably 5 min. before tuning in to "Skinhead Moonstomp" Then into IDs. Fair signal with deep fades

Excellent signal. I tuned in during the Police "King of Pain." Reminded me of seeing its video on Friday Night Videos 40 years ago

Missed the show. Tuned in to the dead carrier at the end. Pretty good strength

Ditto. VG signal, tuned into SSTV

VG signal with '50s-movie-style Western song

VG signal with IDs & jingles. Beatles "Hard Day's Night." Too bad MAC disappeared closing in on 10 years ago

VG clear signal with Azteca #18 at about 0440 :)

VG signal with ELO "Evil Woman," Steve Miller "Fly Like an Eagle" & "Abracadabra," BTO "Let It Ride"

I also don't know the instrumental song between "Let It Ride" and "Purple Haze"

Hearing a fairly strong ute on the freq . . . not sure if the station is underneath or not

Good signal and nice audio with some static crashes. DX tips with country mergers, top 10 list of things that would add more pep to the DX hobby, "Actual Stuff," etc.

excellent signal at 1845 with audio from the original Batman TV show. Theme music into Catwoman talking in her lair

fair signal with what I thought was an early rock song

excellent signal with Steppenwolf "Sookie Sookie"

Excellent signal with reading from Isaiah 66. ID with "LJS" in phonetics. Off with "Remember, we are all behind enemy lines"

Excellent signal. DW with some shoutouts & Superlove "Go"

I've also been listening some on a new Panasonic RF-2200. Good signal with just the whip antenna, but the tuning is really touchy with the BFO

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