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Good signal here at 0212. Is it still only running 2 watts? If so, WLR (and the ionosphere) is doing great work tonight

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 4185 AM 0205 UTC 26 Feb 2022
« on: February 26, 2022, 0254 UTC »
Listening right now in stereo on a Colorado SDR. Sounds great! Redhat with talk about being on the mixer & screen end of things. Said that he's met some listeners & had a chance to meet their families & hang out in their space--very cool!

Just checked & X-FM's audible on the Durango, Mexico, SDR
Sounding really good on the Maui, Hawaii, SDR at 0438

VG signal here with ethereal music with some rapping in the background

Excellent signal on both frequencies

Great signal. Tuned in at the end of the anthem, into Dick Weed signing on, then "Radio Man"

Pretty good signal tonight at 0210, but a lot of noise from our dishwasher

BTW, I received a really nice package with a letter, QSL, sticker, bumper sticker, & MP3 shows from Rock-It for a reception report that I sent about 4-6 weeks ago. He said he had to create a QSL for me, so I guess my report was the 1st he's received for these NAPRS relays? Anyway, it's definitely worth sending a report

Hearing it on my R8 tonight with some decent peaks

The local noise level's higher tonight, but I am getting some music coming through. At about 0435, what sounded like cowboy-style talk with some mentions of "bipolar"

Very strong. I tuned in during the spacey music. Maybe I don't have it tuned in correctly, but sounds kind of muffled/distorted on the R8

Excellent signal with Steely Dan "Dirty Work"

Excellent signal

Thanks much! I'd love an eQSL. BTW, did you receive the reception report & MP3 that I sent on 1/28? Maybe I sent it to the wrong e-mail address?

I've been listening to/for R. Pushka for months now & tonight's by far the best it's come in here. Signal isn't too bad & it isn't fading out much. I've heard a few synth new wavish songs so far. Hopefully, conditions stay pretty good

Oh, almost forgot to mention that I haven't heard an ID yet, so I'm assuming it's Pushka

Tuned in around 2152. Very strong with four or so reggae songs

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