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General Radio Discussion / Re: Balls
« on: March 15, 2023, 2147 UTC »
Wonder if he'd've gotten nailed if he hadn't been posting these videos to FB? Seems unlikely that the agents would've been in La Grande, OR, that often to monitor him.

General Radio Discussion / HB Radio #4 on 5130 3/16 EDT
« on: March 13, 2023, 2107 UTC »
Just wanted to let you know that HB Radio #4 is on the air Thursday night on the 5130 kHz transmitter of WBCQ at March 16 at 11 PM EDT/10 Central (UTC 0400 3/17). This one's a change of pace, in some ways from the last: about 9 minutes of brief shortwave news & audio clips into a long interview with Tha Dood, who has run Part-15 and carrier-current stations for 40 years and is active on HFU.

If you don't typically stay up 'til 0500 or are out of the signal range of WBCQ, it's possible that it could be relayed by other outlets at a later date. Also, I can send out some MP3 copies. I'll eventually post the shows on one of the platforms, but I'm trying to catch up with things here . . . and I tend to procrastinate with jumping into new technologies.

BTW, I've finished most of the part 2 episode with Chris Smolinski & plan to finish it soon. Then I'll make it available . . . maybe in about two weeks, but we'll see.

Thanks for your interest, patience, and/or support and hope you like the show!

Just caught the final ID before QRT. VG signal

VG signal with blues

WLIS is still accepting reports at: wlisqsldepartment@gmail.com

Just tuned in. VG signal with YL computer voice talking about pirate radio & freedom of speech over Pancho Villa-style music.

Weak signal at home, much better on one of Chris's Westminster SDRs

VG signal with Black Sabbath "Supernaut" at 0215

Weak & fluttery. SRV "Voodoo Child" cover, live, I think

Excellent signal with an instrumental sax song

Clear IDs, "Hotel JTA," Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated." Good signal

Sounds like Kraftwerk @2206. VG Signal

Fair signal with WRKO DJ into CCR "Bad Moon Rising." Better on the inverted V that the horizontal loop, so I made the switch

VG signal with a few Dire Straits songs so far

Tuned in just before SSTV image was sent, good signal

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