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Nearly perfect signal. Sounds like DW has recently put some work into new canned IDs, too

Excellent signal. Nice to hear another WDDR New Year's show!

excellent signal

Excellent signal

Good signal, but peskie QRM. Clear ID & also heard “I have no idea what that was”

VG signal. As "Walking on Sunshine" was ending, heard the sound that Windows makes when a flashdrive or USB card is pulled out

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 0110 30 Dec 2022
« on: December 31, 2022, 0154 UTC »
Weak with fast EDM. Reminds me of Liquid Radio. Sounds like the same signal & music as the unid station last night on 6925U around this time

Weak here

Pretty good signal with a rap song. I guess that means the Azteca show is over & now into WBOG programming?

I've been hearing it since 0116. Very weak & I'm mostly just hearing the beat

Good signal. Always nice to hear the external service of R. Morania

I checked 48m around 0620 & found this. I thought it was either a Euro or a receiver image (On the R8, I get a lot of carriers that I guess are images or mixing products or something on 48m & 1710-1800). I let the recorder run for 4 hrs on 6285 & checked the Euro board this morning. No logs. I assumed it was a "not-real signal" & was going to delete the file, but I checked here. I guess I'll need to listen to it!

Fair/good signal with an RG relay of a show recorded in the late '80s with Fearless Fred & Harry P. Ness. Hilo, HI, maildrop. Nice to hear again

Pretty good carrier, but no audio present yet

Excellent signal here with various Christmas songs

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