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Tuned in around 1350 to a couple of pop songs that I don't know. Good signal

Excellent signal with talk & SSTV images.

IDs & mentioned the Elvis Costello request. Great to see so many people logging WDDR tonight!

Still running after 0600 with the Gin Blossoms. Said is on the last song for the playlist, but will keep going 'til he runs out of steam.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6933 CW KPZL Puzzle
« on: January 01, 2022, 0336 UTC »
Tuned in around 0331 to what I assume is KPZL. VG signal

Good signal with Steppenwolf "Magic Carpet Ride"

I tuned in at 1302 to hear Kim Carnes "Bette Davis Eyes." I had to leave, so I let the recorder run. VG signal. Because "Bette Davis Eyes" was on later, I wonder if this show was repeated immediately after it finished the 1st time?

Hearing a few Genesis songs with a pretty good signal

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 4185 USB 0323 UTC 26 Dec 2021
« on: December 26, 2021, 0326 UTC »
Good signal with a Christmas metal song. Haven't heard an ID yet, but maybe Sycko?

Tuned in to dead carrier around 1250 or so. Charlie & Mr. X reading listener letters, including one from Jerry Coatsworth. Announcing the old Stoneham, MA, address. All reggae Christmas music. Great to hear C & Mr. X again--even if it is an old show

Have a carrier, but it won't be strong enough for any audio to make it here. Super strong on Twente

Hearing it direct, but with a very weak signal

Nice signal with blues Christmas songs

I tuned into this, but fell asleep for a while. I'll need to check my recording

Dick Weed talking issues with feeding exciters to amps, MixLR app, simulcasting internet & SW. Said he'll be back later

Tuned in during an extended dub mix reggae song. Good signal

Asia "Only Time Will Tell"
"shortwave is an obsolete technology" looping
The Cars "Moving in Stereo"

Nice signal

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