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Brief music fade-ups in peskie QRM

Lots of t-storm noise tonight, but still sounding pretty good.

I think it would've been kinda funny if you'd've bought a CB echo power mic instead, but I'm probably a lot happier with the end result this way

Good signal; just tuned in to a drum solo

Excellent signal with ID & into Bowie "Young Americans"

General Radio Discussion / Re: Radio Aquarius
« on: July 04, 2022, 1843 UTC »
Thanks for posting this! In the '90s, I read a long, multi-part story about the station history from one of the Radio Aquarius ops. I wrote to the author at the time & he'd hoped to write & publish a book about it. I thought it was really amazing stuff (and still do)

I had it as WBNO(?) Strong signal with a lot of reverb, so DJ talking slowly & deliberately. "Notice the perfect sine wave . . . beauteeful" mentioned mathematically perfect music

Original subject : Re: Comreg Raids against SW stations in Ireland

Best wishes to everyone involved. I've enjoyed hearing a number of Ireland-based stations over the past few decades.

Now that the SW broadcast bands aren't as densely packed, would it be safer to operate in the middle of, for example, 30 or 60 meters?

edit by Ray :
I split the thread and change the subject

If the pirates can't be separated from the privates (I think a joke might be in there somewhere), could at least a current list of private stations be pinned to the top of the group? I think it's confusing right now what's a pirate & what isn't in Europe. I can remember when Piepzender and Delta were pirates. I just looked at Piepzender's Twitter, FB, & website and nothing makes me think it's not. On the other hand, activity levels from stations like Zenith Classic Rock, Charleston Radio International, The Vault, Laser Hot Hits, & others would make me think that they might be licensed, but they aren't.

For some of the other stations that are relayed via licensed stations in Europe, it would be very similar to having separate shows on WBCQ being logged daily in the North American pirates section. It wouldn't render the logs useless, but would make it harder to sift through everything to find the information you're looking for.

BTW, here's a regular list of shortwave Europrivates: https://www.radioheritage.com/european-private-shortwave-stations/ 

Wow! Nice job getting out with such low power!

Sounds like Outhouse. Did he just say 4 watts?

Station pretty deep in noise with electronic music

Good signal with Depeche Mode, Redhat talking about death of Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode & that life is finite and that it goes by fast, shoutouts, etc.

Xray Spex "World Turned Dayglo," Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device," Peter & the Test Tube Babies "Banned from the Pubs," Sham 69 "Borstal Breakout," The Only Ones "Another Girl, Another Planet," Discharge "Protest & Survive," UK Subs "Teenage," Carpettes "Radio Wunderbar," and other old punk songs

Reminds me of listening to WEAK Radio about 12 years ago

VG signal with a couple of modern punkish songs. No announcements yet

Peter Gabriel "Games without Frontiers," a number of IDs, Falco "Der Kommissar" (English version),

Playing "around the world" on the SDRs: In addition to the excellent signal that I'm getting on my own receiver, I'm hearing it via online SDRs in Netherlands (VG), Hawaii, Trinidad, Netherlands Antilles, Brazil, Canary Islands (excellent),  Portugal, Spain, France, Sardinia (exc), Italy, Switzerland (exc), Iceland, Denmark, Poland, Ireland (exc), Scotland (VG), Germany (exc), Austria, New Zealand . . . still to early for Australia, Japan, & Alaska

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