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Excellent signal. Jumped to 6975U, I guess because of Rainer's mention of QRM from the Chinese regional on 6865.

My apologies for the hum during Chris' interview. I had the laptop in a different location & it wasn't good! I tried to eliminate the noise after the fact. It definitely helped, but the hum is really noticeable

General Radio Discussion / Re: HB Radio #2 tonight
« on: December 15, 2022, 1722 UTC »
I thought about using one of those clips, but I ran out of space. Also, I only had the heavily multilayered "yay yay yay" clip, which would probably just sound like noise to anyone but those who heard WHYP

General Radio Discussion / HB Radio #2 tonight
« on: December 15, 2022, 1430 UTC »
For anyone interested, Hobby Broadcasting Radio show #2 will be aired tonight at 11 PM Eastern/10 PM Central, which is UTC Friday December 16 at 0400 UTC on WBCQ's 5130 kHz transmitter. Tonight's show consists of interviews with Chris Lobdell & James Brownyard of WHYP + a few audio clips from Thanksgiving & early December.

Thanks for your time & hope you like the show

Haven't heard the ID yet, but am hearing the patriotic music right now

Caught the last 3 min. Pretty good carrier, but audio seemed weak by comparison. Deep fades; fair signal overall. Could copy some audio between the fades. At end, single ID by woman computer voice, "Thanks for listening to Cloudsplitter Radio"

I have a recording if you're interested. Please QSL if you feel like it

Excellent signal with IDs

Same with VG signal

Excellent signal with kinda folky rock song

Excellent signal. Going back 'n' forth between Cars "Moving in Stereo," grounding noises, and another song
Aldo Nova "Fantasy"

Excellent signal. Slowed-down voice ID: WFAT. "love that one" & into same song again

Guess the op was a fan of the original WFAT

Clear ID at 0127, Talking Heads "Burning Down the House"

Can hear a song with YL vocals right now, but it's weak in the noise

I should mention that I was hearing RFW with an excellent signal around 2200 or so. Signal isn't so great now, so I switched over to Nowhere

I've heard what I assume is Nowhere Radio on 6974.8 a number of times, but I never hear an ID. S9 tonight--one of the better signals I've heard from it

Good signal with "Mrs. Robinson"

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