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ID & '60s pop song that I'm not familiar with. Yeah Man said song was from 1967, as have all the others tonight. Strong S9 with nice SSB audio

Tuned into a long block of MRI IDs around 0330. I thought that this might be the end of the show, but into instrumental jazz. Excellent signal on my own receiver, also good into a Dutch SDR

Excellent with metal, spacey, & slow powersynth music

Good signal in heavy QRN as t-storm hits here

Good signal with rock song with woman singer. Heard the announcer mention something about line of storms rolling in.

Weak/fair in heavy static with instrumental jazz

Weak in heavy static

I've heard it on 6930U & 6900L. Excellent signal with sexually explicit fake phone calls

VG in static with Monkees "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" & "Nobody but You." Clear ID with deep-voiced OM

pop dance music buried in noise from t-storm that just passed through here

I heard what sounded like an MRI ID

Now into new Voice of Pancho Villa show at 0400

Excellent signal with t-storm crashes on Twente SDR. Don Henley "Boys of Summer" into a Dutch crooner song

VG signal. Tuned in during the cover of "Purple Haze"

Another excellent signal. THanks for the QSL for the earlier broadcast today!

Excellent with ID into ethereal YL indy pop song

Country & folks songs so far. Excellent signal that's a bit fluttery

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