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Fair signal. Too bad it's not better because Voice of the Abnormal is always fun to hear on Halloween

Another excellent signal from Sycko here. He mentioned the great show & signal from X-FM over kinda spooky piano music

Huge signal with Steve Miller "Take the Money & Run"

Big signal here, but I'm just posting mention of it now because I've been running around between radios & computers

Listening here on the R-390A connected to the horizontal loop. Sounding good!

Fun combination of programming/stations!

Huge signal on 6865 . . . listening here with the PL-880 with no external antenna.

Caught about the last 5 min-- excellent signal. Happy Halloween, CM! I think I 1st heard you about 20 years ago!

Huge signal with spanish rock

Just tuned in to VG signal & ads for Kellogg's & Suburban

I heard it for a couple of songs here and then I thought they pulled the plug, but maybe it just faded out. BTW, I checked out Julio's FB post and he had friends in Venezuela & Colombia log this station. Awesome stuff!

Just set up my new horizontal loop this afternoon & hooked up the connections now. Sycko is sounding *so much better* with this antenna here than the 48m inverted V.

Here, too, but I was listening in USB. Fair signal, but peskie QRM + heavy OTH radar QRM

Sycko very strong here at 0118, possibly my best signal from the station. '60s garage rock Halloween songs with lots of screams. Halloween radio madness . . . Mr. Sycko with a good bit of reverb. Signed off after checking the freq. & finding that someone else was there

I caught about three '80s pop songs and then signal dropped, with no IDs. I assume this was still Cool AM? Good signal

Good signal. Been a long time since I've heard an RCCI relay

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