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Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Vanuatu STILL Missing
« on: July 23, 2022, 1821 UTC »
I can only check on weekends (i dont stay up late on work nights) and I've not heard them in over a month

From earlier today before bed, this Brazil based signal with 00KW beamed at .. i think 353 deg azimuth, with 100kw. 0830UTC in Alaska.. just slamming in like a ton of led shit bricks with an S9+45/SINPO 66666 signal!

Shortwave Broadcast / Alaska SW Audio Logs & REcordings
« on: July 04, 2022, 1909 UTC »
I'm plowing through a back log of audio recordings from my near daily SW DXing exploits here in McGrath, Alaska and will begin posting audio. It might only be one or two links at a time, could be several posts a day, I could go several days without posting audio.. it all depends on my work schedule and if I have anything worthwhile to share. I won't be posting everything I log, just what I find interesting for one reason or another. Hope y'all don't mind!

Here's my first  to share:

Deustche Welle's Dari and Pashto service on 15230kHz that broadcasts 1400 to 1500UTC via the UAE to Afghanistan. This was recorded Wed. May 25 at 1428UTC and you catch the transition between the language service. The hum and low modulation is them.


Using an ATS25 radio,  2 tunable HF loops and a DXE preamp.

Shortwave Broadcast / 15180kHz Arabic Mystery
« on: June 20, 2022, 1943 UTC »
This is from Sun May 21 at 1714UTC here in Alaska... I couldn't find it listed anywhere in any online database.... I thought I may have heard a station or program name in there when live listening but didn't note where and can't find it now.   It sounds more news magazine-y like then religious.

Any ideas who? Here's the audio:

Saudi’s “Holy Quran” channel on 17560khz via Riyadh to west Africa is fairly decent here in alaska at 1630UTC.  SINPO is 45344. Not a regular at all nor usually this decent when I do hear it

ATS25 radio, 2 tunable HF loops and a DXE preamp.

KSKO broadcasts across Europe every Monday on the facilities of Spaceline Bulgaria.  Join me 2200-2400UTC on 5900khz for my usual brand of hilarity, music variety, random thoughts and whatever else comes along.  Requests are welcome at (907) 524-3001.

My job is to be an ambassador for and to promote KSKO and our listening area.. and this gives me a chance to do that while livening up shortwave a little bit!!

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 15180kHz 1720UTC May 22
« on: May 23, 2022, 0103 UTC »
UNID HELP!  1720UTC in Alaska, had one guy talking with another guy I think, one guy is doing most of the talking on 15180khz.  I initially thought this was an African continent language but I later heard a mention of the taliban and Quran so this is Arabic I think.  I may have heard this a few days ago. No one is listed on Eibi as being on 15180 at this time

Any idea who this is?

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Vanuatu missing
« on: May 21, 2022, 2236 UTC »
Last night local time (Fri May 20th, early morning UTC Sat) i Tuned 11835, the 3rd harmonic of their fundamental, 3945 and it was nowhere to be heard.. not a whisper..  ill hear something from them no matter what.

They werent on last weekend when i checked.

I dont know about mid week, im not usually up that late to check at 10pm

.. it happened last summer, not because I knew anything about sports, but because I worked in radio and I live in Alaska! I was listening to them on 12015kHz and texted in with a quick message after they did a story on Olympian Lydia Jacoby from Seward, Alaska.   They read my text on air and joked, "We've already got a reporter on the way to Seward now"

I replied with "If you really want a report "filed form Alaska" I have a broadcast studio I can record something in and included my phone number in the text reply.

5 minutes later, I had London calling my  cell phone and about 10 minutes later I was on the air.

I bungled my way through the call... here's the audio recorded off the 15490kHz transmission via Ascension to Africa:


Shortwave Broadcast / All India Radio 15030kHz
« on: May 03, 2022, 1447 UTC »
All India Radio 15030 via Bangalore, India in dari  language to Afghanistan, S9+10 to s9+20 right now At 1435UTC in Alaska

instagram picture grabber

Shortwave Broadcast / R. Erisat 11690kHz Sat Apr 23 1810UTC
« on: April 23, 2022, 1846 UTC »
R. Erisat 11690 via Madagascar to East Africa in Tigrinya at 1810UTC In Alaska. SINPO is all 6’s with a man talking in Tigrinya for several minutes

Tecsun PL880, 2 tunable HF loops and a DXE amplifier.

Either 9855 from Iran in English Now at 1830 is jammed or the transmitter is dying.    I’ve heard some real odd noise the last day or two I’ve tuned in.   It sounds like digital noise…. Or a metallic type noise intent on jamming them…. And listening as I type this I swear I hear voice under whatever this noise is

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 15200kHz Tue Apr. 19 1620UTC
« on: April 19, 2022, 1628 UTC »
Have something that sounds Russian or like a similar Slavic language at 1620UTC on 15200khz here in alaska. 

I can’t quite tell if it’s news or a religious broadcast but it’s a man and woman talking. 

It sounds like it’s getting jammed.  There’s a buzzing, like a power line nearby going bad… that’s cycling in and out here

Shortwave Broadcast / Brazil, Brazil, Brazi!
« on: April 12, 2022, 0126 UTC »
11780 Amazonias is just pounding in here like a ton of led shit bricks. SINPO Is all 6’s! :)

11815 is quite nicely listenable. SINPO is like 45343.

9665 is ok’ish. Not as clear as 11815.

Inconfidencia is like 33333 on 15190

I’ve got a carrier and equal to noise floor audio on 10230, the Brazilian pirate.

Paul in Alaska
0120UTC Tue Apr 12
Tecsun PL880, DXE preamp and 2 tunable HF loops

I had The Voice of Iran in english on 11865 from Sirjan, Iran to South Asia at 1600UTC in Alaska today and it had modulation and was understandable!!

9855 The Voice Of Iran via Sirjan to Europe in English yesterday had understandable modulation too.

I wouldnt hold your breath, it won't last long.. it never does.

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