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Shortwave Broadcast / 2 QSL's Received
« on: July 08, 2016, 1627 UTC »
Two QSL cards came in the mail Thursday July 7th from VOV5, the Voice of Vietnam World Service for reception at my house in ?Galena, Alaska (central interior) with a Tecsun PL880 and 225 foot long wire along with an antenna tuner.

April 8, 2016 1700UTC Reception of the Hanoi based 9625khz transmitter of The Voice Of Vietnam, during an English Service broadcast. Fair to good signal with a little interference, fading and atmospheric noise. Audio is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39s2HNJmHEs

May 22nd, 2016 1136UTC Reception of the  Hanoi based 12019khz transmitter of the THe Voice of Vietnam, during an English Service Broadcast. Light fading and noise but overall, good audio and overall GOOD reception! Audio is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfrKRUayKdE

Front of the QSL cards:

Back Of The QSL cards:

Shortwave Broadcast / QSL Card Received
« on: July 06, 2016, 0452 UTC »
One card came in the mail today from Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

April 6, 2016 1701UTC reception of RTM Sarawak FM on 9835khz from their 100,000 watt transmitter in Kajang, Malaysia.

April 26, 2016 0750UTC reception of RTM Wai FM on 11665khz from their 100,000 watt transmitter in Kajang, Malaysia.

Images of the card are below!

Paul Walker
Galena, Alaska using a Tecsun PL880 and 80 foot long wire.

Front of card:

Back of card:

Shortwave Broadcast / Shortwave Logs From Alaska!
« on: July 05, 2016, 0507 UTC »

3260 PAPUA NEW GUINEA. NBC Radio Mandang at 1031 on Jun 12. Fairly regular here most times just above the noise floor. Signal is decent but with a fair amount of static, fading and interference. Christian music followed by a male announcer talking. Audio of 3260khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2BaHB887g (Walker-AK)

3325 PAPUA NEW GUINEA. NBC Radio Bouganville, at 0922 on Jun 29th. Recording starts off with "A Good Heart" by Feargal Sharkey then a male announcer talking briefly followed by my favorite country song, Marie Osmond and Dean Seals "Meet Me in Montana. Signal was near phenomenal with only light to moderate fading. Audio quality was excellent. Audio of 3325khz is here: https://soundcloud.com/onairdjpaulwalker/nbc-png-3325-june-29-2016-12219-am (Walker-AK)

3365 PAPUA NEW GUINEA. NBC Radio Milne Bay, at 0932 on Jun 29. This one is rare here, not usually much above the noise floor, but this is about the best I've ever heard it. A news broadcast in english but there appears to be severe audio issues. The audio is stuttering and often dropping out, completely disappearing for a few seconds over and over again. Audio of 3365khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2BaHB887g (Walker-AK)

5020 SOLOMON ISLANDS. Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, 1011 on Jun 12 with a pretty decent signal. A bit of fading and audio quality wasn't the greatest but the christian music was certainly listenable. Audio of 5020khz here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETxtTS7GAfQ (Walker-AK)

7260 VANUATU. Radio Vanuatu at 1005 on Jun 29, now operating on a reduced schedule and only on till 1015.  My reception this time is some of the best they've ever been heard. They are consistently under modulated which makes them hard to catch unless conditions are good and they are running music. In this case, there's alot of fading at atmospheric noise/crashing but the music their playing is somewhat understandable. Caught them with a male announcer who talked between music then read a sign off message. Carrier was still on 15 minutes later! Audio recording of 7260khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKFRiaRe1sg (Walker-AK)

7295. RUSSIA. NVK Radio Sahka at 1142 on Jun 25 and 917 Jun 30th.The Jun 25th broadcast had a good signal with a man talking in Russian, with some light to moderate fading and noise. The Jun 30 broadcast had a man talking for a bit followed by some contemporary russian music and was much cleaner, clearer and steady.. very little fading and not much if any interference., Audio from 7295khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_CjxgAwkh8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZc3rcYDP2g (Walker-AK)

7345. RUSSIA. NVK Radio Sahka at 827 on Jun 30 with Russian music and a poor to fair signal with bad audio. Fair amounts of noise and fading too.l heard contemporary russian music during this broadcast. Audio of 7345khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-nvUXzPAB0 (Walker-AK)

7445 TAIWAN. Radio Taiwan International at 1112 on Jun 25 IN ENGLISH! It is rare, almost unheard of for me to hear RTI in English anywhere I've lived in the 50 United States and the broadcasts I have heard from them in other languages usually have very poor audio and signal. This 7445 signal was pretty listenable. Audio was OK, there was a little fading and some interference to the signal but overall very listenable. Audio of 7445 is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0wSucGQrfQ (Walker-AK)

9390 THAILAND. Radio Thailand, at 1836 on Apr 9th with a very strong, very steady signal. The audio quality was excellent and there was only a slight bit of fading. It sounds like it was a song in the Thai language being sung followed by a female announcer speaking in Thai. Audio of what I heard this time on 9390khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKwKakToMNs (Walker-AK)

9640 & 9805 SOUTH KOREA, 1650 to 1700 on May 17. I heard 9640 around 1650 with two females reading listeners DX reports including one from Malaysia and one from India. The 9850 signal was heard just before its signed off with a promotional announcement soliciting listeners feedback on their programming.  The signal on 9805khz had a bit more fading then the 9640khz signal but the audio wasn't as loud. However, the audio was good and well above the noise. (Walker-AK)

9910 PHILIPINES. Radyo Pilipinas DZRP, at 1850 on May 21 with the signal  plagued by lots of noise, fading and interference. The signal would've been pretty listenable if it wasn't for all the noise, fading and interference. It sounds as if a man and woman are talking in the Filpino language. Audio of what I heard on 9910khz is here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve2EiihPCEY (Walker-AK)
11865 NORTH KOREA. Voice of Korea at 946 on Jun 30 with their usual fare. However due to splatter from KNLS 11870 just 500 miles south iof me, I had to tune to 11863 to get a useable signal from VoK. Audio is here: https://goo.gl/iqKqoh (Walker-AK)

12035 MONGOLIA. Voice of Mongolia at 1026 on Jun 25 with news. However, it was hard to understand as the audio kept breaking up. A 3 out of 10 signal with alot of fading and static. I even got my emails read on the June 20th and July 4th Listeners Mailbag from VoM!  Audio of 12035 is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynsQttEOi_c  (Walker-AK)

121120 PHILIPINES. Radyo Pilipinas DZRP, at 1912 on May 21 with a broadcast mainly by a female talking in Filipino. Unfortunately, I don't understand anything of what she says, as I don't speak that language. The signal was fair, about a 4 out of 10. There was some light fading and noise/interference. Propagation was moderate and not great but not bad. An audio recording of what I heard on 12120khz is here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toO3Sijl0gw (Walker-AK)

15400 (Not sure where the transmitter site is?) Radio Romania International at 1006 on Jun 12 with, a woman talks for a short while by herself then it sounds like she is interviewing a man on the phone. The signal was steady, but weak. About a 3 1/2 out of 10 with a moderate amount of fading but no noise or interference.An audio recording of what I heard is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StYgWIvSdHw (Walker-AK)

15575 SOUTH KOREA. KBS World Radio at 0452 on Mar 6 with a female talking in spanish. That's all I got folks, for some reason I didn't listen longer. This clip is only about 30 seconds. Audio of 15575khz is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SBkKt72T2Q (Walker-AK)
15590 THAILAND. Radio Thailand, at 0151 on Apr 12. It sounded like a male singer in the Thai language started off my recording, then there was more music in the Thai language. The signal was good with a light amount of fading and not much interference or noise. There seemed to be the occasional deep fade though.
Audio of what I heard on 15590khz is here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK--Em1rd4s (Walker-AK)

17635 (IRAN?). Voice of Iran at 959 on Jun 30 with a female talking followed by chanting then a male and female talking.  Fair signal, modulation is a bit low and there's a fair amount of fading and noise. Audio of 17850khz here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D9l-OgKPxQ (Walker-AK)

17850 THAILAND. Radio Thailand, at 1048 on Jun 25. The signal was fair, with LOTS of noise and fading. It once again sounded like Thai language music being sung here. Audio of what I heard on 17850khz is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOuoZM00XmI (Walker-AK)

Equipment used :Tecsun PL 880, EmTech ZM2 tuner and 225 foot long wire.

Shortwave Broadcast / A Very Unique DX Location...
« on: June 26, 2016, 2139 UTC »
This is my spot by the banks of the Yukon River, taken at 3:15AM Saturday morning.

I am in Galena, Alaska which is a village of 500 people. We are 300 miles west of Fairbanks, 300 miles eats of Nome. The AM bAnd is absolutely 150 percent empty here during the day as I am 250 miles form the nearest operating AM station.

I DX with a Tecsun PL880, 225 foot longwire with EmTech ZM2 Tuner and a Wellbrook ALA1530LNP.

I will be going about 10 miles south of Galena this summer sometime for a night of camping out at an old AM radio tower tower. The nearest power line is 4-5 miles away and is very RF/electrically quiet out there.

Shortwave Broadcast / The Chinese Firedrake Jammer
« on: June 25, 2016, 2155 UTC »
I once heard the Chinese Firedrake on 10005khz with such wide audio it was beating the snot out of WWV and WWVH on 10000khz.

Audio links are below!

It abruptly signed off in mid note of their "music" and I've never heard it there since!

There was likely no reason for it to be there, as there's nothing there for them to jam. Something somewhere drifted a bit and it was likely shut off when they noticed it;)

Here's the Firedrake on 10005khz:


Here's 10000khz with the Firedrake vs WWVH and my audio filter set at 3.5khz with my Tecsun PL880:


Paul Walker
Galena, Alaska

Shortwave Broadcast / Voice Of Korea/KCBS Pyongyang
« on: June 24, 2016, 2348 UTC »

I'm mailing a reception report to Voice Of Korea/KCBS Pyongyang.

I'm sending out the same one twice, but addressing them slightly differently and sending them out a day or two apart so there's no way both can lost.

Included is a cd with 22 audio tracks of 22 different frequencies I've heard with limited program content details, a QSL card from my SW broadcasts, my business cards, a local greeting card with local photo by local photographer, and some return address labels.

The postage, my time preparing the reports, the material in the envelope (cd, QSL card, business cards, stickers, greeting cards) all come to a grand total of about $85 for both packages. ($42.50 per package)

Well worth if if I get a QSL card from them.

Another 2 hour broadcast of rock n roll music during "The Classics Experience" happen tonight via the Transmitters of Shortwave Service in Kall, Germany.

6005khz Friday June 24th 1800-2000
3985khz Saturday June 25th 0000-0200

Both broadcasts will have the MFSK32 text and picture as well.  However, the picture will NOT decode properly and it isn't a problem on your end. All it is is a rebroadcast of the WINB/WRMI, complete with WRMI/WINB mentions and no mentions of 3985/6005khz.

 By the way, you can also expect my show on Laser Hot Hits in the 49 meter and 75 meter band sometime next month, airing on nearly a daily basis for a month or so.

QSL Information:

$2 is appreciated to cover costs

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
PO Box 353
Galena, Alaska 99741 USA

Here are some Shortwave logs from the central interior region of Alaska. I used a Tecsun PL880 and 225 foot long wire with Emtech ZM2 Tuner or a Wellbrook ALA1530LNP.

I've only used the Wellbrook for two days so I can't really offer a thorough comparison yet. There was one case in particular where the 225 foot long wire and ZM2 tuner beat the Wellbrook by a large margin.

I don't log everything I hear, but everything I do log gets recorded into an mp3 format audio clip. The audio recording helps tremendously with my QSL return rate, especially when I am hearing a broadcast in a language I don't understand

I hear China Radio International, China National Radio, Radio Nacional de Brasilia/Amazonia, FEBC, World Harvest Radio and others regularly so I don't log them because I try and keep my logs to what is interesting for one reason or another (programming, music, etc) or rare/interesting.

I have a question at the end of these logs that I could sure use some help/advice on!:)

3260 & 3325 Papua New Guinea, NBC Radio. 1027 to 1034 UTC. 3325 Bouganville is carrying a man talking in a combination of Pidgin and English discussing mines, mine safety and mine regulations. Better then average signal with only light fading and interference. 3260khz Mandang is running music followed by an announcer talking about what I think are upcoming programming highlights. Fair signal, way better then usual

NBC Radio Mandang 3260khz audio: https://goo.gl/pmB8DD
NBC Radio Bouganviulle 3325khz audio: https://goo.gl/WKKEPJ

4870 Indonesia, Radio Republik Indonesia Wamena. June 12 1001 UTCA regular visitor in the early morning hours here. not daily, but here often. Today's signal is fair but with a moderate amount of fading and static crashes/interference. Usual fair of what I think is local music is being played.

Radio Republik Indonesia Wamena 4870khz audio: https://goo.gl/hjF1JL

5020khz Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. June 12 1011UTC. Higher side of good signal with all factors taken into account. Only a little bit of fading during christian music.

Audio of Solomon Islands BRoadcasting Corporation 5020khz here: https://goo.gl/d8BFX2

5745 US, VOA Radio Gram. June 11 0943. The first time I logged VOA's Radio Gram broadcast. There was something creating a loud buzzing noise but I could still hear the digital data. Only a little Russian text and text in english decoded for me. I will definately try again!

VOA Radio Gram 5745khz audio here: https://goo.gl/LfxJ6w

6070khz DPRK, Voice of Korea.June 11 1005UTC. FAir signal, but low modulation. Announcers voice is lower then the music. Fair amount of fading. I heard their usual marching/patriotic music. This is not a frequency I usually hear them on, wether owing to I am not out when this frequency is on, conditions or I hear usually CFRX Toronto.

Voice Of Korea 6070khz audio here: https://goo.gl/SzXuEg

6115 China, Voice of Strait. June 11 1008UTC. Fair signal with a fair amount of fading. Sounds like a man talking, could be a news broadcast or interview. Not sure.

Voice Of Strait 6115khz audio here: https://goo.gl/V92tlD

7260 Vanuatu, Radio Vanuatu. June 7 0857UTC. Low side of fair signal with interview in english and mentions of Vanuatu. Interview ends and music plays, one song sounds like it's a kids chorus. There is a fair amount of fading and static crashing/atmospheric noise. Radio Vanuatu is habitually, chronically, woefully under modulated on a daily basis. Just a few days after this logging was made, I had what my radio signal meter showed as a good signal but NO audio. The signal was so under modulated I had no audio but I had a signal! I would actually listen to them if they played more music and had better modulation

Radio Vanuatu 7260khz audio here: https://goo.gl/V1GMQS

9545 Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. June 11 0835. SIBC was on over 3 hours late on 9545khz, it's supposed to sign off at 0500UTC and switch to 5020khz but at 0835UTC this night it was still on. 9545khz staying on late has been happening alot lately. 9545khz is used as SIBC's workday frequency with 5020khz being used in the early to mid morning and afternoon/evening. In this recording SIBC is fairly strong here with light fading and static. Whenever 9545khz is on late, it seems to be stronger then 5020khz would be. My logging tonight starts with an interview then music is being played.

Audio of SIBC 9545khz here: https://goo.gl/0AIj5n

12035 Mongolia, Voice of Mongolia. June 11 1018UTC. NEW! This is a new logging for me. weak signal playing music. Was able to match the interval tune and the announcers voice heard during my logging with a clip of a recent broadcast on their website.

Audio of Voice of Mongolia 12035khz here: https://goo.gl/Y2QXH7

15400khz Romania, Radio Romania International. June 12 1006 UTC. News broadcast in French. Somewhat weak, but steady signal with only light fading.

Audio of Radio Romania International 1540khz here: https://goo.gl/OBK0Q9

17770 Phillipines, Radio Liberty targeting Siberia. June 12 0948. What sounded like a man in Russian during a news broadcast or interview. Weak but steady signal.

Audio of Radio Liberty 1770khz here: https://goo.gl/5fxzxJ

I could use some opinions and inputs from others on something. I am Dxing about 500 feet from the transmitter sites for KXES-LPFM 92.9 and KIYU-FM 88.1 along with K10LJ Channel 10. The FM's are only 100 watts and the TV station is only 10 watts of Digital RF. However, the FM's overload my Shortwave radio around 9.4 to 9.6mhz along with the lower to mid part of the tropical bands. I have a MCM Electronics and Radio Shack FM trap and they help a bit, but don't do nearly enough. I am willing to spend $100 or so for a good FM Trap/Filter. I'll spend a little more if I have to and the product is proven at works. I can null out the interference by rotating my Wellbrook ALA1530LNP, but I may be nulling out the signal I want to hear at the same time. Returning things for me is a hassle so I'd rather pay good $ for something that works. Feel free to email me, walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com or reply to this thread.

Shortwave Broadcast / Rock & Roll Music on Shortwave to Europe
« on: June 06, 2016, 0614 UTC »
2 hours of "The Classics Experience" with Paul Walker will hit the airwaves in Europe via the Kall, Germany based transmitters of 6005khz and 3985khz.

6005khz will broadcast the show Friday June 24th 1800UTC to 2000UTC and 3985khz will broadcast the show on Saturday June 25th from 0000UTC to 0200UTC

These are both 1kw outlets.

I am currently evaluating where I get good response from, so even if you don't want a QSL card, let me know you are listening, on what frequency, your location and how good the signal was.

Reception reports are only accepted by regular postal mail. $2 appreciated to cover the costs of the QSL cards I had printed up and the postage.  Reports can be sent to:

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
PO Box 353
Galena, Alaska 99741 USA

The next broadcast of "The Classics Experience" with Paul Walker is rapidly approaching. It's a 2 hour broadcast of rock and roll music with some country classics scattered in and occasionally a few audio surprises.

The next broadcast schedule looks like this:

WINB 9265khz Saturday June 4th 0230UTC to 0430UTC
WRMI 7570 Saturday June 4th 0400 to 0600UTC

WINB's principal radiation direction is 242 degrees true or almost due southwest. looks to cover parts of the Midwest/Southern US pretty well (Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas and into Mexico. WINB claims "At the long range, the main beam hits Eastern Australia and New Zealand. The rear lobe hits the Mediterranean area of Eastern Europe."

WRMI's 7570khz signal beams at a 315 degree azimuth to Vancouver, Canada. It is very listenable, near local like on good nights here in rural Central Alaska.

No appeals for donations, no begging for sponsors, no political or religious rantings and ravings nor any silly personal opinions. I promise. Just good music for the fun of it!

Seriously, I fund the broadcast out of my own pocket about once every 2-3 months just for the heck of it!

Reception reports are only accepted by regular postal mail. $2 appreciated to cover the costs of the QSL cards I had printed up and the postage.  Reports can be sent to:

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
PO Box 353
Galena, Alaska 99741 USA

Shortwave Broadcast / Shortwave Logs From Alaska!
« on: May 30, 2016, 0842 UTC »
I am in rural central Alaska, 300 miles west of Fairbanks and 300 miles east of Nome, using a Tecsun PL880 and  80 foot or 225 foot long wire.

3260 Papua New Guinea, NBC Radio Mandang 1033 to 1036 May 22. 3260 is almost always barely above the noise floor to poor, but tonight it was listenable. A fair signal with a man talking in local tounge., Light fading and almost no interference., (Walker-AK)

3325 Papua New Guinea, NBC Radio Bouganville. 1027 to 1033 May 22. NBC is usually in here just about nightly on 3325 but it ranges from barely above the noise floor to fair. It is rarely anywhere past the highside of fair. But tonight they were loud, strong and steady with good audio, almost no fading and no interference. Id rate the signal a 4 1/2 out of 5. Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" followed by a local song that soundhound couldn't identify (Walker-AK)

4750, Indonesia, Radio Republik Indonesia Makassar. 1040 to 1045 May 22nd. Some light interference from another station, fair signal with moderate fading. Good audio with local/regional music (Walker-AK)

4870, Indonesia, Radio Republik Indonesia Wamena 1046 to 1050 May 22nd. Sounds like pop music being played, unsure if it's english or another language. There's enough fading to make the signal listenable but kill any understanding of it as it's only a fair signal. Announcer comes on to talk between songs in their local language.,  (Walker-AK)

5020 Solomon Islands, SIBC 1056 to 1110 May 22. Fairly good signal, about a 3 1/2 out of 5 overall, with some light fading but good audio and modulation. Christian music followed by english news broadcast. (Walker-AK)

5020 Solomon Islands SIBC 1148 to 1201.May 22 Good audio with some light fading and no interference for the most part. Christian music, followed by a devotional message then the SIBC sign off announcement followed by the Solomon Islands national anthem. After the anthem plays but before they cut the carrier, I hear what sounds like some kind of two way communications between people.. it is very clear and clean.(Walker-AK)

6090 Shiokaze Sea Breeze. 1628 to 1635 May 5th. Very pleasant sounding female announcer giving contact information for the radio station and talking about the Shiokaze Sea Breeze/Comjan mission. When they aren't jammed, like they aren't on this signal... the signal is good, clean, clear with good modulation. (Walker-AK)

6180 Brazil, Radio Nacional De Brasilia.0448 to 0453 May 23. Fair to good signal, no interference and only light fading, Man talking in portugese. (Walker-AK)

7260, Vanuatu  Radio Vanuatu 0923 to 0930 May 14. About a 2 1/2  out of 5 overall across the board. Fading, somewhat low modulation which renders Vanuatu hard to hear as they run alot of talk programming but I've caught them playing music tonight and this is about the best I've ever been able to hear them and it's still fairly rough copy!. (Walker-AK)

7325 Papua New Guinea, Wantok Radio Light. 0904 to 0904 May 14. A broadcast of NBC National News. Pretty clear signal, some fading but thankfully, no interference. Very clear and easy to understand. (Walker-AK)

9470, unknown, Furusato No Kaze. 1622 to 1631. April 25. Good signal with music, good audio and modulation. Very very little fading and no interference.

9526 Indonesia, Voice of Indonesia 1649 to 1656 May 17th. Pretty clear signal, with only a bit of fading that's barely noticeable. About a 3 1/2 out of 5 overall. This is another station that is habitually undermodulated, especially on speech which makes them hard to listen to sometimes, but they are playing music and combine that with good conditions and they are pretty listenable.

9545 Solomon Islands SIBC. 0721 to 0748 April 25 Absolutely stellar, fantastic signal and audio from Honiara, Solomon Islands. No fading, no interference and strong, steady signal! SIBC is on late with their 10kw 9545khz broadcast, it is supposed to sign off at 500UTC but is on over 2 hours later then scheduled. Listening to two men in accented english holding a discussion, one man having something to do with the police department. Then the discussion ends and some english music begins to play. First song to play after the interview is "Nothing Is Going To Stop Us Now" by Starship/ A female announcer then reads off the SIBC program schedule, including the flight schedule and another interview coming up. After that she plays another song, "Nothing Changes" by One Direction. Whenever 9545 is on late, it always seems stronger then whatever 5020khz could be when on at the same time. (Walker-AK)

9545 Solomon Islands, SIBC, 0923 to 0946 May 1. Not quite as good as the above SIBC Reception from April 25th but still pretty good. Christian music is being played back to back.

9640 Korea, KBS World Radio 1652 to 1654, May 28th somewhat weak but steady signal with a fair amount of fading. The audio was good and well above the noise, so easy to understand the 2 females talking and reading listeners DX reports/QSL requests (Walker-AK)

9650, Guinea, Radio Guiena, 0054 to 0105 April 15th. A mystery when it was first logged as nothing in the Eibi schedule fit. After a day or two, we determined this was Radio Guinea re-activated and I was one of the first to report it. I have not heard it since! Fair to good signal with light to moderate fading and only light interference. Modulation is a bit poor with local music being played (Walker-AK)

9665 China, Firedrake, 1707 to 1710 May 28. Your typical Chinese Firedrake, strong signal, good audio and no fading. These are actually somewhat enjoyable to listen to.. I wish wished the QSDL'ed!!! Several weeks ago I heard a Firedrake on 10005khz but it wasn't jamming anything, it went off in "mid song" and I've never heard it there again! (Walker-AK)

9730, Vietnam Voice of Vietnam via Hanoi. 1845 to 1847 May 21. Very very weak, barely above the noise floor. Heard a song playing then a male and a female talking. Most likely a news broadcast (Walker-AK)

9805 Korea, KBS World Radio 1655 to 1658 May 28 , same broadcast as the 9640 signal not quite as much fading as 9805 but the audio wasn't as loud. However, the audio was good and well above the noise, so easy to understand the 2 females talking and reading listeners DX reports/QSL requests (Walker-AK)

9835, Malaysia, RTM Malaysia, Sarawak FM 1701 to 1704 April 6. Pretty rough signal. Fair to the low side of good but moderate fading and lots of interference with local music being played (Walker-AK)

9870, India All India Radio Vividh Bharati Service. 1701 to 1704 May 5th. LOUD signal with GOOD audio and pretty decent modulation. Local music followd by female talkiung. (Walker-AK)

9910, Philippines, Radyo Pilipinas. 1850 to 1853 May 21 Weak but steady signal, a fair amount if fading with interference from something or someone.Sounds like a male and female talking but unsure what they are talking about. (Walker-AK)

11600, Taiwan, Radio Taiwan International 1123 to 1125 May 22nd. English broadcast with woman interviewing a man. Kinda echoy audio, onmly light fading. Low side of good for signal. (walker-AK)

11665, Malaysia, RTM Maylaysia Sarawak FM. 1711 to 1735. A pretty good signal, about a 3 1/2 to 4 out of 5. Clean, clear, good audio with no interference and only light fading. Music followed by talk between two males in local language. (Walker-AK)

11735 Zanzibar, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation 1652 to 1815 April 18th. This one really surprises me as it is in here just about every day, sometimes poor and barely listenable but often, at least fair but today it is GOOD. Woman talking, a discussion maybe an interview? Hear a mention of Sri Lanka. More talk through out the broadcast. I wasn't at the radio for a large portion of this, but ZBC is often playing music as well. (Walker-AK)

11985 Taiwan, Radio Taiwan International 1033 to 1036UTC May 22nd. Sounds like a man and woman talking in.. russian? Rock solid, steady, clear, non fading signal. If you didn't see the radio dial, you'd think this was a local AM station. (Walker-AK)

11995, France Radio France International. 1909-1912 May 21.  A somewhat weak, slightly muffled by conditions or interference, but easy to understand man in french calling what sounds like it could be a soccer game.. It sounds like some kind of sports match. (Walker-AK)

12005 Germany, Radio Farda 1707 to 1711, May 5. Fair to good signal with some fading, American pop tune followed by announcer talk in persian. (Walker-AK)

12015 China Radio International & Voice of Korea, 1713 to 1716, May 28th. Heard both stations at once and this isn't the first time. Female talking about school and grades is CRI and the "march" music is Voice of Korea. When either one has dead air you can hear the other broadcaster in the clear. Both signals are fair and not any fading at all. (Walker-AK)

12019 Vietnam, Voice of Vietnam via Hanoi. English news broadcast, talking about elections. And yes, it is on 12019 and not 12020 as some sites have listed. Not very loudly modulated but clear, decent audio. A little fading but no interference. When putting radio into LSB and USB and tuning up to 12020khz, the signal is gone. (Walker-AK) 

12060 Unknown, Radio Lead Africa, 0511 to 0513UTC May 28. Weak signal with a fair amount of fading but understandable. Man talking making several mentions of Africa and mentions Channel Africa (Walker-AK)

12120 Philippines, Radyo Pilipinas. 1912 to 1915 May 21. About as weak as the 9910 entry above but not quite as much fading and no interference. Female talking in local language. (Walker--AK)

15120, Nigeria, Voice Of Nigeria. 1020 to 1024. Pretty weak signal, lots of noise and interference with talk in french. (Walker-AK)

15235, South Africa, Channel Africa. 1637 to 1644. April 6. Talk in french and several mentions of Channel Africa. Fair signal with some light to moderate fading. (Walker-AK)

15555 USB, Florida, WJHR. 1709 to 1815 April 29. Fair signal and yes they broadcast in USB but their audio is muddy and distorted and gets worse over the hour I am recording a preacher in english. Fair amount of fading/interference. (Walker-AK)

15580 Botswana, VOA, 1718 to 1721, May 28th. Pretty decent signal, without much fading, very good audio. It was several men in a news/political discussion called "Issues In The News". (Walker-AK)

17720 Unknown BBC World Service 0855 to 0859, men talking in Dari language. Low side of Fair signal, but steady and listenable with some light fading.(Walker-AK)

Interesting to note, I have logged The Voice Of Korea/KCBS Pyongyang on over a dozen of their frequencies 2850khz, 3250khz, 3320khz, 6100khz, 6170khz, 6400khz, 7220khz, 7580khz, 9425khz, 9445khz, 9650khz, 9665khz, 9730khz, 9875khz, 7220khz, 11910khz, 11935khz, 11735khz, 13760khz, 13650khz, 15105khz, 15180khz, 15245khz. I can normally hear Voice Of Korea almost all day everyday at some level and at night, several of their frequencies are like a local here.

I have audio clips of all of the logs I've posted here. If you'd like to hear them, most are posted on Youtube, some are posted on soundcloud.com. https://www.youtube.com/user/OnAirDJPaulWalker

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