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Yet another victory for the vast, overwhelming majority of us who don't benefit monetarily from investment in the Broadband/Cable/Telecommunications "cartels". The dissenting statements(read that as crybabies) included below at bottom we have heard from before. Ajit Pai is basically a lobbyist for Verizon and Michael O'Rielly we have encountered as the man who encourages vigilante action by licensed radio stations to "track down" pirate broadcasters.

FCC’s Open Internet rules will go into effect on June 12, 2015
WASHINGTON, June 11, 2015 – Today, the DC Circuit denied the request of broadband
providers to stay the FCC’s Open Internet rules. The following statement can be attributed to
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.
“This is a huge victory for Internet consumers and innovators! Starting Friday, there will be a
referee on the field to keep the Internet fast, fair and open. Blocking, throttling, pay-for-priority
fast lanes and other efforts to come between consumers and the Internet are now things of the
past. The rules also give broadband providers the certainty and economic incentive to build fast
and competitive broadband networks.”
To learn more about the FCC’s Open Internet rules, visit www.fcc.gov/openinternet.

"I am pleased that the FCC's Open Internet Order and strong rules to ensure there are no slow lanes on the
Internet become effective tomorrow. A free and open Internet is vital to our democracy and competitive
market. I am proud to stand up for the consumer to protect free speech and a free market."

Regarding DC Circuit Decision to Deny Stay of Open Internet Order
WASHINGTON, June 11, 2015 –“The Internet is the most dynamic platform for free speech ever
invented and our Internet economy is the envy of the world. Sustaining this platform, which
keeps us innovative, fierce, and creative, should not be a choice – it should be an obligation.
That’s why I am pleased that the D.C. Circuit declined to stay our Open Internet rules, which will
take effect tomorrow.”
on the D.C. Circuit’s Decision to Review Internet Regulations Promptly
WASHINGTON, June 11, 2015.—Because President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet is already
harming broadband investment and deployment, I am pleased that the D.C. Circuit will be hearing the
appeal of President Obama’s plan on an expedited basis. Although I am disappointed that the court did
not stay the rules pending its review, this development was not unexpected. The bar for granting any stay
is quite high, and I am pleased that the court did not suggest that the rules are in fact legally valid. I
welcome the court’s coming examination of the FCC’s 313-page order, during which it will have an
opportunity to address the order’s serious procedural and substantive flaws.
Regarding DC Circuit Decision to Deny Stay of Net Neutrality Order
WASHINGTON, June 11, 2015. —I am disappointed by the court’s decision to deny a stay of
the Net Neutrality Order. The fight against the Commission’s rules, however, has only just
begun, because unless eradicated they will ultimately harm the foundations of the Internet, and
limit its possibilities. In the meantime, I will be vigilant in resisting any attempts by the agency
to act as a referee enforcing rules known to none of the players and made up along the way.

Other / UNID 7000KHZ USB 0002 UTC JUNE 12, 2015
« on: June 12, 2015, 0005 UTC »
I'm getting some weak music here at threshold at 0002 UTC....anybody else hearing this?
Maybe Euro...too weak to make a judgement on this...lots of static, but definitely music.
Seems to be gone by 0030 UTC or buried in the noise....this should probably be moved to another thread....

Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6930USB 0112 UTC JUNE 11, 2015
« on: June 11, 2015, 0113 UTC »
S5 here but above the noise with UNID tuneage
Signal has been fading in and out of the noise here...tough copy
0138 UTC and kinda buried in the noise....hmmm no ID, but I say XLR8 maybe?

Sounds like War of the Worlds. Possibly World War 2 newsreel? S6 here amidst the band noise. 30's or 40's tune lady singer at 0008 UTC, email address I didn't catch, then what sounds like Winston Churchill..."This Is London Calling"...hmmm
0014 UTC Patriotic opera style tune
0018 UTC OM with "This is London Calling" repeated, then email address by different OM... londoncalling6930@gmail.com
0019 UTC Patriotic marching music
0024 UTC OM with "This is London Calling" repeated, then CLEAR email as londoncalling6930@gmail.com

ID and email cryptically confirmed by a timely email from londoncalling6930@gmail.com  :)

Thanks for the Monday night entertainment....cool! 8)

Nice S8 here with a techno dance tune to start off the Sunday morning!
1112 UTC PSA....something about teachers and 25,000 classrooms (coffee just kicking in 8) here), into OM with "You're listening to Boom Box Radio....DJ LT, the man with the light touch" followed by electronic voiced YL with ID and email address for reports
1114 UTC Dance tune with YL singer
1125 UTC YL singing now and the first cup of coffee is almost done....hmmm, now what do we have for breakfast?
1133 UTC Another PSA....Boombox is a full service station this morning!
Now it's time to open up that homemade jar of Quince jelly and slather it on a toasted English muffin :)
Don't post the frequency until the coffee has started taking effect! Corrected...sorry :-[
Neighbors solar power microinverter noise just started up and is making minor intrusions into an otherwise solid signal, but only during the fades...the kinks in the back are worked out and the knee stopped clicking....time to boogie!

1206 UTC PSA for checking your smoke detectors! Yep...they're working fine!
1207 UTC OFF?

Thanks for the Sunday morning show DJ LT! I guess it's time to head out to the backyard and do some work now....

0109 UTC DJ Dickweed without Assistant Stavin tonight...working on a new QRM show, into request by Chris Lobdell for a song called "Hurricane"
0126 UTC Shoutouts to the posters here :) Thanks DJ Dickweed!
0127 UTC Song "An Ocean In Between"-The War On Drugs
0152 UTC Ramones
0208 UTC Reads Skip-mucks email ;D

0032 UTC La Marseillaise IS, into full anthem
0037 UTC OM with "You are listening to Radio Casablanca", into old time ragtime tune with OM singer
(Nice S8 signal here well above the weak ute on 6940U  :))
Smoke Gets In You're Eyes and time for me to hit the sack! Thanks for a great evening of entertainment Mr. Richard Blaine :) Nice to just kick back, shoot the breeze in the chat and listen rather than post sometimes 8)

Some kind of long sustained musical composition...hmmm ??? Kinda psychedelic or perhaps of an extraterrestrial ambient genre hitherto unheard in these parts...cool!
S8 here with almost no fading...
0155 UTC Some kind of data transmission?
0158 UTC OFF

Strong Open Carrier at 0057 UTC
0100 UTC UNID rock tune
(S7 here with some moderate fading)
0104 UTC ID with Tarzan call
"The Sex-Rock Show"
0150 UTC Signal bouncing between S5 and S8...best on USB here to minimize selective fading....
Thanks for provoking our prurient interest this evening JP!

I'm hearing some music now just above the noise floor here...RTN perhaps?
Can't stay awake, so I will leave the recorder running and pick up the pieces tomorrow morning!
One more post ;D 0354 UTC OM with ID and short message, then more music!

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6949.5ish AM 0149 UTC MAY 29, 2015
« on: May 29, 2015, 0154 UTC »
Hearing music here now very low but above the noise floor
There was a carrier on 6951 also, but 6949.6 seems to be off sometime before 0200 UTC. Oh well...thanks whoever you were!

0254 UTC "In the Mood"-Andrews Sisters
0258 UTC OM with..."You're listening to the Voice of Pearl Harbor", into newsreel

QSLs Received / Over 60 Degrees Radio eQSL
« on: May 23, 2015, 2136 UTC »
Just found this treasure in my inbox ;D Thank you very much MiCk! Greatly appreciated!

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6919.6ish AM 1702-1704 UTC MAY 23, 2015
« on: May 23, 2015, 1709 UTC »
Heard some music for a couple of minutes through the local inverter noise here...couldn't ID the tune, but seems to be gone at 1705 UTC.

Abu making it through the noise here at 0000 UTC with C&W tune and talking en Espanol for the listeners and assorted banditos in Abu Dhabi land. Moderate fading with fair copy. :)
0030 UTC Now at S7 here with solid audio and more C&W tunes...good copy!
0037 UTC Shoutout to "Smolsie" :) and mention of the "Underground"
OFF at 0119 UTC after playing "I Walk the Line" twice, "I Won't Back Down", and a couple of shoutouts to "Skipmuckie" ;D

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