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2207 UTC Nice audio at S6 peaks here with "Too Late To Turn Back Now"-Cornelius Bros & Sister Rose
2210 UTC Intro music, OM with ID, into "I Want You Back"-Jackson Five
2213 UTC UNID tune
(Yes, the ID had "International" suffixed to the name :) ...I'm getting around the QRM using LSB)
2218 UTC "Dream Weaver"-Gary Wright
2221 UTC "Rich Girl"-Hall & Oates
(Signal starting to fade into the adjacent channel QRM..switched to USB at 2225 UTC)
2235 UTC Signal is pretty much just above the noise and QRM floor now :(
2244 UTC OM with ID same as at 2210 UTC...signal holding up but weak above the local QRM...S3 peaks here now
2248 UTC "Spirits In the Material World"-Police
2251 UTC OFF?

Thanks for the early Saturday evening show RII! You got in before the MUF bottomed out :)

OM with test xmsn but didn't catch the ID..Also hearing clips of "All Along the Watchtower", "Crazy Train", Pink Floyd.. and now the PW morse code is back again at 0108 UTC. Hmmm we have chaos here ;D

0203 UTC "We Used To Know"-Jethro Tull (Remarkable how that song sounds like Hotel California...hmmm...)

Listening back on the recording for all of this was an OM at 0059 UTC with voice ID as "This is Kilo Victor Romeo...testing...sixty nine twenty five kilohertz". ID was repeated a few minutes later.

CW heard at 0040 UTC..."PW" repeated at intervals here with solid S7 signal. Somebody else with some rapid CW joined in at 1949 UTC with VVV

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6955 USB 2351 UTC Nov 18, 2015
« on: November 18, 2015, 2354 UTC »
S4 here above the noise with unid tunage
2253 UTC OM with "XLR8", into more unid tunage
2257 UTC "XLR8", into a kind of modern sounding rockabilly tune
Nice to hear ya tonight! Been awhile since I've had a decent signal here!
0004 UTC A deep voiced "XLR8", into an eerie but pleasant electronica vocal tune
0007 UTC "XLR8",into "I Melt With You"-Modern English
0011 UTC Song with intro sounding like Hang On Sloopy, but with lyrics about a Party...Warren Zevon? Now I'm hearing Hang On Sloopy lyrics!
0016 UTC Another slowed down "XLR8", into a familiar tune by a familiar group I forgot the name of...being old is a task sometimes!
(Got it..."Blood and Roses"-Smithereens :))
0019 UTC UNID tune
0024 UTC Punk rock tune sounding like the Ramones
0028 UTC "XLR8" into rock tune
0033 UTC "XLR8...XLR8", into an unid rock tune
0036 UTC "Sussudio"-Phil Collins (XLR8 ID near end of song)
0041 UTC "XLR8", into a very nice sounding ambient vocal tune with pretty piano
0045 UTC Punk rock tunage (Signal holding up here at S4/S5 with minor fades
0048 UTC 80's mainstream punk rock tunage
0050 UTC "A Higher Place"-Tom Petty :) (Thanks XLR8! His best tune IMHO!)
0054 UTC "XLR8", into metal rap tune
0102 UTC "XLR8" during thumping drum beat intro to girl group punk tune
(Signal is starting to head into the noise.... :( )
0114 UTC Tough copy now but I heard an "XLR8" ID...alt rock vocal girl group electronica tune
0129 UTC Signal back up here..S6 with a Lou Reed sounding psychedelic rock and roll tune
0135 UTC An Iggy Pop sounding rock tune and OFF

Hey XLR8....how about "A Higher Place" by Tom Petty?

Thanks for the usual interesting eclectic show XLR8! :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 AM 2219 UTC Nov 18, 2015
« on: November 18, 2015, 2221 UTC »
2219 UTC "Double Vision"-Foreigner
2222 UTC "Head Games"-Foreigner
(Signal is about S4 here, above the noise but with some transmission breaks or dropouts...audio sounds ok though!)
2229 UTC "Hotel California"-Eagles
(During HC, there was a drop out, then signal came back up distorted. Switched to USB and now very clear! LSB seemingly missing, sooo...USB now I think!)
2235 UTC "Cold As Ice"-Foreigner
2237 UTC Silence
2238 UTC "Double Vision"-Foreigner (signal started off threshold and jumped up to S4 at 2241 UTC, but song had dropouts)
2241 UTC Something started, but transmission break, signal dropout or fadeout?
2244 UTC Back on again in AM with "Hotel California", but at the local noise floor here
2248 UTC OFF?

Thank you for the test xmsn whoever you be! :)

QSLs Received / Breakfast With Boombox Radio eqSL
« on: November 16, 2015, 0901 UTC »
Thanks DJ LT! Grealy appreciated! The only thing missing on the QSL is a couple of slices of Fried Spam ;D

1217 UTC Sounds like a dance tune here at S7 this Sunday morning...hmmm, maybe Boombox? :) Different genre than Liquid Radio...alternative thumpage? ;D
Getting some deep fades but signal keeps coming back!
Ahhh....ID by OM at 1232 UTC...Now, what to have for breakfast ???
Nothing like a little electronica on a Sunday morning for a spiritual pick up! Pick up your feet and dance that is :) The leaf pickup scheduled for today can wait...
1247 UTC OM presumably Liquid Todd, into a 80s sounding dance tune
1258 UTC Just got an S9 peak here for a minute but mostly S6 with lots of fading
Hmmm...last nights leftover chicken burritos with another cup of coffee sound just about right for a day of backyard leaf pickup 8) The singer on the song playing now is saying something about "Put Your Head Down"
1300 UTC OM with mention of Liquid Todd, Sirius FM, and ID as Boombox Radio, into another "contemporary dance tune"
1312 UTC DJ Liquid Todd with name of song just played, ID, and a "Happy Memorial Day" ;D Ahhh, but this music is timeless...
Signal is starting to flutter fade now during the dance tune with the saxaphone
1316 UTC Dance tune by OM singer with autotune vocals
1319 UTC A song with autotune vocals but no thumpage!
Chicken burritos with sour cream and a Maple glaze donut with my second cup of coffee....
1325 UTC DJ Liquid Todd with ID, into a rap dance track...OM singer "You Better Brace Yourself"
1329 UTC Contemporary Dance Tune ;)
1332 UTC "Can't Get Enough"-OM singer...kinda 80's sounding
1336 UTC DJ Liquid Todd with ID...into a funky rap tune..."I was there..I'm losing my edge" Signal is starting to fade in and out of the noise floor, but peaking well above....
1343 UTC Electronica wah wah intro to hard rocking dance tune with deep voice OM singer...nice descending guitar riff!
1347 UTC YL with Boombox Radio ID, into funky electronica dance tune OM singer "Feel It"....
1351 UTC Liquid Todd on Facebook....into backwards sounding intro to spacey vocal electronica thumpage ;D

(Have to head out to the yard, do the gutters and remove the rest of the leaves...I'll leave the recorder running to catch the rest of the show later!)

Thanks for the Sunday morning pick me up BBR! Put me in the mood to face the workload for the day 8) Nice signal overall and great audio!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925U 0236 UTC Nov 15, 2015
« on: November 15, 2015, 0238 UTC »
Rock music at S7 here! "Burn In Hell"-Twisted Sister per chat room :o
OM said something at the end of the song, then OFF at 0239 UTC
0244 UTC Back on again with some scary sounding hell music
0255 UTC Folk tune at S7 here now
0257 UTC C&W song with OM singer
0301 UTC Fast guitar picking song with fiddle and OM...dark sounding tunes tonight! Something about Midnight Rain?
0305 UTC Gospel tinged song with YL singer..."God have mercy on your soul"
0307 UTC Heavy Folk rock ballad...religious theme tonight
0310 UTC "Behind Blue Eyes"-Cover version "Limp Bizkit"?
0316 UTC Reggae tinged folk ballad
0320 UTC OM spoken word intro to a religious blues rock tune "Lord Have Mercy On My Soul"-Black Oak Arkansas
0325 UTC Gospel tinged bluegrass tune that sounds familiar
0328 UTC Finger picking intro to gospel tune...?

Thank you for the change of pace from the usual Saturday night in the pirate zone whoever! Very interesting track list tonight!  :)

0128 UTC Jimi Hendrix?
(Signal is a steady S5 here amidst the noise)
0133 UTC More Jimi I think :)
0144 UTC "All Along the Watchtower"-Jimi (S6 now!)
0148 UTC More Jimi (Hendrix night in the pirate zone!)
0151 UTC CW repeated several times...."PEE WEE" :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6966 AM 0229 UTC Nov 14, 2015
« on: November 14, 2015, 0237 UTC »
Weak at tune in, but S4 here at 0235 UTC with a long haunting Native American flute instrumental with wolf howls. QRM from X-FM who moved to 6965 AM
0240 UTC "Telstar" :)-Tornados
0245 UTC "Pipeline"-Ventures
0248 UTC UNID punk rock tune
0252 UTC Jimi Hendrix instrumental tune...(Third Stone From the Sun...per knowledgable person....) and off

0324 UTC A couple of SSTV's I think.....
Thanks for the entertainment tonight!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6926 AM 0138 UTC Nov 14, 2015
« on: November 14, 2015, 0140 UTC »
0138 UTC with a blues rock tune
0141 UTC "Fat Bottom Girls"-Queen
0143 UTC Spaghetti Western music :)
0146 UTC Hmmm..."Whorehouse Blues"-Motorhead 8) , then OFF?

QSLs Received / WMID eQSL
« on: November 11, 2015, 2315 UTC »
Thanks Jay Brownstein! Awesome graphics and of truly historic proportions! Hmmm...think there may be a few stories behind this one ;D

QSLs Received / PEE WEE QSL
« on: November 09, 2015, 2207 UTC »

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6952 USB 0229 UTC Nov 8, 2015
« on: November 08, 2015, 0230 UTC »
S7 here at 0229 UTC with "Too Much Time On My Hands"
0231 UTC "Twilight Zone"-Golden Earring
0235 UTC UNID hard rock/grunge tune...."Loving You is Like Loving the Dead"?
(EDIT: Type O Negative - Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare -All)?)
0239 UTC Electronica music
0243 UTC SSTV (Somebody please post!)
0245 UTC "Riders On the Storm"-Doors (Song interrupted at 0247 UTC for an SSTV, then continued)
0249 UTC "Pipeline"
0251 UTC OFF?
0253 UTC CW repeated 3 times (Possibly said PEEWEE)
0254 UTC Easy listening music into Crazy Train intro seguing into Pink Floyd "I Need A Dirty Girl", seguing into metal tune, then a bit of "Incense & Peppermints", then "Me and Mrs Jones"?, then Telstar
0301 UTC OFF I believe

Thanks for adding some life to a really bad night on 43 meters whoever!

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJD 6920 AM 2315 UTC Nov 7, 2015
« on: November 07, 2015, 2318 UTC »
I'm hearing music at noise floor here at 2315 UTC
WJD running "War of the Worlds" per chat room (10 watts!)
0010 UTC War of the Worlds ended
0012 Russian rap music now
0020 UTC Came back to the room and George Carlin on now

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