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Shortwave Pirate / HOT LEGS RADIO 6924.2 AM 0100 UTC NOV 16, 2014
« on: November 16, 2014, 0105 UTC »
Thought I heard Frankenstein by Edgar Winter, followed by an UNID song with pesky QRM
Hmmm, I'm hearing a girl group tune now at 0108 UTC. Damn peskies >:(
0112 UTC Signal picked up nicely over the last minute....lady singer with UNID pop tune
(strong enough to tune in better...I changed subject to 6924.2!)
0118 UTC Lady? Announcer gave email address, but I could only make out the ?radio@gmail.com part :(
(I listened back on the recording and a lady announcer gave an ID during Frankenstein, and again after Frankenstein, before the first song. Just can't make it out...my hearing is a little raw from using a high powered gas leaf blower all afternoon ???)

EDIT: Now that my ears have recovered, I relistened this morning and I'm sure the ID is Hot Legs Radio, and the email is hotlegsradio@gmail.com  :)

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 LSB 0048 UTC NOV 14, 2014
« on: November 14, 2014, 0055 UTC »
I'm hearing music on 6925 LSB amidst some loud peskies here. Not sure if peskie related. Very interesting music! Not what I would expect a peskie to play....hmmm
0105 UTC Seems to be off now...
Listened back on the recording...OFF at 0103 UTC just like Mr. Farley posted! Is that what the instrument was before signoff? Kalimba? Nice sound!

« on: November 13, 2014, 2335 UTC »
I chanced upon this absolutely wonderful website where for a small sum of money, you can adopt your own personal penguin! It seems to be on the up and up and I think it's a great and novel idea for the upcoming holidays! Be the first one on your block! Link below

Other / UNID 6919 LSB? 0008 UTC NOV 12, 2014
« on: November 12, 2014, 0013 UTC »
I'm getting something that sounds like an IS and ID in Russian here... ??? May be DSB...hard to tune in. Seems to be some kind of celeste sounds and I think I heard the word Govorit in there somewhere. Intermittent music and man announcer
0019 UTC Sounds like a QSO in UNID language
0026 UTC Intermittent music...
Listened back on the recording and it sounds like someone playing nondescript tunes on an electronic keyboard with random talk by a man in UNID language, QSO between 2 men in same language, more intermittent "calliope" or "celeste" music and man said something at 0031 UTC and OFF. Very strange!

NOT your average run of the mill peskie! ;D

QSLs Received / Pirate Radio Boston 22nd Anniversary QSL
« on: November 09, 2014, 2238 UTC »
Oh I love that Dirty Water....oh oh Boston your my home...thanks Charlie! Congratulations on the 22nd and thanks also to Undercover for the relay! Best of everything from your neighbor to the West! ;D

Tuned in at 1620 UTC to a carrier but no audio. Suddenly at 1624 UTC the music just popped up out of the noise..."Sweet Dreams Are Made of These"-Eurythmics
1628 UTC UNID song mostly below the noise level, but rising out here and there.
1630 UTC I'm getting nothing after this time....no carrier or audio. OFF?
Thanks for the test, whoever you are!

MW Free Radio / Radio Free Whatever 1720 AM 000? Nov 9, 2014
« on: November 09, 2014, 0021 UTC »
I've had 1720 on since the end of the PRB 22nd show, and I thought Undercover stayed on, but around 0000 or so the RFW Halloween Spooktacular show is being played again! Nice signal here with some deep fades. Spooky music :o
Prop is all over the place tonight! Around 0025 UTC the signal was buried in the noise. In the next few minutes, it bounced back up to S8 here! Somebody posted last night calling this "Swiss Cheese Propagation" :D

0118 UTC "Dirty Water"-Standells
0120 UTC Man announcer with "Hello and welcome to the 22nd Anniversary Show...Pirate Radio Boston" :)
Pirate Radio Mailbag with emails read from Finland, US, Germany, Italy etc! ;D
0130 UTC Lady announcer with jingle, email, and snail mail address (Belfast), into an 80's tune
(Nice signal here PRB! Congratulations on the 22nd Anniversary! :) :) :))
0136 UTC Lady announcer with jingle, then some shoutouts! Special thanks from your neighbor to the west!
Always great to hear my neighbors to the East ;D I still very fondly remember that Radio Australia QRM show....truly memorable ;)
Nice mailbag segment with emails from Mentholyptus, a listener from the Moscow area, Miami, and thanks to Dr. Benway followed by Lady announcer with ID and email jingle, into another song I don't know the name of....I need Shazam!
0202 UTC OFF

Again, congratulations on your 22nd Anniversary PRB! Hopefully there will be another 22 more! We should be so lucky to live that long....there is always hope!

QSLs Received / Big Dawg Radio eQSL
« on: November 07, 2014, 0045 UTC »
Thanks Big Dawg Radio! Now we know the right spelling for your name!!! :)
Uhhh...Does your dawg bite? ;)

Shortwave Pirate / Big Dawg Radio 6925 USB 2210 UTC NOV 6, 2014
« on: November 06, 2014, 2214 UTC »
2210 UTC "Welcome to the Jungle"-Guns-N-Roses S7 here with nice audio and some fading
2215 UTC "War Pigs"-Black Sabbath
2222 UTC Lady announcer with ID...."....this is Big Dog Radio",followed by a 70's heavy metal tune
(This station seems to be exactly on 6925 according to the calibration on my NRD-515 and from what my ears tell me!)
2228 UTC Lady announcer with ID..."Live from the East Coast of North America, this is Big Dog Radio", then OFF
(Thanks for the early Friday evening program BDR!!! Was just settling in for a night of pirate activity!!!)
2236 UTC Back again! :) Lady announcer with ID, then "Highway to Hell"-AC/DC
2239 UTC "Whole Lotta Love"-Led Zeppelin
2245 UTC A big dog growl, then "Cat Scratch Fever"-Ted Nugent
2249 UTC Lady announcer with ID same as 2228 UTC, then OFF
2251 UTC On again...seemed to be some talking and music in the background, then Lady announcer with ID, same as 2228 UTC, into AC/DC
2257 UTC Big dog growl, then "Breaking the Law"-Judas Priest
2300 UTC "Jailbreak"-Thin Lizzy
2303 UTC Lady announcer with ID same as at 2228 UTC, then OFF
2305 UTC On again with Lady announcer with ID same as 2228 UTC, then "Midnight Rider-Allman Brothers
2308 UTC "Fortunate Son"-Creedence Clearwater Revival
2312 UTC UNID Heavy metal tune
2315 UTC UNID Heavy metal tune
2324 UTC Lady announcer with ID same as at 2228 UTC, then OFF

Shortwave Pirate / OMCS 6925 KHZ USB 0139 UTC NOV 4, 2014
« on: November 04, 2014, 0144 UTC »
I hear the voice of the Friendly Overlord! Nice signal here with some extraterrestrial piano with announcer talkover. Nice to hear you again OMCS!
0151 UTC Ahhh, I hear the lovely voice of Niavi!
0202 UTC Signal is fading in and out slowly here....music and I think email address. Friendly Overlord...you are only coming through in waves ;D
0205 UTC I get nothing after this....gone?
Thanks for the show tonight OMCS...for a while I was getting some good copy! As usual your efforts were frustrated by the PU :o

Tuned in at 0220 UTC to "Hysteria"-Def Leppard. Fair signal here with deep fades and strong peaks
0226 UTC UNID Doo Wop tune...sounds familiar ??? Signal has leveled off a bit...mostly above the noise floor here in Western MA
0235 UTC Band noise picked up a lot....signal buried in the noise

EDIT: Signal picked up nicely at 0338 UTC! Electronica/Techno thump thump tune
        0344 UTC Very clear ID and frequency by man announcer! Back into techno tune

Shortwave Pirate / Peskie Party Radio 6935 LSB 0207 UTC NOV 1, 2014
« on: November 01, 2014, 0208 UTC »
Peskie Party Radio I think with Aquarius
Signal was there, then it was gone... :(

Fair signal rising in and out of the noise here with tunes by Jimi Hendrix, ID at 0254, into tunes by the Kinks
Song I don't know the name of off Physical Graffiti, into Chuck Berry "No Particular Place to Go"
OFF at 0328 thereabouts ;D
Thank you very much Mr. Eldorado!! Nice of you to fire up the xmtr for the boys in the chat room tonight!

QSLs Received / Pumpkin Patch Radio 2014 eQSL
« on: October 29, 2014, 0034 UTC »
Thanks PPR op!!! Awesome picture and happy to add this to the Pirate Wall of Fame! :o ;D

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