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Just above the noise floor here at 0022 UTC with signature IS and Lady announcer with numbers. Annoying pesky from LSB bleeding over into 6925 USB.

S9 here at 2304 UTC tune in with some interesting music, then man announcer at 2306 UTC with ID..."This is Radio Redskin". Then some curious Native American sounds and chants.
2309 UTC Man announcer....This is radioredskin@gmail.com , into more chants
2312 UTC ID (x3), then Lone Ranger theme(aka William Tell Overture..thanks JJ :))
2315 UTC ID and email, then chants
2319 UTC ID, then interesting UNID music...
2323 OFF
Now that was a refreshing change of pace here in the pirate zone! Thanks for an interesting show this evening RR op :)

At threshold level here since 2100 UTC, at times rising above a high noise level. A bit early, but the prop does seem to be kinda lousy over the last half hour or so. Hoping it gets better tonight as the sun sets!
Tough copy on the audio so far, and no ID's heard yet, but I'm certain this is Magic6205 :)
2228 UTC Signal just jumped up a bit over the last couple minutes....lots of fading still though
2250 UTC Sunset has been fully accomplished and the signal seems to have settled down to an S5 with fades, but mostly above the noise. Mostly Europop and dance tunes tonight.
I just checked out the www.magic6205.com website and they have a link to the HF Underground!
Checking in every so often and prop seems to have settled down a bit. Mostly S3 with some nice S5 peaks here. Program seems to be prerecorded....occasionally dipping down into the noise though....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6935 USB 0139z
« on: October 10, 2014, 0147 UTC »
The Comrades in here at S9 tearing up the bunker! Time Warp 1966 starting off with "California Dreaming"-Mama's and the Papa's, into "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys
Time to put the NRD on the timer and fall asleep to some groovy love songs :-*

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6925 USB 2359 UTC 9Oct14
« on: October 10, 2014, 0018 UTC »
Sign on here I think at 2354 UTC with a rap/mix of "Spooky"-Classics IV, mixing with Big Dog Radio on same frequency at 2359 UTC with "The Seeker"-Who.

Tuned in at 2321 UTC just in time to catch the end of the broadcast. Lady announcer with ID and thanks for reports. Said will be back. Signal much stronger than last night  :)
2335 UTC Back with ID by lady announcer, dog growl, into "Dream On"-Aerosmith
(Nice audio with solid S8 signal here. There is an annoying pesky on 6925 LSB every night here)
2339 UTC Lady announcer with email address, into "Girls, Girls, Girls"-Motley Crue
2343 UTC ID and off again
2354 UTC Hmmm..."Spooky"-Classics IV rap version(Not sure if same station)This was probably XLR8!
2359 UTC Lady announcer with ID, into "The Boys are Back In Town"-Thin Lizzy
0004 UTC "Cult of Personality"-Living Color  
There are 2 stations on 6925 USB! Thanks for the ID refmo! XLR8 mixing with Big Dog
0112 UTC Back on! Lady announcer with ID, into "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"-Iron Butterfly
(Ahhh, the long version ;D Love that Ron Bushey drum solo ;D)

Here also at 2234 UTC with "Sweet Child of Mine"-Guns and Roses at threshold level.
2244 UTC Lady announcer with clear ID and frequency..."Big Dog Radio...broadcasting from the East Coast", sound of a dog growling?, then an email address (Will have to listen back on the recording)
2248 UTC Another ID by lady announcer and email address.
Hard to tell, but I'm hearing nada after the 2248 UTC ID...announcements were louder than the music
Thanks for the early evening program tonight Big Dog!!! :)

2349 UTC Back again with music.... :)
2352 UTC ID by lady announcer same as 2244 UTC

QSLs Received / PBS Underground
« on: October 08, 2014, 2155 UTC »
I received this sort of verification statement from PBS Underground via a personal message through the HFU yesterday! I had sent a report to the email address given during the broadcast and then resent the report a few months later via a personal message to the op using the HFU. Thanks Dr. Rock! Nice to know you check in on us now and then....hopefully we can hear some more of the PBS Underground some day! :)

Hello Skipmuck! 
Thank you for the QSL report, and I deeply apologize it took this long to get back to you. Judging by your detailed report, we take it you received us quite well. PBSU would like to thank you for your sinpo, and exact detailed recollection of our may 6th 2014 broadcast of "Dr. Rock". Funding is recieved from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and listeners like you, Thank You!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB Oct 8 0053 UTC
« on: October 08, 2014, 0105 UTC »
S5 here with solid signal amid some band noise here
0050 UTC "Hungry"-Paul Revere & Raiders
0053 UTC "Kicks"-Paul Revere & Raiders
(A fitting tribute to one of the 1960's rock icons!) :) "Requiescat In Pace" Mr. Paul Revere
0056 UTC X-L-R-8
Thanks for rocking out tonight XLR8 op!!! Really appeciate the show :)
0133 UTC "Louie, Louie"-Hmmm...Paul Revere & Raiders did a version of this...maybe this is it? Not sure...kick ass for sure with the lead guitar!

Hearing UNID on 6220.8 KHZ here too at about equal level with 6205 KHZ tonight. Fair amount of band noise and fading here though...
0022 Bouncing back and forth between Magic6250 and 6221-Test tonight and Magic had slight edge at peaks between fades (S7 for 6205 and S5-6 for 6221).... 6221 Closed down a little while ago.

Magic into Western MA at 2200 UTC tune in with fair signal and moderate fading.  :)
Signal is picking up now at 2230 UTC, but reception not quite as good as over the past weekend. Sun will be setting here so we'll see how things are coming along. So the official name is MAGIC6205? Sounds good to me :)
0010 UTC Nightime has set in here and I've been listening on and off over the last hour or so to mostly European Pop tunes with occasional ID's. Signal fade rather wide with peaks of S7. At peaks, well above the band noise :) Switching back and forth between Magic and 6220.8 KHZ (S5-6 peaks), and 6205 has the slight edge.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 0011 UTC 7Oct14
« on: October 07, 2014, 0017 UTC »
Same thing here at 0015 UTC. Time pips with short announcement by man...hmmm
Nothing since 0017 UTC
0020 UTC Back again! Still can't make out what the announcement is....
0023 UTC Again....sounds like one of the words is "Shortwave"?
0028 UTC Or maybe the first word is "America's" ?????
0030 UTC "America's future on shortwave"?
0033 UTC OFF?
0035 UTC Back again....I thought it was America's vision on shortwave, but too much static...the other posters are likely correct with America's beacon of freedom.
Peskies on LSB at 0045 UTC
Whatever he's saying, I say it's nice to have a pirate Standard Time & Frequency station on 6925....now and then ;D
0049 UTC Still going!
Uhhh...thanks for the show tonight Timekeeper op 8)
If my Captain Morgan clock could talk, this is what it would be saying ;)

0055 UTC Back again, but so is the pesky(Hey fishsticks, don't mess with the US)
0101 UTC beep beep beep beep...America's Beacon of Freedom...beep beep beep beep (If the details of my report are in accordance with your station logbook, I would be very happy to receive your America's Beacon of Freedom QSL!!! beep beep beep beep)

Now that was different! Time to hit the sack...
Hmmm...0112 UTC beeping again! beep beep beep beep
Nothing since 0115 UTC
Hey ABOF op....how about a request for some WWVH next time?

Nice S9 here with good audio at 2313 UTC tune in on 6919.7 KHZ. UNID tune, into ID jingle...."From us to the ionosphere", into Rap/Rock tune. Rebroadcast of a recent show.
2325 UTC The new U2 song sounding good through the Bose speakers tonight Comrades  8)
0008 UTC OFF
Thanks for the replay of the show tonight!

Have had a carrier since just after 2100 UTC, now I'm getting threshold audio rising up above the noise floor at 2125 UTC. Still too weak to ID songs, though. Sunset is around 2223 UTC here today.
Hmmm...The carrier seems to have disappeared at 2140 UTC check ???
0001 UTC I guess the Magic op is taking a night off >:(

Huh? / Re: Want to get high?
« on: October 06, 2014, 1136 UTC »
Uhhh...I wonder if trying that will make the voices go away ???

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