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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WRR 6933 USB 0023 UTC 20Oct14
« on: October 20, 2014, 0101 UTC »
Just tuned in to "King of the Road"-Roger Miller at 0059 UTC. S5-S7 here in Western MA

Just tuned in at 0010 UTC with signal in and out of the noise. It's picked up a bit since and I hear Dr. Benway telling a story about being immortal...not being able to move, but being able to see and hear. Biomechanical legs and arms...
0016 UTC "The Monster Mash"
0018 UTC Ambient music, then ID and email address. Also gave out old mail drop addy!
0039 UTC  ID ... 2005 Halloween Special ... undercoverradio@mail.com (I guess that address won't work anymore either!) Followed by "Frankenstein"-Edgar Winters Group
0049 UTC Signal back up again after a hiatus in the noise! Benway talking about his yard being a total disaster...some kind of Halloween story, but signal keeps dipping into the noise :(
Bacterial infection...punctured the arteries...doctors puzzled...Hmmm
0001 UTC I went to check on WRR at 0059 UTC and when I returned Dr Benway was off.
(Thanks for the Halloween show tonight! I was away from shortwave when you originally aired the program...wish reception had been a little better.)

EDIT:The mail.com address works!

Been trying to get some decent copy here since 2335 UTC, but the weak signal and a couple of loud and annoying peskies on 6925 LSB are bleeding into the ROR signal >:(
0001 UTC I'm hearing a C&W tune that I don't know the name of! Just above the noise floor here.
0005 UTC It's all noise here now. Thanks for the show ROR...good to have you back! Wish I could hear you tonight, but the prop just ain't letting me. ???

S3 and Fair copy here at 2156 UTC with "Something In The Air"-Thunderclap Newman
2207 UTC "Laser Hot Hits" jingle (signal picking up nicely now...S5 as sunset arrives here in Western MA)
2218 UTC "Send In The Clowns"-Judy Collins (We're up to S7! :))
2222 UTC "Rhinestone Cowboy"-Glen Campbell
2257 UTC "Just My Imagination"-Temptations (Signal has settled at about an S9 here...very listenable :))
2309 UTC "Karma Chameleon"-Culture Club

Weak here with bits of talking heard on peaks at 2047 UTC tune in. I've noticed that every time I hear YHWH, the audio is accompanied by an audible high pitched whining noise. Has anybody else noticed this, or  am I hearing things ??? The whine seems to come and go with the upfade and downfade.

Black Arrow here with sharp peaks and long deep fades at 1744 UTC. Angie by the Rolling Stones, 60's tunes that someone in Ianns chat says was the Small Faces, long electronica dance tune. All this with Mr BA talking between and during songs. Mentioned something about Cupid and Benway, then all 3 QSO'd ;D
Never heard a 3 way QSO like that before ;D

Hello Cupid Radio! You're sounding really good here at 1715 UTC tune in with a nice S5 signal. Great to hear you again!
1722 UTC ID and Thank you for the shoutout! Booming in here today! :)
1738 UTC Thanks for the shoutout again! The Cupid Radio pennant is hanging proudly on my Pirate Wall of Fame ;D
1741 UTC OFF after ID by Lady announcer
(Thanks for the Sunday program Rinus!!!)

FM Free Radio / Re: UNID 92.5 FM Pompano Beach pirate busted
« on: October 19, 2014, 1143 UTC »
The FCC has ordered a Pompano Beach, FL pirate to pay a $20,000 penalty for operating a pirate radio station at 92.5 FM.   In June 2013, Enforcement Bureau field agents tracked the stationís broadcast back to an apartment rented by Marc-Nus Charles.  Charles has a history of operating pirate stations in Pompano Beach.  In 2009 the FCC says he was responsible for another unlicensed station.   The agency says the penalty is twice the base fine since Charles ignored two written warnings about his station.

So this guy ignored not one, but two warnings. Hmmm....after reading around the web on this it seems that South Florida is a hotbed of illicit FM broadcasters. If you're taking money out of the pockets of legitimate licensed FM stations by garnering listeners, you are almost certain to get the knock.

Just tuned in at 0238 UTC and I'm getting fair to good copy here! Usual biblical doom and gloom, but one of the best signals I've had from YHWH. I wonder if the op reads this stuff or recites it from memory?

Weak here but just above the noise with Money-Pink Floyd at 0157 UTC
Fading in and out...hearing "Time"-Pink Floyd at 0203 UTC
0206 UTC Latest fade in and I'm hearing "warm my bones beside the fire", so Time it still is....
0225 UTC A pulsing noise mixing with "Another Brick In the Wall"
0229 UTC I'm getting some broadband static now...between that and the pulsing noise, further copy is impossible.
Well, thanks for the broadcast Dr. Benway! It reminds me of the mid 1980's stayin up until the wee hours of the morning listening to Pirate Radio New England and Pirate Radio Central fading in and out of the noise. Great memories there!

Here with some audio at 0125 UTC, but just above the noise level. Only the third time I've ever heard this here on 4026 and never with any good degree of copy. But it is possible! I need a new antenna....
0135 UTC Signal is up a bit more now! I can hear a song but don't know the name of it...hmmm
0145 UTC S3 signal, but I'm just not savvy on these contemporary European pop tunes >:(

Solid S9+ here with big band tune/lady singer at 0006 UTC
0010 UTC Song Lady Singer
0013 UTC Wolverine ID, then Song Lady Singers
0018 UTC Song Man singer...hmmm, I haven't been able to ID any of the songs, but the word "music" seems to be popping up so far ???
0020 UTC "Rock & Roll Music"-Chuck Berry
0023 UTC "I Can Hear Music"-Ronettes
0026 UTC "Sweet Soul Music"-Arthur Conley
0029 UTC "When the Music's Over"-Doors
0039 UTC "I Dig Rock & Roll Music"-Peter, Paul, & Mary
0042 UTC "Dance to the Music"-Sly & Family Stone
0045 UTC "I Can Hear Music"-Beach Boys
0048 UTC They used to play this song on the local FM underground stations...hmmm
(ByteBorg says "All Day Music"-War) :)
0052 UTC "Listen to the Music"-Beach Boys
0056 UTC "Play That Funky Music White Boy"-Wild Cherry
0100 UTC Hmmm...don't know ???
0103 UTC SSTV which I can't decode >:(
Thanks for the entertainment tonight Wolverine...nice to kick back and listen to some good tunes without having to strain through the noise and the fading.... :)

Also here with poor to fair carrier, but audio never making it out of the noise long enough to catch a riff and ID a song :(

BBR here with alter ego Abu Dhabi and S5 signal playing easy listening ballads amid some band noise and fading at 2137 UTC tune in. Played some music for Skipmuck and another shoutout later on! My favorite Euro personality! You the man Abu Dhabi ;D

Awesome S9+ signal here at 2142 UTC tune in with Money by Pink Floyd
Dr. Benway testing on 6925 and going to drop down to MW 1710.
If you are reading this Dr. Benway, the TIS Springfield Armory station is overwhelming here as I live only about 3-4 miles from it.
Nothing here Dr. Benway other than something weak under the TIS...there are a couple of stations hear here on occasion.

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