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Weak here at 0031 UTC with UNID C&W song, silence at 0033 UTC, into UNID C&W song at 0034 UTC. Seems to be breaks in the xmsn.
0036 UTC Man announcer with ID...mention of "...see what happens"
0036 UTC ID...WRR

0009 UTC tune in just above noise floor with man and woman speakers with some kind of dialogue. Tough to make out what they're saying.
Seems to be some sort of political discussion...heard the reference to Wall Street Bankers
0028 UTC Just barely above the threshold now...can only make out occasional words and phrases
0040 UTC Talking about American corporations and technology (signal has picked up a bit!)
0045 UTC Talking about the state controlled economy in China, mentions of Kissinger and Hong Kong

Other / UNID 6919 LSB? 0008 UTC NOV 12, 2014
« on: November 12, 2014, 0013 UTC »
I'm getting something that sounds like an IS and ID in Russian here... ??? May be DSB...hard to tune in. Seems to be some kind of celeste sounds and I think I heard the word Govorit in there somewhere. Intermittent music and man announcer
0019 UTC Sounds like a QSO in UNID language
0026 UTC Intermittent music...
Listened back on the recording and it sounds like someone playing nondescript tunes on an electronic keyboard with random talk by a man in UNID language, QSO between 2 men in same language, more intermittent "calliope" or "celeste" music and man said something at 0031 UTC and OFF. Very strange!

NOT your average run of the mill peskie! ;D

Mostly  a weak carrier here since 2205 UTC, but I detect the slightest hint of audio rising out of the threshold here at 2225 UTC. Listening in USB courtesy of annoying intermittent peskie on LSB

Here also, as I was parked on the frequency at 0110 UTC. Weak signal, but above the noise and steady S3 with music
0117 UTC Song...same artist I think
Sounds like an Irish accent
0124 UTC OFF

QSLs Received / Re: RADIO GA-GA SDR eQSL
« on: November 11, 2014, 0039 UTC »
Ironically, my NRD-515 has 10 knobs, 5 toggle switches, and 3 push buttons on the front panel. So, tuning in this broadcast consisted of the following steps.
1-Flick toggle switch to On position
2-Twirl Big Megahertz knob to 6 MHZ
3-Twirl Big Kilohertz knob to 6925 KHZ
4-Flick Fine Tune toggle switch to ON position
5-Twirl Mode knob to desired postion
6-Twirl Audio Gain knob to desired position
7-Twirl Fine Tune knob to desired position
8-Twirl RF knob, PBT knob, and AGC knob as necessary
9-Flick Noise Blanker and Attenuation knobs as necessary.
10-Push Lock button
11-Listen to SDR broadcast!
And if that isn't enough, you should see all the buttons and stuff on my Yamaha KX-W952 Dual Dubbing Deck!
Oh, and I forgot about the MFJ-901B Versa-Tuner...that has a couple of adjustments too!

So, Al...what's all this talk about Penguins? They always seem to be well dressed and standing proudly :)

Here also on 6980 AM with Karen Carpenter doing a Christmas tune at 0124 UTC, then off abruptly at 0125
Back on this time 6970 AM with same music at 0128 UTC. Fair to good signal with nice audio

Just tuned in at 0117 UTC to the end of a song, then a man announcer ID and email as germanycalling@gmail.com, into German patriotic song
0020 UTC A bit of music repeated a few times, then OFF

This came up on 6925.1 AM about a minute after the UNID on 6925 USB closed down. B52's with "Channel Z" and a killer signal!
2359 UTC "Happy Anniversary", followed by man announcer with Channel Z ID mentioning 10th Anniversary and tune by the Pretenders
0006 UTC Man announcer with reminiscing and thanks to Fearless Freddy during the early days, Radio Anarchy in the UK, followed by an off key version of "A Little Help From My Friends"
0011 UTC UNID punk rock tune (I'm hearing Air Raid sirens at 0012 mixing with the song...or was that part of the song?)
0014 UTC Happy Anniversary song followed by man announcer talking about the 10th anniversary, then all kinds of noises and stuff, then Channel Z went off the air. Hmmm...we need an air traffic controller on 6925!
After closing down, I hear "You Really Got Me"-Van Halen version, then off abruptly also.
( I was getting into the Channel Z program...interesting. )
Well, thanks for the program Channel Z op! Maybe hear the rest of it soon?
0029 UTC Back again with B-52's and Channel Z!!! :)
0050 UTC HA tune, then Wonderdog Ruff mix ;D
0056 UTC HA tune, then jingle and email address, mentioned sending out 200 QSL's, listed the first 10. Gave thanks to some ops including John Poet...mention the Chairman of the Board
0102 UTC "Crystal Ship"-Doors
0105 UTC Ahhh, a nice polka!
0110 UTC  >:( The signal just dropped out. Buried in the noise now >:(

I was listening to the Poacher with the volume turned up and got an air raid siren blast to the ears at 2344 UTC! It was WAY over the Poacher's signal. S9+ here and USB. Heavy rock tune followed at 2345 UTC sounding like AC/DC
2349 UTC "Purple Haze"-Jimi Hendrix (Superb audio and dead on 6925 USB here...Big Dawg maybe?)
2352 UTC Looney tunes theme and "That's all folks" and OFF
2353 UTC Someting coming up big on 6925.1 KHZ. Different?
0015 UTC I was listening to the Channel Z 10th Anniversary show on 6925.1 AM, and Van Halen's version of "You Really Got Me" came crunching down on Z, so he closed down I think. 6925 USB signed off after VH.
{Some nights we're jonesing for pirate activity and other nights we need an air traffic controller ???}

Same here at 2342 UTC with signal just above the noise level. YL reading numbers interspersed with Lincolnshire Poacher tune

Strong signal here at 2255 UTC tune in with comms recording, followed by a tune by Gordon Lightfoot.
2301 UTC More comms, then an UNID tune at 2303 UTC by man singer giving names followed by Bells tolling
2305 Man announcer with email address
2307 UTC More comms (I have to listen back on this....chilling!)
2309 UTC "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"-Gordon Lightfoot ( A haunting tune! )
2315 UTC More comms(these make the hair the back of my neck stand up....)
Check out this fascinating website dedicated to the Edmund Fitzgerald http://www.ssefo.com/
2315 UTC Man announcer with email address, into more comms
2319 UTC Acoustic tune by Gordon Lightfoot followed by more comms
2323 UTC Man with guitar accompaniment reading the names of the dead
2326 UTC Man announcer with email.... edmundfitzgeraldradio@gmail.com followed by bells tolling
2327 UTC OFF

Thanks for this remembrance of a horrible tragedy. I was 20 years old when this happened and remember it well. Very sad event in US history.

QSLs Received / Pirate Radio Boston 22nd Anniversary QSL
« on: November 09, 2014, 2238 UTC »
Oh I love that Dirty Water....oh oh Boston your my home...thanks Charlie! Congratulations on the 22nd and thanks also to Undercover for the relay! Best of everything from your neighbor to the West! ;D

Nice signal here at S7 and slight fades at 1843 UTC tune in with op talking over music giving a shoutout to Chris Smolenski.
1845 UTC Unid pop tune man singer
1848 UTC Folk song with man singer starting off with "This is the best song in the world".
(I'm getting S7 peaks and lots of fading now)
1852 UTC "No Rain"-Blind Melon and Cupid op giving shoutouts to HFU posters. Thanks Rinus! :)
1856 UTC "Beds Are Burning"-Midnight Oil
1908 UTC Shoutout during Highway to Hell to Harry Smith from Ohio!
Thanks for the show Rinus! :) It's out to the yard for me for some more Fall leaf pickup :'(
Well, I think I'll hang in there for the last song seeing as you're closing down after that. It's sacrilege to turn off the radio during an Aerosmith tune here in Massachusetts ;D
OFF at 1923 UTC after shoutouts to all the posters here on the HFU and Bye, Bye!

Thanks for the answer Hans! My 3rd threshold logging of Trans Europe. One of these days we will get good propagation and get to hear your program here with a good signal! Hope to hear you when that happens :)

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