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Had that here also, but thought it was just a pesky with music on in the background....peskies are out in full force tonight, not to mention a lot of atmospheric snap, crackle, and pop! Ear bleed DXing at it's best....
0015 UTC I'm still getting that, but noticed it is best in USB, whereas the peskies are LSB.
0031 UTC Definitely a song being played...just can't make out what it is.
{Thanks for the ID DimBulb....signal too weak and too much pesky to make out what it was...anybody broadcasting on 6930 is basically Fishdrake.}

I was listening to this at 2236 UTC tune in with S3 signal with a song that I believe was done by the Sir Douglas Quintet? 2238 UTC ID "We are Cool AM Radio", into slow ballad by man singer, Lady announcer at 2243 UTC with ID, into song by lady singer...seemingly off at 2348 UTC.
Hey Andre....thanks for the show and thanks to the relay, but shouldn't this be COOL USB RADIO for this broadcast? ;)

Popping up above the noise floor here at 1544 UTC tune-in with Seagulls and ID at 1545 UTC and songs by Stray Cats and Steppenwolf. Nice to hear this again....songs fading well above noise at times!
1658 UTC Seagulls, clear ID and email address, into Chubby Checker

S7 here with Rock music at 2245 UTC... AM sounds pretty good with fading. Fading into the noise level at 2249 UTC.
2320 UTC Still very weak audio sometimes above noise level...rock music
2327 UTC Def Leppard tune at S5 now... "Rocket"?
2333 UTC More Def Leppard
2344 UTC "Pour Some Sugar On Me" coming up over the noise
2352 UTC Off? No....still going at 2354 UTC!
0002 UTC And the Def Leppard just keeps on coming!!!
0021 UTC Def Leppard Night on 6925! Using USB most of the night because of the peskies.
0025 UTC "Photograph"

Edit: Still going at 0100 UTC check with UNID Rock music just above the noise floor. Didn't sound like Def Leppard.....

« on: April 04, 2014, 0850 UTC »
Muchas gracias por su "Certificado de Sintonia" Mr. Bart Sambo!!!

Nice clear channel here with excellent AM audio at 0045 UTC tune-in with another early song from somebody who was later famous! Rock solid S9
0046 UTC Clearly this is Andy Walkers voice here describing the last song, and then the next song..."Graham Gouldman...The Mockingbird"
0047 UTC "The Mockingbird"-Graham Gouldman
0049 UTC Andy Walker ..."Before They Were Famous-Part 2"
0050 UTC "Dandy"-Rockin Vickers (Early Lemme from Motorhead)
0055 UTC Andy Walker gave numerous shoutouts to those reporting a previous reception of Channel Z
0103 UTC end of the first tune by Genesis, then Andy Walker describing next song as some early Eric Carmen, then Supertramps first song "Forever"
0110 UTC ..."Andy Walker production for Channel Z". Gave snail mail address (Blue Ridge), email address, then "Thank you very much for listening... until the next time... Andy Walker in London followed by the Looney Tunes clip!, then off at 0111 UTC
Hey Andy...you have an open invite here! Come back anytime you feel like it! Thanks for another well researched program of the first tunes by artists that later became famous. That version of Dandy by future Motorhead Lemme was really cool! Special thanks also to Z for the great relay and audio here. 6150.5 was wide open tonight! "Clear Channel, Channel Z". You won tops down for the best sound in the 49 meter band tonight!

A check over here at 0015 UTC and TCS is S8 with "My Woman From Tokyo"-Deep Purple

Nice S8 signal here with great audio at 2338 UTC tune-in on about 6949.1 KHZ or so with Beatles "Hey Jude" in progress.
2341 UTC "It's All I Can Do"-Cars
2344 UTC Man announcer with ID..."All Music Radio" and email address allmusicradioshortwave@gmail.com followed by "Bad Company"-Bad Company
(reception a little less nice than before, but still quite readable...best now in USB with a little bit of PBT)
2353 UTC Man announcer...."AMR" then ..."send your reception reports to (same as at 2344 UTC)
2354 UTC "My Way"-(doesn't sound like Old Blue Eyes! Maybe Elvis live performance?)
2357 UTC "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys (signal is about S7, but noisy)
0001 UTC (April 2, 2014 now) "Running Down A Dream"-Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
0005 UTC "Woodstock"-C,S,N & Y
0009 UTC "Cocaine"-Eric Clapton
0012 UTC ID..."This is AMR...All Music Radio Shortwave". email address by Lady announcer
0013 UTC C&W folk tune by man singer
0017 UTC "Summer Wind"-Frank Sinatra
0020 UTC UNID song...late 50's early 60's garage rock surf type song with man singer
0022 UTC UNID 60's type psychedelic tune
0024 UTC ID's an email
0025 UTC UNID song
0029 UTC ID and email followed by "I Got The Music In Me"-Kiki Dee Band
0034 UTC ID and email, then signed off
THANKS FOR THE SHOW TONIGHT AMR! What was the name of that psychedelic tune at 0022 UTC?

Would greatly appreciate an eQSL if you happen to read my posting here!

S5 here at 0006 UTC with Reggae tune-man singer. Sounded like someone was talking over the song...something about getting married?
0011 UTC Jamaican accented announcer giving time and talking about some music countdown
0012 UTC ID by deeper voice announcer-"X-E-R-O-X...Radio Duplicado" repeated twice, then once more as "You are listening to X-E-R-O-X...Radio Duplicado, into flute music.
0018 UTC Man announcer giving Belfast mail drop and email address along with ID, then off at 0021.
{Thanks for the show Mr. Bart Sambo! And a Happy April 1st to you!}

I'm getting S5 UNID music here at 2338 UTC tune-in on somewhere between 6885.7-6885.8 KHZ. Off at 2345 UTC, but back on again 2348 UTC. Very strong het, but signal well above noise level. Off again at 2350 UTC. I was trying to retune when they went off!
On again very briefly at 2353 and about a minute or so later with distorted signal.
2358 UTC On again with dance tune on 6886 KHZ...off again at 0000 UTC!!!
Sounds like someone is testing!

Huh? / Re: How to post eQSL images
« on: March 31, 2014, 2249 UTC »
The biggest problem is getting the eQSL pic under the maximum size allowed for posting! This is 128 kb, with 4 allowed per post. I post my eQSL's via the following method using the PAINT application in Windows. It sounds tedious, but is actually quite simple after you do it a few times. First I check out the size of the downloaded eQSL file. If it is already under 128 kb, and is already a JPEG, as follows:
Download email eQSL attachment to desktop.
Right click on downloaded desktop file and select OPEN WITH. Select PAINT
Go up to File and select Save As from drop down list. Where the box says Save In, select Desktop. Select Save As JPEG. DoubleClick to save. Close out Paint.
Go to Desktop and mouse over the file to see file size. If file is under the max limit for saving on HFU, you are ready to post.
Open up New Entry if QSL not previously posted or Reply if there is already a posting of this QSL.
Below the message box, select Additional Options. Where the link box is, select Browse. Select desktop, find the eQSL file and double click on it. The link should show up in the box. Hit Post and it should come up ok.
If the file is larger than the allowed 128 kb, you can correct this by right clicking on the file and OPEN WITH: PAINT. Click on the IMAGE drop down box and select "Stretch/Skew". Reduce the size by lowering the percentages in the 2 boxes....do them by the same amount! Hit OK, then go up to FILE and drop down to SAVE IN: Desktop and SAVE AS:JPEG. Close out paint and go to desktop. Mouse over to see what the file size is now. If under the max 128 kb, go back to Additional Options and select browse...find the file on desktop and double click...hit SAVE. Then hit POST. It works for me everytime, and with a little bit of finesse you can download an eQSL and in a minute or two tops, you have posted it successfully. Don't forget to Describe the eQSL if NEW ENTRY, and you can also add comments in the message box.

Solid S9 here at 0055 UTC tune-in with long spacey guitar tune, into an UNID garage rock tune at 0101 UTC. Nice audio!
The Poacher strikes again!!! IS at 0106 UTC
Seems to be a pattern here...he plays a couple of songs to get the UNID posting, then the Lincolnshire Poacher IS to get things moving long....at 0010 UTC we have the CW...
0012 UTC Pakistan, Pakistan...now the Poacher is selling cars!
0018 UTC ....www., then LP IS!!!
0026 UTC ...vegetarian...non-vegetarian...please Master, then IS and off

At threshold level here at 0013 UTC tune-in with some C&W music. Too close to the noise floor to make good copy.

I'm getting this rather weak here at 2214 UTC with announcer obsessing over an ancient Caananite deity. In the clear and just above the noise floor. I have nothing against this op, but seriously...anyone can sit behind a microphone and read from parts of the Old Testament while making irritating moral judgements on those of other religious persuasions. Please QSL...regards,

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: Borderhunter 21.460
« on: March 30, 2014, 1851 UTC »
Just came back from an errand and Borderhunter is coming in loud and clear at 1846 UTC with deep fades, but S8 at peaks. A little Dutch music here is always welcome!
1852 UTC "Time After Time"-Cyndi Lauper
Signal varied greatly with some deep fades during the next 3 Europop tunes.
1907 UTC Cover of "Needles and Pins", with op talkover...did I hear someone else talking also?
1912 UTC Thanks for the shoutout during the Hollies medley Borderhunter! I thought I heard somebody else talking there! {The Needles and Pins cover should have been 1907 UTC instead of the 1903 UTC I originally posted....ooops!}. Also shoutouts to others posting on HFU!
Hey Borderhunter, I deleted most of my details, so you don't get any fake reports! I have fun typing them in. Of course, I copy and pasted them to a file for reference! Great show today here and it looks like you really got out today with your signal!
2025 UTC Really pounding in her still with the voice of Johnny Cash!
2038 UTC Signal has really steadied now, with very little fading as before..reading letter from the US from someone with a Dutch name.
2100 UTC Thanks for reading my email on the air!!! The Dutch invasion is alive and kicking!
2116 UTC "Go Now"-Moody Blues (Does this mean you are closing down? I think you've been on almost 3 hours today...a marathon broacast!)
2119 UTC Says will be closing down. Into "Nights in White Satin"-Moody Blues
2127 UTC There's never a bad time to "Roll Out the Barrel"!
2150+ UTC Off after ID's, ad for Summermeeting.

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