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Feb 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rock solid S8 here at 2325 UTC tune-in with "Magic Carpet Ride"-Steppenwolf {Great Audio!}
2329 UTC "Conquistador"-Procol Harum(with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)
2333 UTC ID "You are listening to Radio Ronin shortwave coming to you from the planetary ionosphere", into "White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane
2336 UTC "Paint It Black"-Rolling Stones {Nice S9 peak here with selective fading}
2340 UTC Canned ID with man and woman announcer..."transmitting an electronic wave that will rock your radio" into "Stranger In a Strange Land"-Leon Russell
2345 UTC "Hymn 43"-Jethro Tull {playing this through my stereo now!}
2348 UTC "Mr. Soul"-Buffalo Springfield {love that early Neil...}
2351 UTC Man announcer...."playing music that rocks your radio", into "She's Not There-Zombies
2354 UTC "I'm Just a Singer(In a Rock and Roll Band)-Moody Blues
2358 UTC Man announcer..."Shogun of shortwave", into "Looking Out My Back Door"-Creedence Clearwater Revival
Feb 2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
0000 UTC "I'm On the Road Again"-Canned Heat(album version) {still S8 here!}
0005 UTC "You Keep Me Hanging On"-Vanilla Fudge {wish I had synchronous detection!}
0008 UTC "I Can See For Miles"-The Who
0013 UTC Canned ID, into "Pretzel Logic"-Steely Dan
0018 UTC "Hurdy Gurdy Man"-Donovan
0021 UTC Man announcer with ID, email, Belfast address, tip of the hat to Armed Services members, and "Until Next Time"...off abrupt at 0022.
{Superb selection of tunes Ronin guy! Now I know who bought all my 45's that my sister tag saled while I was at UMASS in the mid 1970's}

Punching in here with S9+ at tune-in 2214 UTC with World War 2 CBS newsreel. Nice AM audio!
2239 UTC Playing 40's tunes now. "Would You Like to Swing On A Star" at 2242. I remember watching Captain Kangaroo in 1960ish when they would play a version of this song! Shades of Mr. Greenjeans and Grandfather Clock...
2250 Dick Weed & Co with chat about the French and recap..."from 1944...all that's left is 1945 but you have to buy a t-shirt...until next time...off abrupt at  2253 UTC.

Nice signal here Mr. Boombox at 1216 UTC tune-in with ID..."This is Boombox Radio" inviting reports to the HFUnderground, into a funky sounding R&B number I believe is named "For The People", then another unid song at 1220 UTC. Solid S9 here with occasional deep fade below the noise floor, but mostly rock steady on about 6849.3 Khz ampitude modulation! I'm on my second cup of Maxwell house coffee...too early to start chowing down! I fed the cats already though...they had Friskies chicken shreds....
1228 DJ Id'ing last tune and next tune, then an electronica voiced dance tune.
1232 ID then an R&B number...{at 59 years old, I'm not good at ID'ing these modern tunes! If my niece were here, she'd be singing along with them!} signal starting to go down a bit, but still strong over the noise floor.
1239 Song with spacey intro into R&B rock dance tune ballad {shows how much I know about today's music!}
1251 BBR ID into techno ballad by man singer
1255 DJ with ID and names of songs played into techno rock sounding kind of song with man singer
1300 DJ with several ID's "Breakfast Show"...tell us what you're having for breakfast...invite to post on HFUnderground, into another techno electronica tune
1305 Song...spacey techno electronica with strange sound effects for a Saturday morning
{Signal still strong with some fading at 1315 during techno pop extended dance mix kinda song}
1330 {Finally, an English muffin with Olivio during the current extended electro-rock dance mix tune}
1335 ID as before into another dance mix...{time for Skipmuck to join the real world...thanks for the show LT! I sent an email...QSL would be nice if you get the time....I'll be doing the techno two step down the aisles of CVS shortly}

Fair signal here just above noise at 0236 with Dwight Yoakum tune, Man announcer at 0239 ID'ing song into a distorted version of "I've Been Lonely Too Long"-Rascals, Man with short chat..."Sugar Magnolia came into my life" into...0243+ "Sugar Magnolia"-Grateful Dead. Signal S3 at best but audio much better during the Dead tune!
0250 "Black Magic Woman"-Santana
0254 Shoutouts into "I Want You"-Bob Dylan{some distortion at first, but cleared up mid song!}
0259 ID! Into electronica vocal tune
0303 "It's Over"-Roy Orbison
0306 DJ chat about love lost...into "Tuesday Afternoon"-Moody Blues
Sudden S7+ peak at 0308...power increase? Nice! Maybe just good prop
0310 "Wildest Dreams"-Moody Blues
0315 Thanks for the shoutout! Yes the xmtr is doing just fine tonight!
0320 DJ chat...mention that the SSB doesn't do justice to the bluegrass...maybe fire up the old AM broadcaster some time...
0321 signal fading into the noise, but still can hear a C&W tune.
0324+ DJ said going to be signing off with one last tune...
0325 "Green Grass & High Tides"-Outlaws
{Hey Drifty Crystal guy...thanks for the tunes!}

S7 here with some fades well above noise floor at 0126 tune-in with punk tunes into electronica at 0136. Seems spot on 6930 USB
0142 "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"! {Eclectic}

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: X-FM 6925 AM *0118 UTC 31Jan14
« on: January 31, 2014, 0126 UTC »
Good signal here at 0123 UTC with "Everybody Knows".
0128 UTC with "28 minutes after ...X-FM...the power of X...mix of rock and alternative...shoutouts{THANKS!!!} into talk about the New Years show and problems with the xmtr, then about tonight doing a "Covers" broadcast. Canned ID at 0133 into song from 1989.{signal peaks at S7 here and fades below the noise floor at times, but generally good copy}
Song by 311, then Announcer at 0141 with talk, shoutouts, ID and email{you hit the nail right on the head about the religious and other broadcasts! Thanks for the personable straight to the listener chat...it's appreciated!} Into a song I do not know the name of. {Fades are deep, but at peak great AM signal here}
0152 Playing a cover of Hotel California I have not heard before.
0156 Announcer with ID's of songs, ID, talk about QSL's into cover of "Paint It Black"
0207 Cover of "Bad Company" into long talk...previous songs, "here under the stars" ID, QSL 100%(no paper!)..."Red Hat"...shout outs, talk about the old days and hearing a song again and listening to the lyrics, snow, old days when I used to ride a motorcycle...rundown of previous songs played into "Sweet Dreams(are made of these)-Marilyn Manson
{Signal strength greatly improved around 0205 and fades now above the noise floor!} 0021 cover of "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town"
0127 Cover of "Imagine" by frontman for Tool
Couple of songs into ID and chat by Red Hat with "Green Onions"-Booker T in the background, couple more shoutouts, recap of songs into a "12" single about 9 minutes long, time check at 0143
{Thanks for the show directed at the listening audience Mr. Red Hat! Nice change of pace on the song selection. Time for Skipmuck to hit the sack...wake up time at 0815 UTC comes too soon! Hope to hear you again....}
{Just before falling asleep...0203 "Why Can't We Be Friends", into "Sweet Child of Mine" at 0206-posted next morning!}

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Ronin eQSL
« on: January 30, 2014, 0907 UTC »
Received eQSL here also for the 26th broadcast. Awesome graphics! Very much appreciated! Love that electric blues too!

QSLs Received / Re: Hit Parade Radio "NOW 30" WRKO QSL
« on: January 30, 2014, 0903 UTC »
For pic of the QSL see my first post....I figured out how to post a jpeg.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6935 USB 0043 UTC 29Jan14
« on: January 29, 2014, 0104 UTC »
Good signal here at 0051 UTC tune-in with techno-pop and spacey electronica. Pesky QRM briefly, then something co-channel I can't make out. This station is always interesting in their selection of music.
In the clear since 0101 UTC with a solid S5 well above the noise (here in Western Massarctica).

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 0059 UTC 27Jan14
« on: January 27, 2014, 0139 UTC »
Caught the tail end of this with end of song then ID by man..."This is Radio Canada...Victor Echo Seven Kilo Foxtrot Mike"...
I listened to my tape several times and can't make out the gmail address. I did google this and apparently this guy has caused quite a stir. The things you hear on the radio.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WRR 6930U 0048 UTC 27 Jan 2014
« on: January 27, 2014, 0109 UTC »
Solid S3 above the noise here with bluegrass tune on 6930.1 USB at 0106 UTC.

Nice signal hear peaking at S7 over the noise and peskies at tune-in 0036 with electric blues tune, ID at 0040+. More blues guitar tunes until 0053 ID. Some deep fading here.
0057 ID..."Radio Ronin Worldwide broadcasting to the world" into "Smoking Gun"-Robert Cray Band

QSLs Received / Hit Parade Radio "NOW 30" WRKO QSL
« on: January 26, 2014, 2144 UTC »
Nice eQSL received today for January 25, 2014 broadcast on 6948 KHZ. Similar in style to the "alt 36" posted here previously.
Thanks Dale!!!

Good here with S4-S5 signal spot on 6940 USB here in Western MA. Tune-in 0119 during Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard into Schools Out then My Old School. Sounds like the Ramones now...."school" themed! Great audio!
Blues/Rock tunes at 0132 and 0137. Quick "Wolverine Radio ID by man at 0140 into blues tinged harder edged rock tune. Noise level creeping up here.

Fair at 2237 UTC but steady above the noise here with "The Great Pretender". Pesky spot on 6925 LSB.
2240 "Bohemian Rhapsody"-Queen
"Fat Bottomed Girls", then into "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" at 2250 UTC
"Under Pressure" collaboration with David Bowie, into skit of some sorts at 2257 then "Jive Talking"-Bee Gees.{signal holding up pretty good still}

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