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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6925 USB 0335 3/02/2014
« on: March 02, 2014, 0403 UTC »
S5 here at peaks amidst noise...punk tune at 0401 UTC.

I posted this before as UNID...saw Chris Lobdell had also posted so I deleted mine...apparently he deleted his...ok...one more time! Woman announcer with news, into Asian ballad...0052 UTC woman with commentary. S8 at outset, now down to S5 with lots of band noise....guess tonights good prop is coming to an end!

S8 into Western MA tonight...hey Cap'n...Mr. Dick Weed is sorta kinda playing your bluesy stuff over on 6950....40's swingy bluesy boogie tunes. We have a concensus tonight on the pirate band....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6950 USB 0222z 3/2/14
« on: March 02, 2014, 0239 UTC »
Excellent sound on USB...badly distorted on LSB. Hey DJ Dickweed...3 shows in one day...nice! "When you dance with your bobby sox, you dance at your own risk". Strange string sounding music now...whatever!
0259-0302 UTC...Had to dig the Aeriola Sr out of the storage room to hear that last tune properly!
0308 UTC Holy spin the black circle Batman! RFW's gone cylindrical! Didn't they have Audacity back then?

S5 here with fair-good signal here solid above the noise floor! No deep fades...nice ID with website info at 0208 UTC into music at 0209 UTC
Signal started slipping under the noise around 0214 UTC...still partially readable.

Listening on and off for the last 45 minutes and the signal is the flat out strongest of any logging I've had including Radio Clandestine in the 1980's. Best audio too....and then there's the blue ribbon tunes! Hey Wolverine guy...you have any Spirit in those archives?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925 USB 0149 2 Mar 14 UNID
« on: March 02, 2014, 0155 UTC »
This pirate started off on 6922.5, moved to 6925 at 0130 UTC, off again at 0140, back up at 0143 UTC and still on. Heard 2 tunes from one of my favorite underrated groups...SPIRIT! Competing with Wolverine for best in show tonight... Off again at 0155 UTC.

Tuned in to "1984" by Spirit, into UNID Pop tune at 0126 UTC, off abrupt at 0130 UTC. S8

Weak audio just at or above threshold here with slow ballads EZ listening in foreign language. Tip of the hat to DIMBULB for ID!!!
0110 UTC A real tango sounding tune now...

Just caught the end of this at 2245 with some kind of siren winding down slowly, mooing and barnyard noises, what sounded like a star trek klaxon....the pirate broadcasts are getting bizarre and you know what happens when the going gets bizarre! Off at 2247 UTC. I had it as 6925.1 KHZ and S5.

S9 here with booming AM signal at 2014 UTC tune-in on a rather unusual frequency!
2014 UTC "Lies"-Churches (in progress)
2016 UTC "I'm Afraid of Americans"-?
2019 UTC "Love Hold Me Down"-David Bowie
2022 UTC Dick Weed & Co chatting about whatever(names of songs!)
2024 UTC "Hustle & Cuss"-

Very pleased to hear this after many weekend nights of getting up in the insufferable hours of early morning only to find no decent TA openings. Neil Young cover, Journey, Barenaked Ladies, man announcer with ID's, email, mention of website. Will listen back on the tape and send report....signal fading well above the noise, at times announcer very clear. Down fades well under the threshold. Some ute QRM at 0700 UTC. Bottom dropped out of the signal at 0703. Thanks for the broadcast!

2318 UTC tune-in with S6 peak and fading. Man singing "GOD****" YOU" over and over, Pop tune at 2319 UTC
2322 UTC Take This Gun From My Cold Dead Hands"?
2324 UTC Some kind of free speech rant by man
2337 UTC Pop Song
2333 UTC with some kind of sex game skit.....{guess that's why we call this Free Radio!} Into Rockabilly kinda tune. Off at 2343 UTC

Nice S8 here with selective fading at 2251 UTC tune-in with Lady announcer reading listeners letters, Song by Lady Singer in UNID (I assume Mongolian!) language at 2257 UTC. Damned if I ever heard VOM this good but once in all my on and off years of listening to shortwave. Where is the audio coming from to relay this? Keep it coming Mongolian relay guy! Previous song had a rather curious man rapping in UNID language over the R & B outro. Different song with Lady singer at 2302 UTC.
2305 UTC Lady announcer with ID, schedule/frequencies
2306 UTC Lady announcer with looped ID "You are listening to the Voice of Mongolia English Service" followed by pause, then IS repeated several times, then off abrupt at 2308 UTC.
{Whoever is relaying this....MORE!!!}
{I never did get around to verifying Ulan Bataar in the 1980's....would appreciate one by proxy very much now!}

Good clean S9 here in AM at 0132 UTC tune-in overpowered whatever was on 6925 USB. Captain playing some good home grown blues tonight! A little backwoods harmonica to warm the soul...
0142 Some tasty electric guitar blues licks for the lovers playing hideaway out in the cornfield
0145 UTC "Tweedly-ee-dee" and a swig of moonshine to make the world spin on time....(I adlib)
Great tunes tonight Captain....don't here much of this on the bands....
Audio pretty good but major selective fading tonight

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