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Thanks for the info on the "Grace Slick" soundalike tunes! I loved the original version of Venus when it first came out but had never heard anything else by the Shocking Blue. Uh, I think we can do without hearing "Ma Belle Amie" on the pirate bands again....Hit Parade Radio did a "NOW 30 Countdown" show a few weeks back...that song was played...once is enough per decade! Leave it to ********to craft a song that would only be rivaled by Terry Jacks a few years later. :'(

********{I amended my earlier posting here as I did not know that the Tee Set was from the Netherlands! My caustic comments still apply!}

QSLs Received / COOL AM RADIO eQSL (relay from North America)
« on: February 13, 2014, 2309 UTC »
Nice eQSL received here today direct and also forwarded by Chris Lobdell (who inadvertantly received mine!). Thanks Andre....it is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing COOL AM RADIO direct from the Netherlands on some lucky day!

Other / Re: UNID 6945 KHZ LSB FEB 11, 2014 0049-0051 UTC
« on: February 13, 2014, 0856 UTC »
Has there ever been a pirate calling themselves "Walk the Plank" Radio or "Radio Scurvy Dog"?

Solid S8 signal here with great AM audio
0219 UTC "Never Can Say Goodbye"-Jackson 5
0222 UTC "Rockin Robin"-Jackson 5
0225 UTC "Billy Jean"-MJ
0229 UTC "Beat It"-MJ
0233(Signal fading widely in and out of the noise and then gone)
{Listened back on the recording and I can hear the whispering bit, but can't make it out...another poster says Wolverine Radio...the great audio fits!}

Great S9 signal here at tune-in 0143 UTC on about 6924.2-2624.3 KHZ. with Harry Nilsson-"Lime in the Coconut"
0148 "Play That Funky Music White Boy"-Wild Cherry
0152 "Jumping Jack Flash"-Rolling Stones

Solid above the high band noise here at 0032 UTC with girl band tune. Sounds like a medley of tunes by Grace Slick or a soundalike! S7 here.
0048 UTC UTC Man announcer with ID..."No talking, no commercials....Cool AM" into "Love Is A Stranger"-Eurythmics
0053 UTC "Sweet Dreams(Are Made Of These)"-Eurythmics
0056 UTC "It's Alright(Baby's Coming Back)"-Eurythmics
0059 UTC UNID Rock tune
0105+UTC UNID acoustic bluesy pop tune
0108 UTC "Cool Am" ID and email address, into another UNID tune
{Music and ID's clear through the high noise floor}
0112 UTC UNID song woman singer (rap intro high energy rock tune)
{there seems to be some heavy CW QRM!}
0121 UTC Sounds like a girl group punk tune{Lots of QRM distorting the signal...kind of a warbling het}
0125 UTC "Back Door Man"-Doors
0128 UTC "Moonlight Drive"-Doors(Signal cleared up really nice!)
0131 UTC "Strange Days"-Doors
0134 UTC ID "...all over the world...Cool AM Radio". Heard a beep, then off abrupt at 0135 UTC
{Hey Cool AM guy...would greatly appreciate a QSL! Nice to hear some different tunes here tonight...thanks for the broadcast!}

Other / Re: UNID 6945 KHZ LSB FEB 11, 2014 0049-0051 UTC
« on: February 13, 2014, 0002 UTC »
Yes, they seem to be having a good time...tune-in 2353 UTC and I can hear music playing and chatter. If these peskies are truly fisherman, on a boat, broadcasting music without a license, doesn't that make them true pirates? Can anyone that posts on HFU speak Spanish and understand what all the chatter is about from these so called pescadoras?
2304 UTC I can hear opera style music under all the noise and chatter.

« on: February 12, 2014, 2223 UTC »
Thanks for the reply redhat! I know it was a standard type wall plug in power supply, but I was uncertain about the variable voltage spec. requirement. I guess any 12 volt psu with an output of 400 mA should do it. I'll have to check the plug type. These Datong notch filters are hard to come by now from what I've read...the one I have used to perform miracles back in the 1980's...

Other / UNID 6945 KHZ LSB FEB 11, 2014 0049-0051 UTC
« on: February 11, 2014, 0106 UTC »
Strange things happening in pescadora land...heard what was definitely opera music...switched to LSB and damned if what sounded like Enrico Caruso with a solid S8 signal. I tuned in just before 0049 and it was off abrupt just after 0051. Peskies playing radio, or someone playing with the peskies? Either way, nobody's catching any fish...please QSL!

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6925 USB FEB 10, 2014 2239 UTC
« on: February 10, 2014, 2257 UTC »
Hearing something steady above the noise floor with lots of peskies on LSB and SSB here. Unid rock tune ending, into mans voice sounding like TV audio, then at 2239 a funky jazz guitar intro with electronic sounds. I think there was an XLR8 voiceover ID, more jazz improv with a baroque piano tune.
2252 UTC Pretty sure man announcer with "XLR8" ID, into unid rock tune.
2305 UTC Signal up to S4 now, overwhelming the pesky during a harder edged punk tune.
{Really eclectic mix of tunes I have never heard..hey XLR8 guy...more talk between tunes! Let us (me, anyway) know what the names of these tunes are!}
{I guess the other posters know these tunes...I was born in 1955 and still rock around the clock...missed this genre though!}
2335 UTC ID, then a Ramones sounding kinda punk tune
2343 UTC ID, then a metal edged garage band grungy punk tune
2349 Off abrupt after ID's
{Thanks for the alternative tunes XLR8! Don't hear much of this music on the local FM stations}

QSLs Received / Re: Black Cat Radio eQSL
« on: February 10, 2014, 0912 UTC »
Received here also....nice picture! Thanks Black Cat guy! Hope to hear from you again next time I'm "surfing" the bands.

« on: February 09, 2014, 2208 UTC »
When I got back into shortwave listening in August of 2013 after nearly 24 years absence, I found that my Datong FL-3 auto notch filter had somehow separated itself somehow from the original power supply that came with it. I can't find it anywhere! I've checked out ebay and found what look like suitable replacements, but I'm not certain! Does anyone have any information on a good replacement for the power supply? I downloaded the original spec sheet for the FL-3 and it states the following:
Supply Current: 85 mA zero volume
                      400mA max. output
Supply Voltage: 10-15 volts DC. Protected against reverse polarity
I would be interested in any info at all as to where I might obtain the best power supply replacement!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6930 AM 2134 UTC 9 Feb 2014
« on: February 09, 2014, 2145 UTC »
Good S8 signal here with selective fading at 2140 UTC. Big Band swing tune in progress, into WW2 special bulletin from Guam at 2141 UTC. The Marines singing a special song from the front at 2147 UTC. Same show as yesterday. 2220 UTC Signal getting better as the darkness approaches here.

Finished up my last minute shoveling snow outside and take off my boots and then I had to put on my dancing shoes! Solid S8 here at 1729 UTC tune-in a few hertz below 6948.2 KHZ. Electronic dance mix tune, into ID by L.T. at 1731 UTC. More dance mix tunes, Echo ID at 1747 UTC mentioning "Breakfast With Boombox" and email for reports...into another dance mix until 1752 UTC when off abruptly.
{Hey L.T.! I already had breakfast hours ago...this should be the "Lunch With Boombox" show! Thanks for the show anyway....always nice to pick up those tired feet and enjoy a little early afternoon rave!}

Just barely above threshold level here at 0224 UTC tune-in. Now and then I hear surf music clearly...clear ID as "This is Black Cat Radio" at 0228 UTC. There was someone at strong level breaking in over broadcast briefly at this time. Tough copy! I hear nothing but band noise now at 0232 UTC. Off?

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