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Horizon FM is pounding in here with clear ID's, nice clean wide audio...Give Me the Night-George Benson, ID, advertisement...We are Family at 2303 UTC. This despite real poor reception conditions tonight! Nearly 100% copy on speech!
{per email just a little while ago, Andy says running about 300 watt carrier}
{oly, he is just testing tonight with a few "valves" missing..hopes to get 1KW as soon as a new set of "valves" arrive! You should be able to hear this then straight on! He switched from 6245 KHZ because of reports of QRM}
(I checked up one more time at 0045 UTC and nothing heard. Don't know if they signed off or if that big solar flare around 1105 UTC or so kicked in...lots of solar activity today!)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6935U 0120 12-Mar-14
« on: March 12, 2014, 0131 UTC »
Fair signal here at 0128 UTC tune-in at S5 with a sassy girl group tune.
0132 UTC Silent pause, then another girl group tune.

Very weak under a pescadore preacher at 0103 UTC with "Talking In Your Sleep"-Romantics, partial ID..."Radio HehHehHeh"(I assume this is PPVR), into "Keep On Loving You"-REO Speedwagon. The pesky is strongest on 6925 LSB, but bleeding over into USB here. Funny thing, today I told a fellow Portuguese coworker about the pescadores and he was quite interested! He said there was a large group in Fall River and New Bedford, MA that mostly arrived from the Azores...fishing is their whole life and they are also very religious. He said the Azores Portuguese is spoken differently and is easily recognizable to those who are fluent. He wants me to record some of their chat for him. I will take him up on it and maybe learn something about their "freebander" fun and games!
{PPVR is really weak, but pops up above the noise and the peskies, maybe S4 tops}
0120 UTC I get nothing at all now except the pesky. I listened back on the tape, and the ID is clearly "Vagina Radio HehHehHeh". They do seem to be playing normal music tonight!
Hey VRHHH...how about a QSL? I'm sure it would be an interesting one!

That's a good question! I think the main reason is that pirates, if any, on the west coast, would be directing their broadcast for the best coverage in the US...that would be towards the East! The signal would then possibly be skipping right over you. Also, any Euro's trying to reach here would be directing towards the East coast of the US as that is the closest distance. The signals propagate better over the big pond. Lastly, although the pirates tend to be concentrated more in the Eastern part of the country, they aren't all on this side...most pirates tend to be low power that doesn't go very far except when propagation is good! A good dipole cut for the pirate bands would work wonders!

QSLs Received / Radio Blah, Blah, Blah eQSL PRB Relay Service
« on: March 11, 2014, 2128 UTC »
Found this in the email box today! Never would have figured this was our good friend Andre! Thanks much Andre!!!! Happy to get this one....

« on: March 10, 2014, 2253 UTC »
Andy at Horizon FM sent this brand new eQSL very promptly for my reception yesterday on 6245 KHZ. Thank you very much indeed Andy!!! They were testing a new antenna. Power was at 75 watts, slightly lower than 5780. Full power of 1 KW expected this weekend!!
{I have been following the controversy regarding this on 5780 since the outset and acknowledge the healthy skepticism surrounding the QTH of the transmitter. If it is indeed from Isla Canarias, that is good. If it is being relayed from somewhere else, that is good too. Nice QSL and I'm happy to get it either way! The important thing is that it is being propagated by the ionosphere at some distance from my receiver!}

Had audio here as early as 2200 UTC...signal picked up really well over the next 45 minutes. S4 with deep fades at 2243 with cover of "Baby I Love Your Way"...op was quite chatty between songs...still hearing this when I tuned away at 2317 UTC.
{Listened back on the tape, and caught an ID at 2259 UTC. Sounded like News at 2300 UTC}
0050 UTC Still going strong here between fades
{Is this from Tenerife, the UK, or some kind of relay? I remember reading that the OP was going to up power at some point}
(updated March 11 at 0230 UTC. I straightened out the times. I forgot about the EDT to EST change when I originally posted!)

Nice S8 signal here during Sniff & the Tears-Drivers Seat at 0012 UTC, 0015 UTC ID, into Robert Plan-"Lighten Up Baby I'm in Love with You"
0021 UTC with Labelle and "Lady Marmelade"...believe this is a rebroadcast of the show from the other night. Good audio and always nice to hear what the temperature is from the Jersey Shore...cold!

Nice S9 here at 2331 UTC tune-in with "Get Together"-Youndbloods already in progress.
2332 UTC Announcer with Channel Z ID's, brief Janis Joplin Summertime clip, into "Summertime Blues"-Who
2340 UTC "Summer In the City"-Lovin Spoonful
2343 UTC "In the Summertime"-Mungo Jerry
{Awesome audio and the theme is long overdue here!!!Thanks for the show especially as I've been doing my taxes here all day. I'm sick of being cooped up in the house...where's the warm weather?}
2350 UTC Man announcer with ID, email, and postal address for reports (Blue Ridge Summit), into "Sunny Afternoon"-Kinks
2355 UTC "Dock of the Bay"-Otis Redding
2358 UTC "Aquarius"-Fifth Dimension

Rock solid S9 here Dr. Benway! Better than 6925 earlier...tuned in about 0350 UTC. Nice to hear someone above the AM band like the old days...
Thanks for the shoutout! A little bit of selective fading, but nice clean audio...
Wow...someone emailed the Dr. with a report of S9+40! Must have the antenna from hell.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6880 AM 0239 UTC 9Mar14
« on: March 09, 2014, 0256 UTC »
S9 here with great audio at 0245 UTC tune-in...end of song, then man announcer mentioning something about going to 6925
0246 UTC "Gold"-John Stewart
0250 UTC Man announcer...what are you doing listening...go to 25 you can't check our audio with ?, into UNID song
0255 UTC "Tell Me Something Good"-Chaka Khan
0259 UTC Familiar tune...sounded like an extended remix loop...instrumental
0303 UTC Man announcer with voiceover at end of song..."Why you would be listening is beyond me"..off abrupt
{Thanks for the show despite the fact that I shouldn't be listening! I guess asking for a QSL is out of the question...if I shouldn't be listening, I shouldn't be asking for a QSL? It would be appreciated anyway!. Come back soon...}
I listened back on the tape several times at 0259 and the lady would seem to be saying "music dead number one". My tape is crystal clear...I have no idea what that means!
{and the winner is "Music Bed Number One"}

Presumed to be what I'm hearing now at 0217 UTC tune-in on around 6304.3 KHZ with EZ listening ballad, 0022 UTC announcer in non-English. The bands quieted down very nicely the last half hour!

S8 here with nice clear AM signal at 0140 UTC with Cars by Gary Numen, into old advert for the T-Bird...into Hot Rod Lincoln

QSLs Received / RADIO MARLENE eQSL for MARCH 8, 2014 6930 KHZ
« on: March 09, 2014, 0122 UTC »
Thanks Marlene! Much appreciated...nice graphics too!

Left 6925 to check this out on 6950 USB at 0010 UTC...MTV skit per boys in the chat room...nice clear S8 audio, but the band noise is ugly tonight here.

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