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Been following this since the C&W version of the Star Spangled Banner at 0003 UTC and it sounds like they're having a regular hoedown out there in West Virginia! Blue Grass at S9 here with deep choppy fades. This was co-channel to an UNID on 6935 USB earlier.
0034 UTC with ID by man announcer..."You are listening to Radio Appalachia". Another ID about a minute later.
0039 UTC Live intro to another C&W tune
0052 UTC Man announcer with ID...."broadcasting from high above Moundsville, West Virginia...Radio Appalachia" into another live intro Bluegrass tune (and a little clip of the Three Stooges in there)
0055 UTC A lady singer with a ballad and mournful fiddle
With the last 3 songs, the hoedown seems to have calmed down a bit!
Sign off at 0112 after a tune by Patsy Cline
THANKS FOR AN AWESOME SHOW HERE TONIGHT APPALACHIA OP!!! It was a pleasant change of pace and there was some damn good fiddle playing and finger picking!

I'm getting some threshold level audio here at 2204 UTC, but still too weak to copy. Definitely music, but not strong enough to ID....hope they stay on until sunset! Haven't heard this one since the Christmas holidays.
2220 UTC Signal improving, but still too weak to copy amid the static
2222 UTC Man announcer talking between music segments
2241 UTC Song "The Game of Love"-Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
2331 UTC Song "Bye Bye Love"-Everly Brothers then OFF
Thanks for the show tonight Tip & Elvis! Nice to hear you again. Come back soon!

MW Loggings / TIS 1710 KHZ MARCH 29, 2014 IDENTIFIED!!!
« on: March 29, 2014, 2150 UTC »
Since January 14th of this year, I've been hearing the same tape loop day and night as posted earlier this year. It has been relentless with no break in transmission. There has been much speculation on what it was...even my email inquiry to the FCC resulted in a nice reply that this was Hudson. Today at 2130 UTC I happened to do my daily check and they are broadcasting a long repeated loop identifying as the "Springfield Armory National Historic Site". I knew it was too strong here to be Hudson!!! The Springfield Armory is located on the grounds of Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) on State St in Springfield (naturally!). STCC is actually located on the site of the original Springfield Armory grounds dating back to the Revolutionary War. Mystery solved!!!
{The loop which is quite lengthy, mentions 1710}

Solid S9 here in MA at 0102 UTC tune-in with "Make Me Smile"-Chicago
0105+ UTC "Sunshine Superman"-Donovan
0110 UTC Music clip descending in tone, then Lincolnshire Poacher IS! into numbers.
{Hey BP...thanks for rescuing a dismal night at the radio!}
0015 UTC Very nice sequence of meaningful numbers and philosophical meanderings....and 50 % OFF!!! Hey BP...who's your lady friend? You should let her talk more....
0020 UTC BP reads his shopping list
0023 UTC CW and IS and a side order of WTF, then off....

Weak here at or below noise level from 0048 UTC tune-in. Signal improved for a bit at 0050 UTC with heavy metal tune. Signal gone at 0054, not sure if sign off or below noise.
0100 UTC Weak carrier but no audio...strong pesky cochannel LSB so best in USB

Weak signal at mostly threshold level 0015 UTC tune-in with rapid fading and just too much noise to get any copy. Sometimes audio rising above the noise, but tough listen. Nice to see you back Andy! Maybe better prop conditions next time.

Very weak here at 0001 UTC tune-in with UNID rock tune. S2-S3 at peaks, but mostly threshold, sometimes fading under the noise floor.
0004 UTC "Hysteria"-Def Leppard
0007 UTC Either signed off or signal went south!

Channel Z here with solid S9 signal and great audio on about 6150.5 KHZ AM since 0024 UTC with songs, Channel Z ID's..op Andy Walker
{I had deleted the details below the night of the broadcast...restored now}
0027 UTC+ Supertramp?
0038 UTC Big Ben Chimes, and "This is London" into rundown of upcoming music program...
(seems to be some "whirring fan" QRM throughout the broadcast)
0108 UTC "Sultan"-Neil Young and the Squires!!!! Never thought I'd hear this on the radio! Neil's pre-Buffalo Springfield days! Thanks Andy!
0111 UTC "That'll Be the Day"-Lennon/McCartney first record
0114 UTC "What Are We Going To Do"-Davy Jones from 1965
0117 UTC "Close the Door"-
0120 UTC "I Can Hear Music"-early Queen cover of the Beach Boys tune
0124 UTC Andy says "broadcasting across the Eastern Seaboard...Channel Z...special QSL to" (Blue Ridge Summit address)
{Signal best using USB since about 0115 UTC}
{Great music show of earliest tunes by famous artists! Much appreciated here tonight Andy!}

At 2337 UTC tune-in, I get at best S3 above an S2 noise floor. Can hear music and announcer, but tough copy.
{In my reception report to them this past weekend, I referred to them as Radio Powerline....hey Radio Powerliner operator...I didn't mean it!!!}

Getting a fairly solid carrier here, but audio is at noise level around 2330 UTC tune in. Prop is lousy tonight!

I have this at 6935 KHZ spot on at 2336 UTC tune-in with a man and child vocal duet on a folk song with bizarre lyrics!

Killer signal here at 0015 UTC tune-in with Sinatra and "Fly Me to the Moon"
0017 UTC "I Get a Kick Out of You"-Sinatra
0020 UTC "Luck Be A Lady"-Sinatra
0025 UTC "The Best is Yet to Come"-Sinatra
0027+ UTC ID..."This is Chairman of the Board Radio"...."Hope you like it" and off abrupt!
Thanks for the show and the killer audio! Please come back again soon!

QSLs Received / Radio Underground eQSL
« on: March 25, 2014, 2319 UTC »
Just got this in the email box! Thanks Steve...very much appreciated! I assume a USA relay....hope to hear direct from the UK some day!
{Tip of the old pirate hat to the relay station!}
{Genuine Pescadore approved fish and a side order of my favorite vegetable!}

S5 here at 2306 UTC with techno and then strange sounding aborigine electronica music. S5 over S3 noise floor with very little fading.
Still listening, but I can't ID any of the songs....I don't think I've ever been able to ID the songs in the at least 4 loggings this year....I must be getting old.

Sign on just after Bangalore Poacher 1/10th khz lower with strange music. S5 signal with fades and pesky QRM. Audio seems ok to me here, but best in USB to avoid the fishies....
Having the NRD-515 audio through a 7 band graphic equalizer into my stereo takes some of the warts out of bad audio!

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