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Solid S9+ here with great audio since 2320 UTC...sounds like a live show tonight! Hey Mr. Weed and Co....sounds like you guys already had a jump start....be careful with those cables....they can wreak havoc with the mid-life crisis! Nice selection of tunes that I've not heard before....Captain Picard says Make it So  ???

Thank you Mr. Farley! I appreciate the link....I'll download overnight if all goes well....with my dial-up it will take awhile! My reception was marginally better than the 10 minutes of audio posted by Sealord (thanks for that...nice to compare!). Also, thanks again ROR...great production and some Neil tunes you just don't hear on the radio!  :)

Nice clear S8 signal here at 2215 UTC tune-in with James Stewart talking about flying an airplane, into Tommy Dorsey instrumental. Minor fading. Mr. Stewart seems to be having a great time here! Live time checks, on the spot decisions what to play....that's what I call a spontaneous broadcast! Mairzy oats and dozy doats.......
2323 UTC song "I'd Like to be a Pirate", Star Spangled Banner, then off 2325 UTC
Thanks for the "oldies" show Jimmy Stewart!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Someone on 6.930USB
« on: May 17, 2014, 0233 UTC »
0231 UTC Cars-Gary Numan...S5 signal here USB

Thanks Joe Farley! Much of my reception here was just barely above the noise threshold. Much appreciated!

Sign on here too...Neil Young show!
Thanks ROR! Appreciate the request and the shoutout! A little noisy here, but I hear Hawaiian Sunrise at 0114 UTC...with C, S, N at Roosevelt Raceway 1974.
0127 UTC Shots acoustic Boarding House CA
(In and out of the high noise level here...damn, I'm not getting all of these good tunes!)
0141 UTC Southern Pacific!
Mostly at threshold level, but the harmonica cuts right through the noise! Sometimes I really hate the ionosphere and that damn auroral zone!
0156 UTC Vampire Blues off "On the Beach"
0159 UTC Rundown of songs played, "Neil Young Show for Skipmuck", shoutouts to HFU posters, email address and ID"s then off at 0201 UTC
Hey ROR crew....Thank you very much!!! I wish the prop was better, and that damn noise was tough...but thanks for answering my "Request"!!!! Great tunes from the Archive 2 period....please repeat the show some time!
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Weak here at 2339 UTC with tunes by Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Halen, sudden jump in signal to S7 at 0001 UTC
Off at 0037 UTC I guess!
Thanks for the broadcast tonight Radio Kawa op!

Sign-on with Soviet Anthem at 2339 UTC into "Remote Broadcast" show. Music request for Chris Lobdell. Nice S8 signal here with wide band audio.
0022 UTC Song "Whatever"-Oasis ( Hey, DJ DW...how about a theme program with songs using the word Whatever! It could be in the title or maybe even prominently in the song....just an idea....)
Off abruptly at 0027 UTC
(Thanks for the Thursday evening show tonight Mr. Weed!)

QSLs Received / Re: Rave On Radio Kent State Show QSL
« on: May 15, 2014, 2302 UTC »
Thanks ROR! I am not worthy of this as I strained my ears through the noise for about 15 minutes or so and didn't know it was RaveOnRadio! Much appreciated though! :)

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Mistletoe eQSL
« on: May 12, 2014, 2151 UTC »
When I saw Chris Smolenski's posting of the Radio Mistletoe QSL from a reception on Christmas Eve, I thought that maybe my report on the 26th would also be answered too. Sure enough today I received QSL #033 for my report along with a nice letter from Kris Kringle! Thanks Mr. Kringle! You have always been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid! I don't usually post the details of the letters to any great degree, but this one is great! As follows-------------------------------------------
Has it been that long since Christmas?  We're deeply sorry and apologize for not replying sooner.  Because of global climate change, the landing strip for the sleigh had melted and we got stranded on Svalbard.  It wasn't until just a few days ago that a Norwegian fishing trawler was able to get us back to the North Pole.
Attached you'll find a QSL card confirming your reception.  We hope you like it and find its way into your collection.
This Christmas has been an unusual one here at Radio Mistletoe.  Our Program Director decided to try a contest during this years show in which the first letter in the titles of several songs spelled out the answer to the contest.  The listeners who got the correct answer would receive QSLs.  "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" was one of the songs, but was erroneously titled "So This is Christmas" in the record archive, according to the PD.  So we decided it was only fair to send QSLs to everyone who sent in correct reports.  Also, we found out that there was a bogus (fake) Radio Mistletoe in one of the chat rooms during Christmas.  This was very disheartening to us to know that there are unscrupulous people out there eager to mislead others during the most joyous time of the year.
Now that the Christmas holiday season has long since passed, we're glad to say that our broadcast has been another successful one.  We couldn't have done it without the hard work and dedication of everyone here at the station.  And we thank you, the listener, for tuning in and writing.  A special thanks to those who were kind enough to send us pictures, postcards, and moreso the recordings of your reception.  Its nice to see who is listening and how well you receive us.
As of now, we're planning on going on the air again this coming Christmas if all goes well.  Mark it on your calendar.
Again, thanks for writing.
Until next Christmas....
(P.S.  Thanks for the very nice report Chris.  We are not a European Pirate station.  Our transmitters and studio are located at the North Pole. )
Kris Kringle

Equipment / Re: HF Receiving Antenna Myths
« on: May 12, 2014, 0009 UTC »
I have been using an MFJ-901B Versa Tuner for several years. I've used it from 1986-1989, and having returned to shortwave listening after 24 years, have been using it since August of 2013. My antennas have always been random longwires of various lengths and I have found the tuner to be an excellent way of getting the most from the longwire! When tuning from let's say 6925 KHZ to 21460 KHZ, I have to radically change the settings on the MFJ. I've actually checked the effectiveness of the tuner by removing it and hooking the longwire directly to the NRD-515....some frequencies are attenuated and others aren't. I firmly believe it works well for matching a longwire with a receiver. Before the NRD-515 I used it with a Yaesu FRG-7 and it also worked in a similar fashion.

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Cinco de Mayo 2014
« on: May 11, 2014, 1130 UTC »
Received the same QSL here this morning!!! Great graphics and I'm pleased to receive this for my report to radiocincodemayo@gmail.com
Looking forward to many more broadcasts for many, many years!  :)

Nice S8 signal here at 0553 UTC tune-in with folk song by lady singer that sounded like Jewel.
0557 UTC Space Odyssey theme, then ID by op at 0558 UTC... "This is Blue Ocean Radio...BOR...Blue Ocean Radio", then Instrumental fiddle tune.
0601 UTC Bluegrass/Folk tune by man singer mentioning Freedom
0604 UTC UNID tune
0607 UTC Duet by man and lady singer
0610 UTC Bluegrass tune
0614 UTC ID by op..."This is Blue Ocean Radio..BOR...Blue Ocean Radio", then UNID son
0617 UTC Some instrumental finger picking bluegrass music
(I woke up from a sound sleep, turned on the NRD-515 and was rewarded with a great signal from a station I've been wanting to hear for some time now! Thanks for the show BOR! A little bit of noise, but your USB signal is loud and clear...nice audio too!)
0624 UTC Another finger pickin bluegrass tune
0628 UTC A C&W/Bluegrass tune with man vocals
(I'm hearing something underneath your signal...another station? Very weak though)
0632 UTC Man announcer with ID
0648 UTC ID, then a familiar lady singer with guitar pickin and harmonica!
0652 UTC ID, then a little electronic keyboard interlude...IS?
0657 UTC OFF
THANKS BOR! Some great bluegrass and other guitar pickin tunes! Music you don't get to hear on the classic rock and techno dance music stations! Will send in report tomorrow ...ooops, today I mean! Back to sleep for a few more hours! ;D

General Radio Discussion / Re: Earliest DX Memories?
« on: May 10, 2014, 1946 UTC »
Thanks Muskrat! The side of the hobby that we don't see in the station logs, the technical advice, and the QSL reports is the one most overlooked, the listeners themselves and their stories of how radio impacted their life. Another thing that has been missing since I took a leave of absence (for 24 years!) from shortwave listening, is the station programming critiques that could be found in Glenn Hauser's RIB back in the 1980's. Again, thanks for sharing the memories! Maybe I'll take a shot at it some time...

Fair reception here just above the noise level at 0021 UTC on about 6240.1 KHZ with "Radar Love"-Golden Earring. Lots of T-Storm noise!

Off about 0108 UTC. Thanks for trying to punch a hole in the noise tonight RE! If it ain't the propagation, it's the weather....nice selection of tunes tonight. Come back again soon!

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