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S7 peaks here in Western MA at 0014 UTC tune in...man announcer "WMID" at 0018 UTC into metal tune.
0023+ UTC man announcer "WMID", into punk metal tune
0027 UTC man announcer "WMID", into punk rock tune
Except for some fading, audio nice and clear...well above the noise here.
Off at 0033 UTC after song with some kind of talkover by man(or maybe part of the song) and ID..."WMID...all music and ID all the time"..."It was one of the worst things I ever heard on shortwave...so bad it was actually entertaining"
{That was heard at the end of the broadcast...not my comments!}
Thanks for the show tonight WMID! No clue on the names of the tunes.

Threshold level at best here in Western MA since sign on at 0019 UTC with occasional bits of talk and music audio popping up. Negligible copy! I'm getting a spurious "howling wind" kind of noise here....possibly local QRM. Nice to almost hear you again WRR!
I spoke too soon! WRR turned up the power during Amos Moses at 0043 UTC. Much better copy now!
0046 UTC ID into "Don't Mess Around With Jim"-Jim Croce

Good signal here this early evening on 6771.3 ish AM at 2345 UTC tune-in playing cocktail lounge blues and a familiar sounding instrumental tune, the name of which escapes me at the moment. S8 at peaks and well above the noise floor, but marred by occasional static crashes. The audio quality is actually quite good! Hey mystery op....how about some email contact or something? You have us bewildered! ???
(I think the tune was Sunrise Serenade.)
2359 UTC FSN News until 0004 UTC, into Amos & Andy

Still going at 1047z this morning.

I'm beginning to wonder if we need to move this station from Pirate to Other?

I think maybe we should move this topic to "HUH?" ;D

Hearing threshold audio on 13910 USB here at 2259 UTC...hard to tell what's playing, but it sounded like "Baba O'Reilly" by the Who. Lots of static crashes here from local storm! 2313 UTC maybe "Addicted to Love"???
2314 UTC Clear "Cool AM" ID by man announcer followed by UNID song...lady singer?
2319 UTC Man announcer with "This is Cool AM Radio", followed by "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones
(There seems to be some kind of  intermittent broadband pulse QRM)
2330 UTC ID's by man and lady followed by a long blues song by man singer
(Signal pretty much gone by 2335 UTC...thanks for the show anyway Andre and BOR op!)

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: 5055 at 22:32
« on: May 26, 2014, 2255 UTC »
I get nothing on 5055 KHZ, but I'm getting a good signal on 5050 KHZ, with "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B" at 2249 UTC, into an instrumental version of the National Anthem/patriotic song medley. I believe this is a WWRB-Tennessee frequency that's not always active. S9 signal here with excellent audio...now playing a choral tune.

QSLs Received / "VOICE OF HONOR" Memorial Day 2014 eQSL
« on: May 26, 2014, 1321 UTC »
Just got this a little while ago for my email and HFU posting! Thank you very much VOH op! Very happy to get this and I hope you have a great Memorial Day with family and friends! Hope to hear you again for many years to come! Superb graphics on the QSL and yes, they ran throught the briars and they ran through the brambles!
Also, thanks for the set list!

I'm getting some very weak audio on 6771.2 KHZ at 1300 UTC tune-in. Music slowly fading in and out of the noise floor...lady singer.

Something here at 0121 UTC with intermittent signal.
0122 UTC Powerhouse S9+ signal now with blues song by lady singer
0124 UTC Man announcer with badly distorted signal breaking up, into song by lady singer also distorted.
Ooops....6950 KHZ...don't know if I was tuned to the wrong frequency or Wolverine switched from 6952 to 6950!
Nope....I listened back to the recording and just after the Wolverine Radio ID at 0124, a mans voice was heard saying..."back to 50 where it's supposed to be". A rare moment of Wolverine Radio op actually speaking! Cool! :o Signal distorted after that because he switched to 6950 and I had to retune!
0150 UTC Whopping signal here at S9+20 at peaks!!!

I've tried several times tonight since 0020 UTC, but all I get is a weak carrier here on 6974.2ish. Lots of static is making it tough tonight!

S9 here with alternative tune ending, DJ Dick Weed at 0057 UTC, into a rather ethereal sounding instrumental tune...lead guitar with wah wah pedal effects.

Pirate Patriotic sounding tune at 0026 UTC with S9 signal here well over the static and noise floor!
0027 UTC Man announcer with ID "This is the Voice of Honor", then email address into "Battle of New Orleans"
0030 UTC Man announcer with ID as before...coming to you this Memorial Day Weekend, into "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
0033 UTC ID and frequency, email address..."send your reports to
voiceofhonor@gmail.com followed by fife and drum tune.
0042 UTC ID, then a recreation of the original vote of the 13 colonies, followed by SSTV and off at 0045 UTC.
(I hope someone posts the picture from the SSTV here, because I don't have the capability to decode it!)
Thanks for the Memorial Day Show Voice of Honor op!
(Thanks for the SSTV image myteaquinn! I believe that is the "Don't Tread on Me" logo.)

S9 signal here with excellent AM audio and a side order of LSB pesky QRM at 2337 UTC tune in. End of song into some kind of beach weather report! 2342 UTC an UNID tune, man announcer at 2343 into "Wipe Out"-Surfari's. 2345 UTC gave an email address.
2347 UTC Song by Dick Dale (Love that early speed guitar!)
2349 UTC ID by man announcer "This is Pipeline Radio"
2350 UTC Kind of a psychedelic surf rock instrumental
2354 UTC UNID song
2356 UTC Man with comedy skit
0001 UTC Surf instrumental
0014 UTC ID followed by "Surfer Girl"-Beach Boys (I loved the harmonies on the song the first time I heard it in the 60's. Brian Wilson reprised the melody when he did "In My Room")
0017 UTC "California Girls"-Beach Boys
0019 UTC Off after last song

I'm getting occasional threshold audio here on 6771.1 KHZ, but not nearly enough to copy! Maybe later. If this is our OTR friend, they sure do get around!

Had this coming in with S9 signal just after Renegade closed down on 6935 and just before hitting the sack. Tuned in at 0326 UTC to spacey instrumental music. I believe a different instrumental tune was played at 0332 UTC (that's what my scribbly notes say!). Great audio, but I couldn't keep my eyes and ears open and called it a night. Signal was well above the noise here.

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