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Uhhh...any chance of a screenshot of the waterfall for us antiquated pirate enthusiasts who are SDR challanged? :-[

Also heard here from 0319-0352 UTC with weak signal just above the low noise floor. ID and frequency by op in chat room. Could copy only the occasional word here and there. Interesting station...haven't heard a call in pirate for many, many years....I guess this program is streamed online, but I didn't check it out.

I get little bits of threshold audio here and there...man talking but nada on the copy.
0237 UTC Coming up a bit at S2 with almost negligible noise floor, but just too weak to copy. Seems to be just straight talking, no music.
0252 UTC Man op with "Hope you enjoyed this broadcast", then an annoying hissing sound QRM'd the rest of the sentence.

S9 here at 0205 UTC with comedy skit with two accented speakers talking about the Land of Fah, the Land of Ahhh, the Land of Bah. Clever play on words...very colorful!
0215 UTC Close Encounters IS, then off at 0216 UTC

EDIT (The link is just an example of what the comedy skit was about) ;D

I caught that too...off before I could get out of my chair and hit the record button! Drive By Yodel? ;D
0200 UTC Heard again...a yodel and then the op said something and off

Listening to this just before hitting the sack at 0133 UTC with fair to good signal on 6933.1 KHZ USB. Johnny Cash? version of "Dang Me" in progress, into a banjo picking C&W tune, followed by another C&W tune. 0139 UTC ID by op..."This is WRR...Whiskey Redneck Radio...Temple of the Screaming Electron", into more C&W

Fair to good here tonight at 0047 UTC tune in. Peaking at S9 with deep fading with tunes, ID at 0052 UTC, more tunes, then ID, rundown of songs (Bad Habit) and chat by DJ Dickweed and Stavin...talking about smoking, into tune by the "Orwells".
(Interesting fading tonight, with bad selective fades, and occasional deep fade with signal dropping from S9 to S5)

I've been hearing weak audio here since 2329 UTC tune-in at threshold level on a very quiet band tonight, except for some minor static bursts. S2 at 2335 UTC peak, fading in and out with mostly easy listening vocal tunes. Tough copy with the weak signal. No ID or announcement heard and off I believe at 2350ish UTC. Possibly Radio Tango Italia?

0121 UTC Tune in with S7 signal here...music, then comedy skit about bacon?, into early Bob Dylan tune. Insane Radio loop ID during song.
Cool song about pirate radio ending at 0136 UTC, into some unique music
(I'm going to have to listen closely to the recording tomorrow...fairly good AM audio here, but best in USB)
Sounds like some kind of alien abduction skit!  ;D
0150 UTC What Condition My Condition Is In-Kenny Rogers & First Edition
0152 UTC OFF
(Thanks for rescuing us from a mundane Wednesday evening Insane Radio! Appreciate the show...come back again!)

Was parked on 6925 USB when this came on at 0114 UTC. Thought I heard a brief bit of audio at 0111 UTC also. Kind of a funky pop tune playing, but same as Chris L....just popping up above the noise level here.
0020 UTC Song with some percussion intro...funky pop tune
(The T-storm static is really annoying here...snap, crackle, and pop with an occasional ear bleeding crunch!)
0127 UTC XLR8 ID! Into another UNID tune
(The noise is beating me up so I'm calling it a night...thanks for the entertainment tonight XLR8 op...how about a contact email address for us loyal listeners? :) )

Had this on at 0015 UTC for about a minute, then gave way to the pesky that's still yakking as of 0018 UTC. Close Encounters theme a solid S7, with the pesky now at S5. Hmmm...
0020 UTC Back again, but much weaker. Pesky has the edge this time
0023 UTC Power up now...S7 again, with some kind of ID by gravely voiced op
0025 UTC MYLQ ID!!!
0028 UTC MYLQ...Make Your Liver Quiver
0030 UTC Ahhh! Music now with really clean audio (Sounds like Little Feat and Oh, Atlanta...signal fading a bit and mixing with the peskies)
0034 UTC CE IS and MYLQ ID...Make Your Liver Quiver
0035 UTC Song...a southern blues rock tune with op talkover
0037 UTC IS and ID, then off
{Hey MYLQ op...how about a contact address?!!! Thanks for the entertainment tonight! QSL's always welcome here too...}

Caught some audio here at 2346 UTC with "Man on the Silver Mountain" on 6925.1ish KHZ. S5 signal with lots of T-Storm static, but clear audio. Off mid-song, the back up briefly at 2349 UTC. Nothing since.... :(

QSLs Received / Re: MAC Shortwave - "The Jimmy Stewart Show"
« on: July 15, 2014, 2144 UTC »
Found this in my email in box today in reply to an email I had sent during the broadcast from July 12-13, 2014. Thanks James Stewart and MAC shortwave! Happy to get one of these for my radio room wall! Enjoy the shows very much here...particularly the scratchy 78's and the weather reports...  ;D

General Radio Discussion / Proton Bombardment! July 14, 2014
« on: July 14, 2014, 2240 UTC »
 I copy and pasted this from http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/ This is my favorite one stop site for propagation. Could someone tell me just what is actually happening here?   Current Solar Indicies from WWV  
14-Jul-2014 at 2105 UTC
SFI = 109   A = 9   K = 3  
Conditions during the last 24 hours  
Space weather for the past 24 hours has been ?????.
Forecast for the next 24 hours  
Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be ?????.
(The "Huh" faces were originally 3 question marks...the machine language interprets very nicely in this context! I suspect that the high density protons are overloading the satellite's sensors or something)

Solar Wind Data
Provides solar wind velocity and energetic particle intensity
Updated at: 2228Z on July 14, 2014

 Velocity (km/s):   357.8  
 Density (protons/cm3):  24.4

EDIT SWPC's proton event threshold is 10 protons/cm2-s-sr at >=10 MeV. Large particle fluxes have been associated with satellite single event upsets (SEUs). ( It looks like 24.4 protons/cm3 is sufficient to KO the GOES sensors!)

Hmmm...are the astrophysicists certain these are from outside the Milky Way galaxy and not from the general direction of the Crab Nebula? Resistance is futile...you have ALL been altered!

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