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Fading in and out over a really low noise level here at 2135 UTC with a pair of Jimi Hendrix tunes, into an eerie electronica mood music instrumental. 2152 UTC electronica mood music with a techno dance beat. The noise level is so low, I am getting good copy during the fade ins, which are about 50+ % of the time. My first time for this station, although I haven't heard an announcement or ID yet.
Faded down to threshold at 2158 UTC, then back up again at 2208 UTC still playing spacey techno instrumental music.
2215 UTC Clear ID by man announcer! Nothing heard after this, so maybe off?
(Very pleased to hear this :) )

OK, now this should complete the information for anyone interested in having a program broadcast over a licensed station in Germany for a small fee :) Go for it! :)

I'm hearing the Linconshire Poacher IS at 0031 UTC! I was parked on 6925 USB when it came up all of a sudden with some pesky QRM. 0037 UTC Man repeating nonsense numbers.
{I thought it was a man with a high pitched voice, but the other posts are correct...it does sound like a woman's voice. Hmmm...Son of the Lincolnshire Poacher ??? (I'll listen back on the recording)
ID by man at 0036 is tough copy...all I get is "Lincolnshire Poacher". No copy on the ID at 0041. Overall signal was fair at peaks.}
EDIT-Listened back again today and this program does not seem to be the same as the zany Bangalore Poacher parody....maybe a copy of a legit recording from back when this was originally being heard, with a little augmented voice ID added in? Still can not hear the " Son of " in my recording, so I'm going with the other posts on this one....ummmm, please QSL? 8)
EDIT #2 Question Mark removed in Subject....

Tango Italia fading in and out of the low noise floor here tonight since 2358 UTC tune-in. Some static bursts here and there, but not nearly as ear crunching as last night!

Following up on the original posting, I received this further information. Not familiar with the conversion of Euro's to US Dollars ???, so I don't know how much this costs. Interesting operation at a time when shortwave broadcasters are shutting down all over the world!

OTR with the clearest signal I've heard yet here with minimal noise at 1105 UTC on 6770 KHZ AM. Solid S5 and nearly 100% copy! Love that dramatic organ music that bridges the story....still very good at 1145 UTC.

Huh? / Re: Al, what do you know about whales?
« on: September 07, 2014, 0230 UTC »
Thanks myteaquinn !!! I'm hearing that right now at 0226 UTC and it sounds like the mobies from hell are on their way to make bacon of those who would set up harpoon batteries on the bluffs and cliffs from Pacific Palisades to Humboldt County :o And someday those cold fusion experiments will turn out to be the solution to global warming! Al, I'm with you when Whale Armageddon arrives to take us to the creator ;D

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: KIPM, 6930U, 0113, 9.7.14
« on: September 07, 2014, 0125 UTC »
Fair but steady signal here at 0121 UTC amid noise with man announcer telling some kind of story about a woman going through the contents of her purse, finally finding her keys. At the movies with the woman now. (Hmmm...voice sounds familiar)
This would be a relay of Alan Maxwell's "The Saga of Wally Hyman" I believe! ;)
Clear ID amid some eerie music...K-I-P-M at 0133 UTC
0149 UTC Gave the defunct Elkhorn address for reception reports. Also mentioned WHYP at 0150 UTC, then the stories continue! (This stream of conciousness talk is captivating!)
0207 UTC "This is Alan Maxwell"... "we now return control of your shortwave receiver"...several K-I-P-M ID's with sci-fi effects, strange laughing ending and off at 0212 UTC
(You simply don't hear this kind of thing on commercial radio  ;D Thanks for the show relay op!!!)

First heard at 2143 UTC fading in above the heavy static, now S5 peaks with music and ID at 2207 UTC
Artems program ended and transmission continued. Borderhunter!
Thanks for the shoutout at 2221 UTC! ;D Skipmuck from Springfield says Hello!
Talkover at 2238 UTC during dance tune...2242 UTC is now electronic sounds. S5-S7 amid lots of static crashes.
Signal during techno dance tune at 2309 UTC is now S8 and well above the static!
2310 UTC Borderhunter ID, then electronica music
2328 UTC sounds like the theme from a Western movie!
2334 UTC ID's, chat and then some Dutch music! Signal should be making it out west a bit...S8 and clear with a bit of auroral flutter from the solar flare earlier today.

Threshold audio here with bits of music and man announcer rising just above the noise here. Plenty of loud static crashes. Signal improving very slightly just after 2300 UTC, but still very tough copy. My first reception of Odynn!

Huh? / Re: Al, what do you know about whales?
« on: September 05, 2014, 1036 UTC »
Ummm, this seems to be a private conversation, so excuse me for "spouting". But didn't you see what happened in Star Trek IV-The Voyage Home? Mobies from hell gonna wreck the whole world....are y'all (insert colorful metaphor) crazy?

I was parked on the frequency when this came up suddenly at 0023 UTC. Opening announcement, into "I Shot The Sheriff". Nice clear audio at about S8 here! Not as much band noise as last night :)
0028 UTC "Island Girl"-Elton John
0032 UTC "Something"-Beatles
0035 UTC "Rock The Boat"-Hughes Hues Corporation (Thanks other posters..never liked the song ;D )
0038 UTC CKLW jingle, into "Kung Fu Fighting"-Carl Douglas
0041 UTC CKLW jingle, weather report, into "House of the Rising Sun"-Animals
0047 UTC "Greatest Hits of All Time"-CKLW jingle, into "Hey Jude"-Beatles
(Hmmm...must be old recording....not parallel to 800 AM)
0053 UTC "Louie, Louie"-Kingsmen
0056 UTC "Light My Fire"-Doors ( Never get tired of hearing this song  8) )
(Signal still S8, but noise level seems to be picking up a bit)
After the news, an interesting acoustic version of "Something"-George Harrison solo?
(Truer words were never spoken Mr. Sinclair!)
Off at 0120 UTC (Thank you for the blast from the past Mr. Jackpine Savage! The songs of my youth :) )

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6940 USB 2344 UTC 01 SEPT 2014
« on: September 01, 2014, 2352 UTC »
Killer signal here at 2344 UTC with Soviet Anthem, DJ Dickweed and Stavin chat about being away for awhile...on vacation and how hot it was in the bunker this evening. Doing a modern rock & roll show tonight
2347 UTC Song by the ? Raptors-Cynthia followed by song by the Polecats-"Make A Circuit With Me", then a song-Carousel?
2358 UTC DJ Dickweed doing a request for the op of PRB Relays...Death Cab For Cutie-"I will Possess Your Heart", followed by "Bad News"-Bastille?
( Hope you are having a work free Labor Day today DJ DW and Stavin! Nice to hear from you...it has been a while!)
0007 UTC ...smoke another cigarette and pour yourself another shot of vodka...followed by a request for Chris Lobdell... "Blue Hawaii"
0011 UTC ID'd the tunes previously played (How do you think an old timer like me knew those titles? ;) )
Next up was "Black Lemon"-Generational, Moving On, song by Bob Mould, and another not necessarily in that order! ID's at 0020 UTC and 0027 UTC
0031 UTC ID'd previous songs played and a little bit of impromptu singing by DJ Dickweed :o followed by a song by White Arrow
0040 UTC ID
0045 UTC ID'd previous songs..."Turn Your Lights Down", "So Now You Know"-Horrors followed by email address, and a change of voice...hmmm, sounds like the monster in Flesh Gordon! ;D, then talk about Mojitos and the ingredients and finally "Do Whatever" and off at 0049 UTC

{Thanks for the excellent show tonight Comrades! Rescued us from a night of snap,crackle,and pop :) }
Hmmm...maybe you said crack, snapple, and pot..... ???

I thought I would pass this on to any aspiring shortwave broadcasters looking to create their own program and have it heard over a legal shortwave station located in Germany for a "small fee". I don't know the actual cost involved, but the information is listed below along with the website for this interesting venture!

EDIT :) I corrected the URL  :)

General Radio Discussion / "Computers and DX'ing"-Bill Krause 1986
« on: September 01, 2014, 1559 UTC »
I don't know if it is acceptable to copy this paragraph from ***Gerry Dexter's "Shortwave Listening With The Experts" given modern copyright laws, but in the interests of discussion I will chance it. Last night in the IRC Chat room, I mentioned the prescience of Bill Krause, author of Chapter 10 in Gerry's book "Computers and DX'ing", in speculating on the future of computers in the radio listening hobby. Below is that small section on page 176....as much of this has come to pass since 1986, comments are solicited, specifically those who use SDR's and such, and of course I would be happy if Al Fansome would weigh in on the subject! Remember this was from 1986. As follows...

"Over the past ten years, the most significant trends in radio equipment have been the digitalizing of receivers and the adding of microprocessors to all manner of radio equipment. The big change coming is that, instead of adding microprocessors to radios, radios will be added to microprocessors. This will give the user the greatest possible control over the radio, perhaps to the point where radio may control the user, rather than the other way around. Using a computer, the operator will be able to preprogram all aspects of a receivers performance. He'll be able to set these parameters and then go on to other things. It will enable him to fine-tune the receiver as never before possible. It will also, for instance, enable the "DX'er" to set his "radio" to check all frequencies of all the DX targets he might be interested in. If any of the frequencies have the specified programming at specified quality levels, the receiver will then record the program and even write a reception report in the proper language-all without the "DX'er" having heard a single syllable or crackle of static, if he so chooses. It this DX'ing? Well, the hobby will, before long, have to answer that question."

***I highly recommend picking up a copy of this if you can find it....it is a fascinating look at all aspect of the radio hobby!

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