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Heard 2 stations mixing here at 1417 UTC tune-in...off shortly after that. I'll have to listen to my recording to see what was said! Missed by that much....

Hi Sluwe Vos! Unfortunately, I am not getting anything at all here on 21460. Not even a weak carrier. The whole band is rather quiet. I look forward to the day that I finally am able to hear your station! Thanks for trying! Love those Euro broadcasts....

Funny thing...I sent an email inquiry during the broadcast and a reception report after sign-off. This morning local time, I checked my Spam box, and the 1st email had bounced back with the dreaded DAEMON MAILER into the Spam box! The actual report seems to have gone through OK, but I just noticed that I referred to them in the report as Radio Carmen. Oh, well....I guess no QSL for Skipmuck....

Fair to good at S5 with fades, but above the noise floor here at 0208 UTC with "Satisfaction" loop IS, Radio Ronin Shortwave ID, into "Nowhere to Run", then "Midnight Train to Georgia", ID again at 0217 UTC, then "I Heard It Through the Grapevine".
0223 UTC "Dancing In the Streets"-Martha & the Vandellas
0226 UTC "Baby I Need Your Loving"
0228 UTC "You'd Better Shop Around
0231 UTC "Tracks of My Tears"-Smoky Robinson
0234 UTC "River Deep, Mountain High
0238 UTC ID and radioroninshortwave@gmail.com
0239 UTC "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"
0242 UTC "Stop In the Name of Love"-Supremes
{Hey Ronin, thanks for the Motown show tonight! Brings back memories of growing up in the 60's. Signal about S7 peak, but lots of snap, crackle, and pop from approaching storm. Nice audio!}
0245 UTC "If I Was Your Woman"
{Time to hit the sack....and I forgot the name of the song at 0248!}
No I didn't...."Lets Get It On"....lapse due to radio listening fatigue...good night...
0052 UTC "Where Did Our Love Go"

Killer S9+20 signal into Springfield, MA tonight with dead on 6940 USB since 0042 UTC. Ah, the decade before I was born...they had it right I think...a bottle of Four Roses and a bawdy wench....
A bit of waiting in the 60's, with Lou looking for a fix and now some JIMI!
First we have WMID with Down By the River, and now Wolverine ups the ante with a killer track off Neil's debut solo album. Thanks Wolverine! Now Jim, Robbie, John, and Ray are Waiting For the Sun

Strong carrier here at 2348 UTC, into Chaka Khan at 2349 UTC with S9+ signal..
WMID ID's at 2357+ UTC, 0002, 0005 UTC amidst 80ish rock tunes
0011 UTC {Thanks WMID guy for Neil Young & Crazy Horse....Down by the River from Everybody Knows This is Nowhere-1969. I was 14 years old and the world was just beginning to show promise!}
0026 UTC "WMID" into a cover version of "I Shot the Sheriff"
(Signal throughout the broadcast has been consistently excellent with minor selective fading...great audio too!)
Off at 0035 after "JTA's second favorite"
Thanks for a great show tonight WMID guy!

(1231 UTC March 16th Update:Is JTA's favorite WMFQ?)

Hearing pop/dance music here since 2206 UTC tune in with lots of noise, static and fading. Still early here and the sun is still up! Thanks for the tip Chris S!
2213 UTC Pop tune
2217 UTC Dance tune intro pop song(Music mostly above noise floor...good propagation conditions this early evening!)
(I'm getting nothing now at 2226 UTC...off?)

Getting threshold audio here now, fading in and out of the noise floor on 6265.4 KHZ.
Switched frequencies...have them at 0024 UTC on 6285.4 KHZ...weak, but better than 6265.4 earlier. Tango type tunes...man announcer at 0047 UTC

Threshold audio here at 0005 UTC...good carrier but audio at the noise floor. Can hear music very weakly...negligible copy though. Carrier peaks at S5-S6.
I'm getting the placebo effect here...back to 6205 for me.
Getting this better at 0030 UTC on 6954.6..."Judy In Disguise"-John Fred & His Playboy Band...just above the noise floor now

Punching into here with an S9 at 2332 UTC tune-in...nice audio. ID at 2333 UTC into alt Rock tune
2357 UTC Sounds like a lady is having a good time at the relay headquarters

S9 here at 2224 UTC with good AM signal with moderate fading amidst band noise aplenty. Man chatting about recordings off medium wave, etc. Into electronica music at 2226 UTC.
2233 UTC Man with British accent chatting about the UK radio and stuff, into some kind of indigenous song from some unknown country in an UNID language!

I heard HORIZON FM here with poor to fair signal on 6255 KHZ at 2145 UTC for a few minutes then suddenly gone. At 2200 UTC I was hearing them on 6205 KHZ with fair signal. It is still daylight here, so some absorption. Signal picking up a bit as sunset approaches, but there is some utility QRM on this frequency and prop is rather lousy with all this solar activity....another flare today at 1919 UTC.
Per email from andy@horizon.fm ..."Power is down at around 125w carrier on 6205 as the antenna is tuned around 6280 and is quite tight on bandwidth". Hearing them well above the noise, but there is chirping cricket ute around this frequency making things difficult.
2340 UTC Been tuning back and forth the past hour. HORIZON signal was S9 for a short spell earlier, then down to S5 for the last half hour. Picking up again now....thanks for the show Andy!!!
0020 UTC Signal getting buried in the noise now....S3 with fades....
0040 UTC Picked up now with S5 and fades
0049 UTC Back in the noise again...propagation is all over the place tonight!


Here's some more fuel to the fire...Wikipedia is not the best of sources and this link was modified on March 3, 2014...the last paragraph is interesting!


« on: March 13, 2014, 0013 UTC »
Money is tight here, my new vacation time doesn't start until June 1st, and I'm too old to take the Marrakesh Express....damn winter!

« on: March 12, 2014, 2356 UTC »
Is it warm there in Tenerife? I'd like to go somewhere warm!

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